6 Tips For Staying Healthy With A Desk Job

Millions of Americans struggle to work at desk jobs, often unaware they’re jeopardizing their health. Sitting down all day long can be a pain—literally. The sedentary lifestyle associated with sitting for prolonged periods can lead to a variety of physical ailments and chronic pain.

Whether it’s back pain, neck strain, or increased risk of cardiovascular issues, the act of being seated for the majority of the day can have severe consequences on your well-being. However, with a few alterations to your daily routine, you can significantly decrease the negative impact that a sedentary 9-to-5 job could have on your health.

Here are six tips for staying healthy with a desk job.

1. Focus On Proper Sight Lines

Man stretches at his desk


Maintaining proper sight lines means keeping your eyes at screen level so that your neck does not have to contort. Adjust your monitor and chair to put your neck and head in a comfortable position.

2. Know The Ergonomics Of Hand And Wrist Placement

Happy woman sitting at her desk at work


Staying ergonomically pure with your hands and wrists prevents serious joint and ligament injuries. Consider a cushioned wrist mouse pad to keep your mouse hand comfortable. Pads are also available for keyboards, while ergonomic keyboards enable hand placement that seems more natural.

3. Maintain Proper Posture

Man experiences back pain at his desk job


Proper posture is probably the most important tactic in staying healthy with a desk job. Good posture is essential to overall health in general. Keep your back straight and your feet on the ground. If you are experiencing any back pain, you’ll need to consider an ergonomically fit chair. Chairs for back pain enable positive posture and help restore the back and spine to a more natural state.

4. Look Away

Woman looks out the window at her desk job


It sounds simple but looking away from the screen periodically will benefit your eyesight. Constant monitor viewing strains our eyes. We need a break from time to time. Take 15 or 30 seconds every 10 minutes to ensure that your eyes remain strong. Also, consider investing in a pair of blue-light glasses to further reduce eyestrain.

5. Get Up And Walk Around

Man and woman take a walk at work


Research demonstrates the benefits of leaving your desk at periodic intervals to stretch and walk around. Grab some coffee, visit the bathroom, check in with your boss, or just take a five-minute walk. A five-minute stretch and walk every hour or two will do wonders for your body. A few minutes away stretches your muscles and reorients your skeletal system. You’ll also be refreshed by the time away and able to refocus on your tasks.

6. Exercise Regularly

Woman exercises after working a desk job all day


Of course, proper diet, rest, and regular exercise remain essential ingredients to any healthy lifestyle. You’ll find that exercising three to four times per week will keep you energized at your desk and able to endure through the day. On days off, be sure to stretch to stay limber. You’ll notice a big difference.

These six tips are simple ways to stay healthy while working a desk job. Try them out today and you’ll feel a lot better by the time you log off!

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