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Journalism is the activity of gathering, critically assessing, and presenting news and information to the people. It forms the foundation of the functioning of democratic societies. It is, as they say, “the watchdog of democracy”, mediating between the governmental bodies and the people. It is the means of providing factual and transparent information to the citizens. As an industry and career option, it is flourishing worldwide.

There are many stimulating courses in journalism worldwide for students to choose from. Let us look at a few:

University of California-Berkeley
Berkeley University, one of the most prestigious institutions worldwide, offers a two-year Master’s degree in Journalism. It is a rich, demanding degree, immersing the students into the culture of journalism, rendering them masters in the art of storytelling. The students graduate with high-quality professional work and a repertoire of knowledge, ready to enter the field and forge their path.

Columbia University
Columbia University, a glittering name in academic circles, offers a one-year master’s program in journalism. It trains aspiring and experienced journalists to go deeper into journalistic research and fieldwork, honing their skills in rendering complicated issues in a simple manner for the public. They develop an intellectual grounding, explore all perspectives and arguments, and churn out nuanced and educative stories.

King’s College London
King’s College London, one of UK’s top universities, offers a two-year master’s degree in journalism that equips students with valuable research and storytelling skills. This is an attentively-designed detail-oriented program that offers students extensive knowledge and rich material, as well as real-world experience. It churns out students with a rich portfolio and a body of published journalistic work.

University of Melbourne
The University of Melbourne, known for the best journalism programs, offers a two-year master’s in journalism. Designed by leading academicians and practitioners in news media, it provides students with the skills needed to redefine the scene of journalism and mass communication. They develop an intellectual and practical grounding, learning to explore all perspectives and arguments, and churn out nuanced and educative stories.

University of British Columbia
This is one of the best universities for a master’s in journalism. Their Master’s in Journalism (MJ) degree is a full-time, intensive program including a summer internship. It is a unique, boutique master’s program, set in one of the most diverse and beautiful cities of the world. Students are given the freedom to tailor the course around their own passions, while engaging with faculty members from the highest-level media organizations. It provides students with professional experience and academic grounding to flourish in the digital knowledge economy of today.

As students looking for journalism courses, there are myriad universities to choose from. The key to truly enriching your academic knowledge and professional skill-set is to choose a program that is perfect for you and your career path ahead. One must consider the different avenues of journalism, the level of intellectual discourse, and the university’s vision to make an informed decision. Thus, one must understand their own needs and interests and choose a course that fits their requirement.

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