College Scholarship Judge Reveals Winning Secrets

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College Scholarship Judge Reveals Winning Secrets

This college scholarship judge shares with parents and their students exactly what needs to be done to win more money for school. College scholarship seekers should always look for ways to improve their applications to help them get noticed and chosen by the judges.

This college scholarship essay tip will help students become memorable to the judges!

Finding out what scholarship judges look for in their winners is just plain SMART!

Here are five winning secrets from JR Vazquez, a college scholarship judge and recipient of over $250,000 in scholarships.

Students who take this advice to heart will improve their scholarship applications and increase their chances of winning money for college.

What is the first thing a scholarship judge looks for in a scholarship application?

The very first thing most judges look at in a college scholarship application is the essay, as this gives the best picture of the candidate. Next, judges look at the letters of recommendation, followed by standardized (ACT/SAT) test scores and grade point average (GPA), if applicable.

What do college scholarship judges want to see in their applicants?

Scholarship judges look for applicants with grit, focus, and depth. Grit shows a student who has worked hard to get somewhere and will always grab a judge’s attention. Focus shows an applicant who best fits the ideal candidate and what the sponsoring organization is looking for in their winner.

Scholarship applications are not the same as college admissions applications.

A student who shows depth is heavily involved in one extracurricular activity, rather than being barely involved in five different ones. Specific projects help showcase this on scholarship applications.

College Scholarship Judge Reveals Winning Secrets - This is how students win more money for school!What are the red flags in scholarship applications that get them quickly eliminated?

Red flags are incomplete applications with blank spaces and/or unanswered questions. Also, students who do not pay attention to what scholarship they are applying for.

An example of this would be referring to the National Honor Society Scholarship in an essay written for the Foot Locker Scholarship. Another red flag is when students fail to answer the essay question completely.

How important do you think the essay is in a scholarship application, and why?

There is no single factor more important to the judges than the scholarship essay. Since less than 1% of private scholarships include personal interviews, the essay is the only way an applicant can express themselves to the judges.

Scholarship essays allow students to define themselves for the judges and target their audience.

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What are your most important scholarship essay tips?

Students need to know their audience. They can do this by researching the organization offering the scholarship. In order to get noticed by the judges, students must be thorough and cross every “T” and dot every “i.”

Mistakes get noticed and have a big impact on selection decisions. Students must apply and compete for every scholarship in which they qualify and not assume they are not good enough to be picked as a winner.

The student who crafts his or her narrative and theme to fit the scholarship and highlights the aspects that are important to the judges is going to definitely get noticed.

The first paragraph of the essay should capture the judges’ attention. It needs to be personal and raw, as long as it fits with the question or theme of the scholarship guidelines. Students also need to make the letter of recommendation writer fit the scholarship.

For example, a religious based scholarship should have a pastor or priest writing the letter. A great choice for a business scholarship letter of recommendation writer would be someone from the local chamber of commerce that is familiar with the applicant.

[You can learn how to write a winning college scholarship essay here.]

BONUS TIP from a current scholarship judge, “I am currently reviewing applications for a scholarship award. Please impress upon your children/students to strictly follow the application requirements.

We cannot waiver on the required submission content. Review thoroughly what is to be included in letters of recommendation, written essay, and on the resume.

My grading scale strictly follows each bullet point under the selection criteria. Every year I see deserving candidates who immediately lose needed points because they do not follow the directions.”

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My daughter has won over $32,000 in scholarships so far! When she gets tired of applying, I remind her that she has made over $200 an hour so far and that gets her excited again. She is my second daughter to use the ideas in your scholarship guide with success. Proud Dad


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5 Ways to Impress College Scholarship Judges - Winning Secrets

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