Student Spotlight: Jolie’s Semester Abroad in Budapest, Hungary

71 Eager to step into the footsteps of a college student who is experiencing life in Hungary? We recently caught up with AIFS Abroad student Jolie, a Business and Psychology major from the University of Pittsburgh. She spent a spring semester studying abroad in the capital city of Budapest on our program at Corvinus University. Read on to … Read more

Study in Lithuania for International Students: Universities & Courses | Admissify

Studying at Top universities in Lithuania offers you a wide range of courses, including Medicine, Law, and Engineering Sciences, with excellent career opportunities for graduates. For example, a Lawyer in Lithuania can expect an average monthly salary of INR 1.3L, whereas an Engineer typically earns around INR 1.5L. Even the data have shown that Lithuania … Read more

List of Top Universities in Ireland(2024) | Admissify

Ireland stands as one of the places most favored by international students to pursue study abroad. The main factors that attract these learners include top universities in Ireland, good quality education, scholarship programs available for them, and job chances after completing their studies. According to the report from the Ministry of External Affairs of India … Read more

UGC Allows Indian Universities to Offer Admissions Twice a Year | Admissify

This week brings fantastic news for Indian students looking to further their higher education, as the Indian government has now revolutionised the admission system in accordance with Western standards. The University Grants Commission (UGC) has recently announced a major policy change that promises to open up more opportunities for higher education in India. Starting from … Read more

Top Career Prospects: Emerging Fields of Study in 2024 – AEC

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Cultural Exchange Programs: Enhancing Global Understanding & Collaboration

Have you ever wondered how living in another country could change your perspective on the world? Cultural exchange programs offer an exciting way for students to experience new cultures, improve language skills, and develop global competence. These programs, which include International Student Exchange and Cross-Cultural Learning Initiatives, provide invaluable opportunities for personal growth and understanding.  … Read more

Phrases and Clauses Rules Every Student Must Know

Tenth-standard students need to understand phrases and clauses in English grammar. A student can enhance his/her writing skills, structure sentences effectively, and improve comprehension. A student can easily express ideas clearly and identify different types of sentences using phrases and clauses. Learning about phrases and clauses can enable students to communicate ideas accurately in both … Read more

Top Ways Universities Can Provide a Better Service for Students with Children

Balancing academic responsibilities with parenting can be a daunting task for student-parents. Universities can play a pivotal role in supporting these students by implementing tailored services and programs. Here are several ways universities can provide better services for students with children. On-Campus Childcare Facilities One of the most significant supports universities can offer is on-campus … Read more

My Florence Favorites

Written by Presley Privitera (Colby College), Student Correspondent for CET Florence, Spring 2024 I could not be sadder that my semester in Florence is coming to an end! It feels like just yesterday I was arriving at the Florence airport with a bundle of nerves, excited to meet my roommates and get settled into this new city. As … Read more