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The five-year BA LLB Hons course combines a Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree in a particular subject and a Bachelor of Legislative Law (LLB) degree. It is an integrated undergraduate legal program that helps you understand all the law concepts. In contrast to the conventional LLB program, the BA LLB (Hons.) allows students to study a subject in addition to law, which broadens their perspectives and sharpens their critical thinking abilities. Certain universities provide specialisations in cyber, criminal, and corporate law, enabling students to customise their coursework to fit their professional goals.

The integrated five-year course allows you to understand the laws deeply, which will help you become a great lawyer. In this blog post, we will be discussing the law courses that you can choose to pursue in the abroad nations.

How to Get Admission to Law Courses?

Completing a 10+2 education (Senior Secondary) with a minimum of 50–55 per cent in subjects like science, commerce, or humanities is a requirement for eligibility to this program. The exact percentage varies depending on the university. Candidates with a background in a particular arts subject pertinent to the BA component, like political science, history, sociology, or English, may be given preference by some universities.

Furthermore, Candidates must do well on the Common Law Admission Test (CLAT), a national entrance exam, to be admitted to prestigious national law universities such as National Law University Delhi (NLU Delhi) or National Law Institute University (NLIU). For admission to government and private law colleges in those areas, some of which offer BA LLB (Hons.) courses, several states also hold their law entrance exams. These include the LPUNEST, the Lovely Professional University National Entrance and Scholarship Test, and the LSAT, the Maharashtra Law Entrance Test.

Highlights of BA LLB Hons

For those pursuing a BA LLB Hons, the highlights table provides quick information about course types, lengths, costs, and entrance exams. Check out the following table for essential details about law-related courses:

Particulars Details
Course Name Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Laws (Honours)
Course Level Graduation
Eligibility Criteria Completed Class 12 with a minimum of 55 percent and entrance examination
Duration Five years
Course Fee Up to INR 5 lakh
Top Colleges NLUD, NALSAR, Symbiosis Law School, NLSIU, GNLU, etc.
Average Salary Post-Graduation INR 3 to 7 lakh
Top Recruiters Bar Council of India, Government Departments, Legal Process Outsourcing, Law Firms, Multinational Companies, Public Sector and Private Sector Banks
Entrance Exam Telangana State Law Common Entrance Test, CLAT UG, BHU Undergraduate Entrance Test
Job Positions Solicitor, Legal Manager, Law Officer, Advocate, Legal Advisor

What is a BA LLB Hons Course?

The BA LLB (Hons) program integrates legal studies with a Bachelor of Arts degree in a different discipline, typically in the humanities or social sciences. In addition to your legal education, this offers a more comprehensive academic foundation. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Law Subjects: You will study fundamental legal topics such as Criminal Law, Contract Law, Property Law, and Constitutional Law.
  • Subjects in the Arts and Humanities: Depending on the university’s program, you can select a concentration area such as Political Science, Sociology, History, Economics, or English. These subjects can help you understand the social, political, and historical background of law.
  • In-depth Study: Through advanced courses or electives, the Honours program may provide a deeper study of particular legal areas compared to a standard B.A. LL.B.

The Bar Council of India (BCI) has disclosed that candidates pursuing a BA LLB Hons course will be required to study six optional papers from the other law group in addition to at least eight required documents from the Constitutional Law Group, Business Law Group, International Trade Law, Crime & Criminology, International Law, Law & Agriculture, and Intellectual Property Law. In other words, candidates for a BA LLB Hons program must submit at least 36 law papers, while students enrolled in a BA LLB course must complete at least 28 subjects.

What does the BA LLB Hons Program Cover?

Following graduation with a BA LLB Hons, students can continue their education by enrolling in LLM and PhD programs. This will assist candidates who wish to pursue academic careers. Similarly, one can register with the State Bar Council and engage in advocacy practice. They may also serve as legal advisors or consultants for multinational corporations and other governmental agencies.

What distinguishes a BA LLB from a BA LLB Hons? 

