Guest Services Lead – Metropolitan Market

Job Summary: As leader of our front-end operations, this position is responsible for customer service; cash handling, store operations, and personnel development. Specific Job Duties: Responsibilities will include, but are not limited to, the following: • Maintains high-quality standards in customer service, cash handling and store operations; ensures efficient operations and effective coordination of front-end … Read more

The Inception of Collaboration Tools — Careers Done Write

Setting: A corporate America conference room, complete with whiteboard and glass walls.  Characters: Developers/Engineers; Clueless Boss; Users (silent role) Scene: An average day at MacroBurst, maker of widely used business software known for its extremely non-intuitive, frustrating pseudo-solutions.  The scene opens in the conference room. In the room is a group of developers, all clad … Read more

Bringing the Semester to a Close at CET Beijing

Photos taken by Jalen Walker (Washington University in St. Louis), Student Correspondent for CET Beijing, Spring 2024 Great Wall with Middlebury in Beijing It’s possible that no trip to China, and particularly Beijing, is complete without a visit to The Great Wall (长城, chángchéng). To close out April, we once again joined forces with the students in the … Read more

Surprises in Shanghai

Written by Natalie Chen (Washington University in St. Louis), Student Correspondent for CET Shanghai, Spring 2024 As my semester draws to a close, I thought I would share a couple of things that have surprised me about my time in Shanghai. Although there are valuable, more “serious” surprises I could discuss—like realizations about cultural differences and emotional epiphanies—that … Read more

A Week-long trip to Colombia’s Caribbean Coast

Written by Karen Garcia-Ramos, (Pomona College), Student Correspondent for CET Colombia, Spring 2024 With the semester coming to a close, it was time for us to embark on our long-awaited Traveling Seminar. This week-long trip to Colombia’s Caribbean coast comes included in the program as an extension of our core class, Race and Identity: Debates in the … Read more

Duolingo Test Enhances Language Assessment with New Subscores!

Highlights of the News Story: The Duolingo English Test (DET) announces the inclusion of additional subscores for a more comprehensive language assessment. The new subscores will provide detailed insights into different language skills, enhancing the test’s effectiveness. This move aims to offer universities and institutions a deeper understanding of applicants’ language proficiency. The Duolingo English … Read more


The two biggest things I worried about coming abroad were schooling and making friends. I’ll ease your mind because, let me tell you, it has been smooth sailing. Maybe it’s DIS, maybe it’s because we’re all in the same major, maybe it’s the fact that everyone is alone abroad, but every single person in your … Read more