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Starting the journey after finishing school can be like finding your way in a maze of choices. At Admissify, we comprehend how significant it is to pick the correct pathway that matches both your interests and guarantees a successful career in future. In this changing time of job markets and developing industries, choosing the correct course is crucial.

In this comprehensive guide, we explore the best courses for 2024. These courses not only give a bright career path but also offer good financial benefits. We have collected different options so there is something suitable for everyone’s interest and skill set here. If you are interested in data science, renewable energy, finance or healthcare – this carefully researched list has what you need to know about the top courses for 2024.

Come along on a journey through education and jobs, where we will equip you with knowledge for better decisions that can lead to success and wealth in your future. Let’s open the doors to high-paying jobs after graduation together.

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Top Professional Courses After Graduation For High Salary

1. MBA (Master of Business Administration)

Also, since an MBA can be done by a student from any stream, many students from different domains apply for an MBA as a post-graduation course. This is interesting because 80% of people who finish their studies in MBA find work within three months (Bhasin, 2021). So if you obtain a degree in this field it will give you wide experience across various analytical sectors while enhancing your self-assurance and communication abilities.

Top MBA Specializations to look at are Marketing, HR, International Business, Business Analytics and Finance Operations. It is one of the most recognized courses among other professional courses after graduation.

Job Prospects Average Salary (in INR)
Investment Banker 4 LPA
Project Planner 7.2 LPA
Business Development Manager 5.7 LPA
Marketing Manager 7 LPA
Management Consultant 22 LPA

2. MTech (Master of Technology)

The Master of Technology degree is one of the courses after graduation that leans more towards technology and engineering. It’s a course lasting for two years, requiring you to have your BTech degree beforehand. You can also apply for an MTech in India after finishing your MSc from any good university. After Graduation Courses (MTech)



ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING M.TECH MTech Degree: This degree is beneficial for enhancing your engineering skills and capacity to come up with fresh ideas.

Job Prospects  Average Salary (in INR) 
Senior Engineer 6 LPA
Research Analyst 3.5 LPA
Mechanical Engineer 3 LPA
Software Developer 4.8 LPA
Data Analyst 4.2 LPA


PGDM, which stands for Post Graduate Diploma in Management, is a degree that many students from different fields choose to pursue. The way the course is set up, it resembles an MBA and several known universities are offering this program. The curriculum of a PGDM program emphasizes the management field’s core and requires adaptable and imaginative thought from the candidate. 

Job Prospects Average Salary (in INR) 
Talent Manager 8.5 LPA
IT Project Manager 15 LPA
Information Systems Manager 17.7 LPA
Marketing Executive 2.8 LPA
Finance Executive 3.2 LPA

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4. MA/MSc Economics

We all constantly hear about the economy in our routine life. Master’s degree in economics such as Master of Arts Honours in Economics or Master of Science Honours in Economics is a 2-year postgraduate degree that offers education and training on economic theory, econometrics plus applied economics.

Numerous Institutes similar to Delhi University and Ambedkar University give a Master’s degree in economics. The majority of economists usually turn into a lecturer and spend their time on the research of new ideas. Even if it is one of the most complex courses after graduation, it rewards you rightly by offering lucrative salary packages and a rewarding, fruitful career. 

Job Prospects Average Salary (in INR) 
Finance Manager 12.5 LPA
Credit Analyst 5 LPA
Statistician 4 LPA
Financial Analyst 4.6 LPA
Market Research Analyst 3.3 LPA

5. MA/MSc Statistics/Mathematics

If you enjoy playing with complicated concepts such as topology, calculus and number lines then mathematics/statistics can be fitting courses after graduation. This is a 2-year semester-based course that gives you a postgraduate degree in Statistics or Mathematics major. Companies require people to handle big data which they face daily due to the sudden rise in technology.

Lecturer and Research

Many grads in mathematics and statistics like becoming lecturers, moving toward the research field that also pays you well. It is always a priority for Maths/statistics graduates in professional courses after graduation.