A BA LLB or a BA LLB (Hons) degree opens up many job options in the legal industry. Nonetheless, the two degrees differ in a few significant ways. Hence, for quick information, refer to the table below:

Feature BA LLB BA LLB (Hons)
Degree duration Three years Five years
Course type Integrated Integrated
Course structure Law-focused Law-focused with Arts subjects
Depth of study General knowledge of law In-depth knowledge of law
Research Emphasis Limited More emphasis on research and writing
Career options Entry-level legal positions include advocate, legal advisor, legal consultant, etc.  Specialisation in various legal fields such as litigation, arbitration, and international law.
Eligibility 10+2 or equivalent 10+2 or equivalent with good marks in an entrance exam
Salary  INR 30,000 to INR 50,000 per month INR 50,000 INR 70,000 per month

Eligibility Criteria For BA LLB (Hons) 

Below are the eligibility criteria for different course levels in India

Course Level Eligibility Criteria Entrance Exams (may vary)
B.A. LL.B. (Integrated) Passed 10+2 (class 12th) exams with a minimum percentage (often around 45-50 per cent) Admission to prestigious universities may need passing entrance examinations (e.g., CLAT, LSAT India)
B.L. (Bachelor of Laws) Passed 10+2 (class 12th) exams with a minimum percentage (often around 45-50 per cent) Some universities might require entrance exams
LL.M. (Master of Laws) Bachelor of Laws (LLB) degree or equivalent qualification with a minimum percentage (often around 50-60 per cent) tests for admission (such as CLAT, LSAT India, and university-specific tests) are required.
Ph.D. (Doctor of Philosophy) (Less Common) LL.M. in law or a closely related discipline with a concentration in constitutional law University/Institute specific entrance exams (usually required)

Top BA LLB (Hons) Entrance Exams 2024

In India, most well-known institutions and law schools hold entrance exams to select applicants for their BA LLB Hons program. Typical subjects included in BA LLB Hons admission exams are English, Legal Aptitude, General Knowledge, Numerical Ability, and Logical Reasoning.

  • LSAT India: The Law School Admission Council administers the LSAT. It is sometimes referred to as LSAC Global and is held for UG law course admissions. The three main topics covered in the LSAT UG Entrance Exam are reading comprehension, logical reasoning, and analytical reasoning. Score bands, scaled scores, and percentiles are available for the findings.
  • All India Law Entrance Test: National Law University, Delhi (NLU Delhi) administers the All India Law Entrance Test (AILET) UG for admission to undergraduate law programs, including BA LLB Hons. The exam includes 100 questions on the exam, and you have 120 minutes to answer them.
  • Common Law Admission Test: Admission to the five-year integrated LLB program requires passing the Common Law Admission Test (CLAT) (UG). Candidates must attempt problems in English, Legal Reasoning, Quantitative Mathematics, Current Affairs and GK, and Logical Reasoning for UG courses. 

BA LLB (Hons) Subjects and Syllabus  

College to college may differ in the disciplines offered as part of a BA LLB Hons study. But the following is a list of some frequent subjects that applicants are taught as part of their BA LLB Hons course curriculum:

BA LLB Hons Subjects- Semester 1
Legal Method Sociology-I History-I
Political Science-I Economics-I English-I
BA LLB Hons Subjects- Semester 2
History-II Sociology-II Political Science-II
Economics-II General English-II Law of Contract-I
BA LLB Hons Subjects- Semester 3
Law of Contract-II Sociology-III Political Science-III
Criminal Law-I Constitutional Law-I Law of Contract-II
BA LLB Hons Subjects- Semester 4
Constitutional Law-II Family Law-II Property Law
Labour Law-I Environmental Law  
BA LLB Hons Subjects- Semester 5
Criminal Law-I Corporate Law-I Administrative Law
Jurisprudence Public International Law Law of Evidence
BA LLB Hons Subjects- Semester 6
Conflict Laws Company Laws Human Rights
Intellectual Property Law Code of Civil Procedure Criminal Law-II
BA LLB Hons Subjects- Semester 7
Taxation-I Labour Law-II Environmental Law-II
Drafting, Pleading and Conveyancing Optional Paper-I Optional Paper-II
BA LLB Hons Subjects- Semester 8
Intellectual Property Rights Taxation-II Professional Ethics
Optional Paper-III Optional Paper-IV  
BA LLB Hons Subjects- Semester 9
Private International Law Merger, Acquisition and Competition Laws Optional Paper-V
Optional Paper-VI    
BA LLB Hons Subjects- Semester-10
Law of Equity and Trusts International Trade Law Moot Courts
Internships Seminar Paper  

Popular Law Specialisations

Some popular law specialisations career include:

  • Company Law
  • Criminal Law
  • Business Law
  • Corporate Law

Top BA LLB (Hons) Colleges

Leading government and private colleges provide BA LLB Hons programmes. Students can take entrance exams at the state or federal levels. The order of colleges is alphabetical rather than hierarchical.

