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The USA is one of the best places to get a PhD because of its world-class universities, diverse student body, cutting-edge research facilities, and creative teaching methods. Everyone must advance in specialised fields in this fiercely competitive and changing world. A PhD can help you advance your career, discover new career opportunities, and be qualified for specialised positions. A strong PhD can significantly enhance your academic standing.

PhD in the USA for Indian Students can be a good option as it can allow you to get the opportunities in future that could lead to a successful career. In this blog post, we will discuss the PhD in the USA for Indian Students.

Overview Of PhD in USA for Indian Students

This is an overview of the PhD in the USA for Indian Students, to give you an idea about the PhD courses.

Duration  4-6 Years
Annual Tuition Fee INR 40-50 lakh
Popular Programs – Bioengineering– Computational and Mathematical Engineering– Physics– Mathematics – Economics – Medicine– Civil and Environmental Engineering

What is a PhD Degree?

After earning your master’s degree, you can pursue a specialised course called a doctor of philosophy, or PhD. This kind of research degree concentrates on improving your research abilities and preparing you for positions requiring specialisations, academic positions, and research roles. 

You can add PhD degrees to your list of academic credentials in almost any field of study. With work under a supervisor, doctoral degrees emphasise the thorough development of your research abilities, including writing a thesis and dissertation.

Why You Should Pursue PhD in the USA?

The USA is renowned worldwide for its top-notch universities, high standard of living, and high calibre of education. One of the top choices for international students is the United States, which offers the chance to experience a diverse academic community and enjoy all the advantages of earning a PhD.

Doctorates have varying terms in the USA. The average duration of a doctoral degree program in the United States is four to six years for full-time students and eight to ten years for part-time students.

World-class educational institutes

The United States of America is proud to house several prestigious institutes. Many options are available to students in the USA, as there are over 282 PhD universities. Numerous universities, including the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Stanford University, Harvard University, and many more offer PhD programs.

Excellent student life

The USA is a vibrant nation. For an international student, life is never a dull day. Student life in the USA can be an exciting experience for you, as colleges place a strong emphasis on extracurricular activities and events.

Scholarships and funding

Numerous scholarships are available in the USA for foreign students pursuing doctorates. Many universities also provide assistantships. International students are also granted a large amount of financial aid based on need or merit. While earning their degrees, students can lessen their financial burdens with these funding options.

List Of Top Universities for PhD in the USA

There are many prestigious universities in the USA among the 282 institutions that provide a PhD program. The diverse student body, exposure to the world, state-of-the-art technology, and research facilities make them an attractive option for international students.

Below are a few of the best PhD-granting universities in the USA:

University  Tuition Fee in INR Top PhD Courses 
Stanford University INR 73 lakh ($88,000) – Developmental and Psychological Sciences (DAPS)– Social Sciences, interdisciplinary Policy Studies in Education (SHIPS), and humanities– Learning Sciences and Technology Design (LSTD)
Harvard University INR 44 lakh ($54,032) – Anthropology– Architecture– Landscape Architecture and Urban Planning,
California Institute of Technology INR 52 lakh ($63,063) – Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics– Computer Science– Chemical Engineering.
University of Pennsylvania INR 34 lakh ($41,544) – Bioengineering– Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering– Computer and Information Science
Yale University INR 40 lakh ($48,300) – Accounting– Financial Economics– Marketing

The provided numbers are predicated on the exchange rate of 1 USD = 83.26 INR. For accurate values, we advise you to convert the provided figures using the current conversion rates. 

Popular Courses and Jobs After The PhD in the USA

You can apply to several PhD programs, as more than 282 colleges offer PhD courses. When choosing a PhD program, be sure to select a speciality that is in demand. This can boost your career prospects in the country. 

The following is a list of some of the most well-liked courses in the USA:

List of some of the most well-liked courses Anthropology, Agriculture and Forestry, Biological Sciences, Business and Management, Chemistry, Clinical Psychology, Computer Science, Education, Engineering, Finance, Medical Sciences, Mathematics, Psychology, Sociology

Job Prospects PhD in USA for Indian Students

Doctoral graduates benefit from many work opportunities in the United States. Job demand and prospects in your field can greatly influence your salary. Additionally, other factors such as expertise, experience level, and location can also affect your salary.

According to Indeed, some of the highest-paying PhD courses and their national average salaries are shown below.

Check out the list of top-paid PhD courses in the USA based on the salary:

PhD Course  Annual Salary
Immunology INR 1.5 crore ($1,82,342)
Aerospace engineering INR 1.2 crore ($151,597)
Nursing INR 93 lakh ($1,11,731)
Economics INR 90 lakh ($1,09,261)
Organic chemistry INR 64 lakh ($77,240)

Note: The figures shown are based on a conversion rate of 1 USD = 83.26 INR. We recommend converting the given metrics based on current conversion rates to get accurate values.

