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Many Indian students dream of studying computer science for their master’s degree. This is mainly due to the elite universities founded there and their high standing on international academic and professional rankings. Most American universities have flexible course schedules, several specialisations, excellent placement records, and prioritise quality over quantity regarding syllabus coverage.

The ability to work while obtaining a master’s degree in computer science in the US is another benefit that comes with the degree, as it helps students pay for living expenses. The article below lists the top US universities offering an MS in computer science and their rankings for prospective applicants. Additionally, as graduates of computer science programs are highly sought after and have a track record of achieving excellent employment outcomes, they can explore additional opportunities in the future. Continue reading to find the top US universities where Indian students can pursue an MS in computer science.

List of Top Universities in the USA for MS in Computer Science 2024

This list has been put together based on the most recent THE World University Rankings 2024 by Subject: Computer Science, even though numerous rankings discuss the top universities in terms of reputation and popularity.

World University Ranking 2024 by Subject: Computer Science Best Universities in the USA for MS in Computer Science  Annual Tuition Fee for MS Computer Science
#2 Stanford University INR 30.54 L
#3 Massachusetts Institute of Technology  
#4 Carnegie Mellon University, Pennsylvania INR 42.48 L
#6 Harvard University INR 47.27 L
#9 Princeton University, New Jersey  INR 45.47 L
#10 University of California, Berkeley  INR 21.55 L
#13 California Institute of Technology
#14 Cornell University, New York INR 23.95 L
#18 University of Washington  INR 28.47 L
#19 University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign INR 29.88 L
#21 University of California, Los Angeles INR 21.55 L
#22 Georgia Institute of Technology INR 16.91 L
#23 Yale University INR 38.08 L
#24 Columbia University, New York INR 44.27 L
#27 Johns Hopkins University
#29 New York University INR 28.18 L
#32 University of Texas, Austin INR 14.23 L
#34 University of Pennsylvania INR 34.99 L
#36 University of California, San Diego  INR 26.80 L
#37 University of Chicago INR 46.98 L
#41 University of Michigan, Ann Arbor INR 42.32 L

Courses at the top universities

University Key Strengths Location
MIT AI, Robotics, Computational Theory Cambridge, MA
Stanford University AI, Machine Learning, Human-Computer Interaction Stanford, CA
Carnegie Mellon University AI, Robotics, Software Engineering Pittsburgh, PA
UC Berkeley Computer Systems, Theory, AI Berkeley, CA
Caltech Computational Science, AI, Data Science Pasadena, CA
Harvard University Data Science, Machine Learning, Computational Biology Cambridge, MA
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Computer Vision, Data Mining, Parallel Computing Urbana-Champaign, IL
University of Washington Software Engineering, Data Science, Human-Computer Interaction Seattle, WA
University of Texas at Austin Computational Theory, Systems, AI Austin, TX
Georgia Institute of Technology Cybersecurity, Data Science, Machine Learning Atlanta, GA

Eligibility Criteria to Study Masters in Computer Science in the USA

It is essential to meet the necessary criteria and requirements To study for a Master’s in Computer Science in the USA:

  1. Copy of valid original Indian Passport.
  2. A bank statement provides evidence of your financial stability, demonstrating your capacity to pay for living expenses and education while you are a guest in the US.
  3. First year or bachelor’s degree with an overall average of 3 out of 4.
  4. your reasons for attending this university, and what are your short- and long-term professional objectives
  5. GRE score from 290 to 330.
  6. A letter of recommendation from the employer or mentor in your country is mandatory as it highlights your suitability for university admission.
  7. IELTS English proficiency of approximately 6.5-7
  8. Work experience with professional certificate (if any) or proof of internship (if any)

Top Universities for MS in Computer Science in the USA

  1. Technology Institute of Massachusetts (MIT)

MIT is well-known for its high-quality robotics, AI, and computational theory education. It also provides a robust curriculum with an emphasis on innovation. The institution offers possibilities for collaboration with industry leaders and access to cutting-edge facilities.

  1. Stanford College Stanford University

Stanford College Stanford University is in Silicon Valley and is known for AI, machine learning, and HCI courses. Its excellent industry relationships facilitate practical experiences and career placements. The university supports entrepreneurial endeavours and multidisciplinary research that helps students grow.