Top BA LLB Hons Government Colleges

Some of the popular government colleges for BA LLB Hons are:

College Name Tuition Fees 
Faculty of Law, Jamia Millia Islamia INR 52,000- 2.02L
GNLU INR 6 lakh
NLIU INR 6 lakh
National Law University, Delhi INR 6.75 lakh
NLSIU INR 16.39 lakh
NLUJ INR 7.75 lakh
NUJS INR 3.66 lakh
RGNUL INR 7 lakh

Top BA LLB Hons Private Colleges

Some of the famous private colleges for pursuing BA LLB Hons are as follows:

College Name Tuition Fees
Amity University INR 10 lakh
CMR University INR 8 lakh
Galgotias University INR 5 lakh
Nirma University INR 15 lakh
NMIMS INR 15 lakh
SASTRA University INR 7 lakh
Sharda University INR 8 lakh
Siksha O Anusandhan University INR 6.25 lakh
Symbiosis Law School INR 20.75 lakh
UPES INR 19- 20 lakh

Top Latest NIRF Ranked Law Colleges

Students who wish to pursue different legal programs can apply to institutions based on the National Institutional Ranking Framework (NIRF), which considers their relevant positions. The colleges in the table are ranked according to the most recent NIRF rankings.

College NIRF’23 Ranking
National Law School of India University, Bengaluru 1
National Law University, Delhi 2
Nalsar University of Law, Hyderabad 3
The West Bengal National University of Juridical Sciences, Kolkata 4
Jamia Millia Islamia, Delhi                      5
Symbiosis Law School, Pune 6
Gujarat National Law University, Gandhinagar 7
Siksha O Anusandhan University 8
Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur 9
Babasaheb Bhimrao Ambedkar University, Lucknow 10

BA LLB (Hons) Job Profiles, Salary

Job Profile Job Description Average Salary
Lawyer Advise & represent clients in civil and criminal cases. Present court cases and participate in all proceedings and hearings. INR 6-8 LPA
Solicitor Specialise in specific areas of law like tax, litigation, family, or property. Offer legal advice to private & commercial clients. INR 8-10 LPA
Advocate Research to gather factual data and evidence. Responsibilities include scrutinising and drafting contracts. INR 7-10 LPA
Legal Advisor Specialise in specific fields of law. Hired by governments and large organisations. Protect clients from legal implications and consequences. INR 10-12 LPA
Teacher/Lecturer Teach law at the university or college level. INR 8-12 LPA


The BA LLB Hons program is an integrated undergraduate legal program that combines a Bachelor of Arts degree with a Bachelor of Legislative Law degree. It allows students to study subjects beyond law, broadening their perspectives and sharpening their critical thinking abilities. Eligibility requires a 10+2 education, a minimum of 50-55% in science, commerce, or humanities, and passing the Common Law Admission Test (CLAT). The program covers fundamental legal topics and subjects in arts and humanities. The degree offers numerous job opportunities in the legal industry, with entry-level positions and specialisation in various legal fields. Standard entrance exams include the LSAT India, AILET UG, and CLAT.


What is the qualification for a BA LLB? 

Candidates must have completed 10+2 with at least 45-50% marks from a recognised board. Entrance exams like CLAT may be required.

Which subject is best for BA LLB? 

Subjects like Political Science, History, and Sociology are beneficial for BA LLB as they provide a strong foundation in understanding legal concepts.

Which is better, BA LLB or BA LLB Hons?

 BA LLB Hons is better for those seeking specialised knowledge in law with additional subjects. It offers more profound insights and better career opportunities.

Is BA LLB good for the future? 

Yes, BA LLB offers diverse career opportunities in law firms, corporate sectors, judiciary, and academia, making it a promising choice for the future.

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