Entry Requirements For PhD in USA for Indian Students

While the criteria for each PhD program vary from university to university and from area to field, most universities have specific general requirements. 

We’ve put together the standard prerequisites for US PhD admission. The following are the general requirements for entry:

  • Master’s degree in a similar field with excellent grades and research experience. Some universities may also admit students based on a bachelor’s degree with outstanding academic performance.
  • A research proposal is one of the most essential factors for applying for a PhD at any university study in the United States. This is a demonstration of your expertise in the field of research for which you are using. It highlights your interests, skills and research projects. IELTS, TOEFL or PTE test results for international students from non-English speaking countries. This exam is a measure of your English level. American universities often require high admission scores.
  • If selected, you must take the GRE or GMAT test. Testing requirements may vary depending on your field and organisation.
  • Some universities organise entrance exams for doctoral programs. Applicants should check this before applying.
  • After meeting the required eligibility criteria, the university may invite you for a personal pre-selection interview.

Documents Required For PhD in USA for Indian Students

The general documents for PhD admission in the USA are given below:

  • Online application form and fees—You need to complete an online application before applying to any foreign university that provides this facility. Candidates can fill out the application form from the university’s official website. Fill out the application and send your money. Be sure to keep the receipt with your record.
  • LoR- Letter of Recommendation – The College asks you for a recommendation letter from your previous teachers. Additional letters of recommendation are optional and should be requested from your previous school.
  • CV/Resume: A good CV will get you many opportunities. Ensure the CV or resume you provide highlights what you have achieved, your job experience and any extra-curricular activities that may enhance it.
  • Academic and Professional References: Having references makes it more likely that you will be selected. Applications for PhD programsIn general, when applicants are applying to school in the US, they do not need an academic or professional reference as part of their application.
  • SOP, or personal statement: This brief essay describes your background and how you relate to the degree you’re applying for. It explains to the committee your goals, motivations, and strong points.
  • Transcripts: When completing your application form, you must attach transcripts showing your grades from prior academic coursework. Rarely, the university may request that you send in certified transcripts.

Scholarships for PhD in the USA for Indian Students

The US offers a wide range of scholarships and financial aid for overseas PhD candidates wishing to fund their studies in the US. Some of the best scholarships for PhD in the USA for Indian students are as follows:

Scholarship  Benefits 
AAUW International Fellowships INR 20-21 lakh ($25,000)
National Overseas Scholarship – Annual Maintenance Allowance of INR 12-13 lakh ($15,400)– Contingency Allowance of INR 1.2 lakh (1500)– Tuition Fees-Visa Fees– Medical Insurance Premium– Incidental Journey Allowance and Equipment Allowance worth INR 1,665 ($20) for each – Airpass fare
IBM PhD Fellowship Award Program INR 33 lakh ($40,000)
University of Chicago PhD Student Fellowships – Annual Maintenance Allowance of INR 12-13 lakh ($15,400)– Contingency Allowance of INR 1.2 lakh (1500)– Tuition Fees-Visa Fees– Medical Insurance Premium– Incidental Journey Allowance and Equipment Allowance worth INR 1,665 ($20) for each – Air Pass fare
Massachusetts Institute of Technology PhD Funding – Covers tuition fees– Monthly fellowship of INR 3.7 lakh ($4,491)– Teaching Assistant/Research Assistant salary – Medical insurance worth INR 2.6 lakh ($3,237) value per year– Laptop worth is supplied at the beginning of the first and fourth year with an estimated value of INR 1.6 lakh ($2,000) each– Research budget and conference travel allowance worth INR 3.7 lakh ($4,500) allocated over five years

Wrapping Up!

The USA is a top choice for Indian students seeking a PhD due to its world-class universities, diverse student body, cutting-edge research facilities, and creative teaching methods. Popular programs include bioengineering, computational and mathematical engineering, physics, mathematics, economics, medicine, and civil and environmental engineering. With over 282 prestigious universities offering PhD programs, the USA offers a vibrant student life and numerous scholarships and financial aid.


How to do PhD in the USA with a scholarship from India?

Apply to US universities with strong research proposals. Secure scholarships like Fulbright or university-specific assistantships. Maintain excellent academic records and gain relevant research experience.

Can a PhD from India get a job in the USA?

Yes, PhD holders from India can secure jobs in the USA by meeting the specific job and visa requirements, particularly in academia and research.

Do PhD students get scholarships in the USA?

Many US universities offer scholarships, assistantships, and fellowships to PhD students, covering tuition and providing stipends.

What is the salary of a PhD in the USA for Indian students?

The average salary for PhD graduates in the USA ranges from $60,000 to $90,000 annually, varying by field and location.

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