Ex-Microsoft Employee Is Fired After 22 Years With Tech Giant, Decides To Become A Goose Farmer

A long-time Microsoft employee recently took to LinkedIn to share his unexpected career shift into farming after an amicable departure from the tech giant.

In a recent LinkedIn post, Feng Yuan, a former Principal Performance Architect at Microsoft, acknowledged his departure due to performance metrics not meeting expectations. Despite this, Yuan expressed immense pride in his accomplishments during his impressive 22-year, 4-month tenure at the company under Satya Nadella’s leadership.

Yuan, who has been transparent about his recent departure from Microsoft, actively engages with the outpouring of support on his LinkedIn post, which has garnered over 1,000 reactions, 139 comments, and 20 reposts. This engagement reflects the impact of his tenure and his willingness to connect with the community.

“It just takes a manager switch, 5 months, two unjustifiable bad reviews to kick someone out,” Yuan revealed in a LinkedIn comment.

The Termination Experience

Goose Farmer 2

Feng Yuan’s LinkedIn post illuminates a conversation he had with his former manager following a brief termination call. While the manager cited confidentiality regarding the reason for his departure, Yuan expressed pride in his accomplishments and contributions at Microsoft.

He emphasised his transparency, stating he had nothing to conceal and intended to share his story publicly. When HR asked about the purpose of this openness, Yuan conveyed his belief that his experience could benefit others.

Yuan’s LinkedIn profile currently reflects his exciting transition to goose farming. While specifics of this new venture remain to be seen, his post highlights the joy of finally dedicating more time to his wife and hints at creating a haven for his geese and chickens as well.

How To Prepare For A Possible Layoff

The tech industry’s recent wave of layoffs has many employees feeling on edge. Layoffs.fyi reports a staggering number: over 40,000 tech workers let go this year alone, impacting over 170 companies.

While job cuts naturally create hardship for those directly affected, the ripples spread far and wide. Survivors of a layoff event often experience a complex mix of emotions – relief, anxiety, and even guilt. Amid this uncertainty, a common question arises: “Could I be next?”

Goose Farmer

Here’s some good news: you can take proactive steps to be better prepared, both financially and professionally, in case of a layoff.

1. Do Not Lose Focus

Don’t let layoff anxiety spiral. Focus on work, ignore rumours, stay positive, and build internal connections to learn about potential changes.

2. Build Your Safety Net

Experts recommend saving 3-6 months of living expenses. In volatile industries, aim higher. Avoid big purchases and prioritise savings for peace of mind in case of a layoff. While saving helps, self-made millionaires Barbara Corcoran and Grant Cardone suggest savings alone won’t bring wealth.

3. Know Your Rights And Benefits

Research your accrued sick days, vacation time, and their payout in a layoff. Utilise your health insurance and FSAs. Understand your severance package (if offered) and make sure you get the most of what you are owed.

4. Secure Your Essentials

Copy performance reviews and work samples (excluding confidential info). Download your contact list and update your LinkedIn. Make sure to use your personal email for all these or you risk losing all contacts once your contract ends.

5. Build Relationships Now

Network within and outside your industry. Don’t wait for a layoff – build connections now for future opportunities and diverse perspectives.

6. Polish Your Online Presence

Keep your resume and LinkedIn profile up-to-date, especially during uncertain times.

Optimise Your LinkedIn:

  • Refresh your skills section.
  • Craft a compelling headline.
  • Request recommendations.
  • Write a personal summary.
  • Include professional photos.

7. Consider A Job Search

Even if layoffs aren’t confirmed, explore external roles. It hones your skills and builds confidence. Look for full-time, part-time, or freelance opportunities (discreetly).

8. Explore New Opportunities

Consider a job search or explore creating new income streams (e.g., public speaking, blog, podcast, investments, side hustle). Now might be the perfect time to turn your passion into a business! (But be discreet during your current employment).

9. Explore Career Shifts

A layoff can be a springboard for a career change. Severance packages and savings provide a safety net. Research new fields, identify transferable skills, and address any skill gaps. Consider certifications or online courses to upskill. Use this time to plan a strategic and exciting career pivot (but keep it discreet while employed).

10. Be Prepared, Not Paranoid

It’s natural to feel anxious during uncertain times. While layoff concerns can be stressful, prioritise your well-being. Don’t hesitate to lean on your support network – friends, family, or even a therapist or career coach – to navigate these challenges. Remember, a positive mindset can make a big difference.

Remember, you have more control than you think. By taking these proactive steps, you’ll be better prepared to weather any storm, both personally and professionally. Now, go out there and focus on doing your best work.

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