  1. CMU, or Carnegie Mellon University:

CMU offers popular courses in robotics, software engineering, and AI. The university is well-known for its demanding academic atmosphere, provides many research possibilities to students through its well-known institutes, and helps them grow. The university offers courses that include the Software Engineering Institute and the Robotics Institute.

  1. University of California, Berkeley (UC Berkeley)

The computer science department at UC Berkeley is well-known for its achievements in AI, theory, and computer systems. The university’s proximity to IT hotspots like Silicon Valley supports its promotion of innovation and entrepreneurship. Students can pursue many career opportunities that increase their chances of success.

  1. California Institute of Technology (Caltech)

With research-intensive programs in AI, machine learning, and data science, Caltech strongly emphasises computational science. The modest student-to-faculty ratio guarantees numerous research possibilities and individualised mentorship.

  1. Harvard University

Harvard provides a well-rounded curriculum in courses that combine solid theoretical knowledge with real-world applications, which is essential for job prospects. The university’s vast resources support data science, machine learning, and computational biology research.

  1. University of Illinois 

Illinois University in Urbana-Champaign, UIUC, is well-known for its contributions to computer science. It is solid in parallel computing, data mining, and computer vision. The university’s extensive curriculum and research resources attract top talent worldwide.

  1. University of Washington

The University of Washington emphasises the course structure of courses such as software engineering and data science. Even the Strong connections between the university and tech companies in Seattle offer invaluable exposure to the industry.

  1. University of Texas at Austin

Austin provides a broad curriculum with specialisations in systems, AI, and computational theory for all subjects. The institution offers several industry collaboration opportunities and cultivates a collaborative research environment that helps students learn about the industry.

  1. Georgia Institute of Technology

Georgia Tech is known for its strong industry ties and multidisciplinary research programs. Students can enrol in many top programs that could lead to a better future. The university has cutting-edge research facilities to help it provide specialised paths in machine learning, data science, and cybersecurity.

Specialisations in MS in Computer Science in the USA

Some of the top specialisations that are offered under MS in Computer Science in the USA are as follows:

Top specialisations  Artificial Intelligence, Data Science & AnalyticsMachine Learning, Cyber Security, Robotics, Cloud Computing, Computer-Human Interface, Software Engineering, Real-World Computing

Careers Options after MS in Computer Science in the USA

Here are a few job opportunities that students can take in the United States after completing their MS in computer science:

Career options Software Developers, Web Developers, Computer Network Architect, Computer Systems Analyst, Program Manager, Process Engineer, Data Scientist, Blockchain Designers, UX Designers

Top Employers in the USA for MS in Computer Science

There are so many top recruiters for the master’s in computer science. However, Some of the well-known companies from US universities are listed in the table below:

Top Employers in the USA for MS in Computer Science Grads
Intel Corporation Amazon Lockheed Martin
Boeing Facebook Deloitte
IBM Microsoft PayPal
Oracle AT&T Netflix
Adobe J.P Morgan Twitter
FBI Samsung NASA


Indian students are increasingly seeking master’s degrees in computer science due to the popularity of top US universities offering flexible course schedules, numerous specialisations, excellent placement records, and quality over quantity in syllabus coverage. These universities also provide the option to work while obtaining an MS in computer science, helping students pay for living expenses. Eligibility criteria include a valid Indian passport, bank statement, GRE score, employer recommendation, IELTS English proficiency, and work experience.


Which university is best for an MS in computer science in the US?

Stanford University is often considered the best choice for an MS in Computer Science. The university is known for offering cutting-edge research facilities and a strong focus on innovation.

Which master’s degree is best for Indian students in the USA?

Indian students in the USA highly seek MBA courses due to their global recognition and diverse career opportunities, which will allow them to get better job opportunities.

Which country is best for Masters in computer science for Indian students?

The USA is the best country for a Master’s in Computer Science as there are many top-ranked universities, and even students will find extensive research opportunities with strong industry connections.

Who is eligible for MS in computer science in USA for Indian students?

Indian students need a relevant bachelor’s degree, a good GRE score, TOEFL/IELTS scores, and letters of recommendation to be eligible for an MS in Computer Science in the USA.

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