Describe an exciting activity that you experienced with someone else

The IELTS speaking test is something in which every student gets nervous because they don’t know what kind of cue card they will get. Generally, the entire IELTS speaking section lasts 11- 14 minutes, during which you discuss your topic with an IELTS examiner.


Furthermore, the speaking exam occurs in a quiet room, where the examiner encourages you to keep speaking. One of the cue card topics is“Describe an exciting activity that you experienced with someone else.” If you do not know how to answer this, read the blog ahead as it contains a few sample responses and follow-up questions.

Describe an exciting activity that you experienced with someone else – sample answer 1


A fantastic day trip occurred a year ago and is still deeply ingrained in my memory as one of the most exhilarating and surprising experiences.



What was the activity?

Suddenly, we decided to spend our weekend on the ghats and took a day-long road trip. I picked her up in my car. Pushkar, in Rajasthan, is well-known for its ghats and yearly camel festival.


Who were you with?

I was with my best friend, someone I had met in college. She is one of the people I rely on through thick and thin ,she is a very amiable and interesting person to spend your time with.


When and where did it happen?

The excursion happened in October of last year. Since we had the weekend off, travelling somewhere and spending time with my best friend would be fun. It was a beautiful day, and we also enjoyed the golden hours of sunset.


Why did you go for it?

We enjoy taking trips, and I went to Pushkar once a long time ago. Since we only had one day together and my best buddy had never been there, we opted to visit a location that could be explored in a single day rather than taking a lengthy trip.


And explain how you felt about it.

We had a great trip, even if it was a short time. We sipped tea, watched a stunning dawn on the way back to our house, and even saw individuals making early morning prayers while we sat near the ghat. Everything was worthwhile.



In conclusion, the trip was spontaneous yet exciting and one of the adventures that will never be forgotten. We had a great time exploring new things and having a great time with each other.


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Describe an exciting activity that you experienced with someone else – sample answer 2


We have exciting times and things to share and enjoy with the people we love and care about, which makes life worthwhile. I consider myself fortunate to lead a quite interesting life.


What was the activity?

PUNO is an indoor-based adventure and trampoline place where people enjoy participating in various activities and jumping on the giant trampoline. My friend and I did each activity and really enjoyed it.


Who were you with?

I was with one of my friends with whom I like to explore new places. We visited PUNO, the place we both wanted to visit for once. We did enjoy doing the activities and had a great time.


When and where did it happen?

This happened last year in Jaipur. We both were searching for a place to spend our day, and suddenly, when he came up with the idea of going to PUNO, it turned out to be one of the best and most memorable days.


Why do you go for it?

 An unplanned day at PUNO with my friend, enjoying our activities and jumping on a giant trampoline, was relaxing and fun. It gave us a sense of joy, excitement, laughter and unforgettable memories for life.


And explain how you felt about it.

It was a wonderful day. We gasped for air during the breathtaking moments of weightlessness as we quickly fell, and we laughed and yelled with excitement as we clung to the safety bar during the twists and turns.



In summary, a mix of laughing, excitement, and anxiety gave us an experience that will never be forgotten. It was a treasured memory because of the excitement of jumping on trampolines and sharing it with my friend.


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Describe an exciting activity that you experienced with someone else – sample answer 3


There are many events in life, some of which we prefer to forget and others we remember for a very long time. I want to write about a birthday event today that I will never forget.


What was the activity?

My friends surprised me on my birthday by coming to my place and buying me many gifts, including chocolates, homemade cake, flowers and fragrances. I can still recall they had this amazing activity planned, which was a costume party that made my day more enthralling.


Who were you with?

I was with my school pals, and they had everything prepared so flawlessly that I was unaware of it until they arrived at my house. They demonstrated such a kind gesture, and that day made me joyful.


When and where did it happen?

It took place in my house when I was with my friends, whose crazy ideas and activities brightened my day and filled it with excitement, enthusiasm, and delight.


And explain how you felt about it.

I felt so happy as we had a memorable time filled with laughter, excitement, and joy. The thrill of sharing the experience with my friends and celebrating my birthday made it a priceless memory that I will cherish forever.



In conclusion, I am thankful for everything that happened that day since I was surrounded by amazing people who made my day and gave me a lot of unforgettable experiences to remember.


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IELTS Speaking Cue Card – Follow-up questions

Question: How do exciting activities relieve people’s stress?

Answer: Trying exciting activities acts as a stress buster for people because while doing such activities, they forget about their worries and tension for a short time; they just enjoy the moment and relax their bodies and minds.


Question: Why do some young people like adventurous activities?

Answer: Young people enjoy participating in adventurous activities for a variety of reasons. The first and most important reason is that they want to assess their strengths and weaknesses, take a break from their demanding schedule, and have peace of mind. Additionally, participating in adventurous activities gives them a sense of accomplishment and promotes mental and physical strength.


Question: Do you think older adults accept changes?

Answer: As per my perception, greyheads do not like to make changes in their lives because they have already spent more than half of their lives doing the same things, so they find it difficult to change their habits. Furthermore, due to their age, they have less memory, so they must work hard to learn anything and to accept the changes.


Question: What kinds of activities do young people like to do?

Answer: Well, it varies from person to person, as some people love to do adventurous activities because they want to gain knowledge and overcome their fears. In contrast, some people try indoor activities to stay in their comfort zone. Moreover, some people love outdoor activities like football, volleyball and many more. Apart from this, several people are also interested in creative activities like photography, painting, etc.


Question: Can you give a few other examples of adventurous or risky activities?

Answer: Several activities involve risk, such as bungee jumping, mountain climbing, river rafting, hiking, etc. One should take all the necessary precautions before doing such activities.


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To sum up, the speaking component of the IELTS exam is crucial and requires practice and preparation. Once you’ve answered them, the examiner will ask you a few follow-up questions. Make the most of your time and respond with confidence and appropriateness.


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