Job Prospects Average Salary (in INR)
Content Analyst 3.5 LPA
Statistical Analyst 5 LPA
Economist 14 LPA
Risk Analyst 5.5 LPA
Mathematician 9 LPA

6. MCA/MSc Computer Science

In the present time, the gifts of technology are all around us. Every firm wants big masses of computer science graduates because there is so much demand for the latest software technology. In India, an MSc degree is considered equivalent to BTech in Computer Science. You can also aim for an MCA (Master in Computer Application) to become a professional software engineer.

Both the courses, MCA and MSc, are 2-year postgraduate courses provided in the science stream. The term “MSc” tends to be more theoretical and research-focused, while “MCA” is often associated with the practical application of concepts. A person who has completed their graduation with either an MCA or MSc can also begin a great career since it’s a high-salary job-oriented course. It can be a rewarding choice among the other best courses after graduation.

Job Prospects Average Salary (in INR)
Database Manager 10 LPA
Hardware Engineer 3.2 LPA
Software Programmer 4 LPA
Technical Writer 5.7 LPA
Troubleshooter 3.6 LPA

7. Digital Marketing

Due to the sudden rise of technology, it is now important to advertise most products on digital platforms for them to be noticed by a diverse pool of audiences. The field of Digital Marketing needs experience, practice, knowledge and consistency. Many institutes provide year-long digital marketing certification courses to make a candidate aware of recent techniques and processes. A person skilled in Digital Marketing can choose to work as a freelancer too. This job field gives one of the highest earnings among the other top courses after graduation.

Job Prospects  Average Salary (in INR) 
SEO Specialist  3.6 LPA
Web Analyst 3.3 LPA
Digital Marketing Manager 6.5 LPA
Social Media Marketer 4.5 LPA
Brand & Marketing Manager 10.8 LPA

8. PGD Hotel Management

Post Graduation Diploma in Hotel Management is a study program that requires a full-time commitment for 1 to 2 years at the postgraduate level. This course of post-graduation exposes you to different techniques of hospitality management. You learn creative abilities in the hotel or hospitality industry, food and drink preparation, operations as well as resource & personnel management. Also, students may get an experience in the worldwide business setting. This area is a thrilling choice from the professional courses after graduation list.

Job Prospects Average Salary (in INR) 
Hotel Manager 2.4 LPA
Restaurant Manager 4.2 LPA
Sommelier 6 LPA
Event Manager 3.8 LPA
Executive Chef 8.4 LPA

9. PGP – BAT (Business Accounting and Taxation)

Due to the rise of many big firms, Business accountants are highly sought after. The course for a graduate in Business Accounting and Taxation is an integrated one lasting about 6 months. It concentrates on teaching students different skills related to the industry and preparing them for work. It is better than the other professional courses after graduation and a fitting option for students in commerce.

Job Prospects Average Salary (in INR)
Senior Associate 5 LPA
Senior Manager 16 LPA
Accounts & Finance Executive 3.3 LPA
Deputy General Manager 25 LPA
Lecturer 2.6 LPA

10. Tally

Tally ERP 9, which is accounting software available for small firms and industries that provides a comprehensive business approach. This can be the right option for students who come from a commerce background and have an interest in handling accounts on a daily basis. You learn abilities to control the different accounting processes of a business entity. It is among the top professional courses post-graduation for students who have a liking for accounting and maths.

Job Prospects Average Salary (in INR)
Account Assistant   2.2 LPA
Tally Operator 1.5 LPA
Data Entry Operator 1.8 LPA
Account Executive 2.8 LPA
Accounts Clerk 2.2 LPA

11. (Master of Commerce)

MCom graduates are in high demand because of the rapid development in the field of commerce. Master of Commerce is a 2-year post-graduation course. It’s an area of special knowledge for students learning commerce. exposes you to the various sectors of accounting, taxation, and management.

Ambedkar University and Delhi University, which are well-known universities, provide master’s degrees in commerce. If you have completed a study program related to commerce and desire the best courses after graduation, this could be your ideal job.

Job Prospects Average Salary (in INR)
Bank Manager 7 LPA
Auditor 2.7 LPA
Security Analyst 5 LPA
Finance Executive 3.2 LPA
Tax Consultant 4.8 LPA

12. Machine Learning

If you can comprehend intricate notions in the realm of computer science, then machine learning might be intriguing. Machine learning involves various algorithms for pattern recognition that a computer can learn without being specifically programmed to do so. Each suggestion you receive from your preferred applications is because of Machine Learning. A large percentage of the students working in this domain are from a computer science background.

Job Prospects  Average Salary (in INR) 
Machine Learning Scientist  15 LPA
Software Developer 4.8 LPA
Business Intelligence Developer 6 LPA
Data Scientist 10 LPA
Computer vision engineer 6.9 LPA

13. Mobile App Development

Nowadays, a lot of important services that you use are on your mobile. Because people use Mobile Applications so much, there is a huge demand for those who can make them. Anybody from any field can begin learning app development. It is supposed to be comfortable for the students who are good coders.

For a period of two years after graduation, one can take up Mobile App Development. Many institutes have Mobile App Development diploma courses where they guarantee placement offers once the course is completed. Additionally, many well-known colleges provide App development as a subject to create it into one of the professional courses after graduation for students.

Job Prospects Average Salary (in INR)   
App Developer  5.5 LPA
Software Engineer 5.5 LPA
Project Leader 13 LPA
Mobile Application Developer 4.4 LPA
Freelance Software Developer 6 LPA

14. Finance and Accounts

Finance and accounts are a wide-ranging field. You will learn about market risk, where a company or client should invest, and how to handle money matters in different scenarios. Usually, students who have studied commerce can do it as their full-time career choice. But even if you come from a non-commerce background there’s an option for you too. In the list of professional courses after graduating, this field is always high in demand by finance students.

Job Prospects  Average Salary (in INR)
Financial Assistant 3 LPA
Business Consultant 9.5 LPA
Tax Accountant  3.4 LPA
Billing Clerk 1.9 LPA
Compliance Analyst 5.3 LPA

15. Mass communication

Mass communication is a field that pertains to modules like journalism, advertising, media and communication, etc. This course can be taken up by any candidate from an academic discipline to start a career in the Mass Communication area. There are many good universities in India that provide full-time mass communication courses with the required experience. It ranks as the best professional course after graduation.

Job Prospects     Average Salary (in INR)
Reporter 2.1 LPA
Screen Writer 3.3 LPA
Film Director  5 LPA
Fashion Photographer 4.4 LPA
Radio Jockey 3.2 LPA


Thus, ending the high-salary courses after graduation discussion, we see that career opportunities are plentiful. The decisions made now can shape our future and if guided properly, they may lead to both financial success and happiness.

Admissify has a goal: to light up the way for success, giving understanding and tools that empower people on their education and career journeys. We trust in education as more than just learning – it’s about opening doors of chance.


What is a 1-year course after graduation?

A1. PGPM, which stands for Post Graduate Programme in Management, is a course that you can take after finishing your graduation. If you are considering doing courses after graduation for a short duration, then PGPM should be your first choice. It is a management-oriented course designed meticulously with the aim of giving advanced knowledge to students in the area of management studies. In this course, you receive a learning process that is interactive and aided by practical knowledge. The scope of PGPM is broad.

What can I do after my graduation?

Learning has no end, and you can continue to grow your knowledge. After graduation, you can always move forward to a post-graduate degree. There are many professional courses that you can take after finishing your graduation. Some of the best courses to pursue are:

  • MBA
  • Digital Marketing
  • Machine Learning

Which field is best after graduation?

After you graduate, you can decide to proceed in any field. This selection can be based on your personal interests and specialization. All courses have a good scope in the career field. However, we find that a Master of Business Administration (MBA) is one of the most liked courses after graduation. Many students tend to move towards doing an MBA after finishing their graduation. An MBA provides great chances in the management area.

Can I change my career after graduation?

Certainly, you can change your career after graduation if you desire. The crucial aspect to understand when switching is that you satisfy the requirements for the new path. You can head towards a different field according to your ultimate targets. There are many professional courses for students after graduation. MBA is a typical course that students take up after BTech. The combination of these two degrees offers a good prospect, so many students choose it.

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