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A cue card portion is often included in the IELTS speaking exam. In this phase, test takers are provided with a subject to discuss for about one to two minutes. An example of a popular subject is to explain a healthy activity that you take pleasure in performing. Your ability to describe an activity in depth, explain the advantages of the activity, and explore the reasons why you love doing it will be evaluated via this work. A methodical strategy for addressing this cue card subject is shown below, along with some examples of possible responses.

Yoga: Describe Something Healthy You Enjoy Doing

Please describe a healthy activity that you take pleasure in performing.

Alternate Questions:

  1. What exactly is it?
  2. Do you do it on a regular basis?
  3. What is it about doing it that you find enjoyable?


Practising yoga is one of the healthful activities that I like performing. Over the course of the last three years, I have been incorporating yoga into my daily practice, and it has become an essential component of my routine.

Approximately thirty minutes of my mornings are spent doing yoga. Typically, I use an application on my mobile device to attend a guided session, and sometimes I participate in a virtual class. My programme consists of a number of different asanas (poses), such as the Downward Dog, Warrior Pose, and Tree Pose, followed by a brief period of meditation. By engaging in this practice, I am able to begin each day with a mental clarity and a feeling of tranquilly.

There are several reasons why I find yoga to be enjoyable. To begin, it makes a substantial contribution to the improvement of my physical health by working to increase my flexibility, strength, and balance. Not only that, but it also has a significant positive impact on my mental health. The combination of physical postures and breathing exercises is an effective method for lowering levels of stress and anxiety. In conclusion, yoga gives me a feeling of community, even when I practise it digitally, since I often cross paths with other people who have the same or comparable health objectives. As a whole, yoga is a holistic practice that enhances both my physical and mental well-being, which is why I consider it to be an important component of my daily routine.

Swimming: Describe Something Healthy You Enjoy Doing

Describe an activity that you love doing that is good for your health.

Alternate Questions:

  1. What exactly is it?
  2. Do you do it on a regular basis?
  3. What is it about doing it that you find enjoyable?


Swimming is a physically active exercise that I take great pleasure in doing. My love for swimming dates back to when I was a kid, and it continues to be one of my favourite methods to maintain my physical fitness and overall health.

Three times a week, often in the evenings after work, I go swimming in the pool that is quite close to my home. During each session, which lasts around one hour, I do a variety of strokes, including freestyle, breaststroke, and backstroke, among others. In addition, I periodically participate in water aerobics classes and also go through the process of doing underwater breathing exercises.

For a number of different reasons, I like swimming. To begin, it is a wonderful full-body exercise that develops muscles, improves cardiovascular health, and promotes lung capacity. In addition, it improves lung potential. Second, swimming is a low-impact activity, which means that it is easy on the joints and can be done by anyone of any age or experience level of physical fitness. Lastly, after a long and stressful day, I find that being in the water is a really peaceful experience that allows me to clear my thoughts. The contemplative experience that I get after swimming laps is one that leaves me feeling refreshed and renewed. The rhythmic pattern of swimming laps plus the calming influence of the water generate this sensation. In general, swimming is not only excellent for my physical health but also for my emotional well-being, which is why I look forward to participating in this healthy exercise.

Cycling: Describe Something Healthy You Enjoy Doing

Describe a healthy activity that you take pleasure in performing.

Alternate Questions:

  1. What exactly is it?
  2. Do you do it on a regular basis?
  3. What is it about doing it that you find enjoyable?


One of the healthy activities that I take great pleasure in doing is cycling. I began riding a bicycle a few years ago as a mode of transportation to go to work; but, it rapidly turned into a passion for me and became an integral part of my existence.

My daily commute and my leisure time both need me to ride my bicycle. During the week, I commute to work on my bicycle, which is around five km in each direction. Over the course of the weekend, I often go on longer rides, during which I explore a variety of trails and routes in and around the city. In order to include a social component into the exercise, I sometimes participate in group rides that are organised by local bicycle groups.

As a result of a number of factors, I adore riding. In the first place, it is an excellent method for maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle, raising cardiovascular health, building muscular strength, and boosting endurance. My second point is that cycling is a great way to minimise my carbon footprint and help the environment, both of which are important to me as someone who is concerned about the environment and sustainability. In the third place, riding gives me the opportunity to get a one-of-a-kind experience of my area. Exhilarating the feeling of freedom and adventure that I receive from riding across a variety of settings is something that I like doing. Cycling, in addition to helping me clear my thoughts and relieve stress, is the ideal combination of physical exercise and mental relaxation since it combines both physically and mentally. Cycling, in general, is a physically beneficial exercise that I find to be quite satisfying and joyful.

Final Thoughts

One of the most prevalent topics for IELTS cue cards is to describe something that you love doing that is good for you. This question gives you the opportunity to demonstrate your ability to describe an activity in depth and explain the advantages of performing it. Through the preparation of organised responses to probable sub-questions, you will be able to confidently offer a response that is both thorough and entertaining. The example responses that were supplied emphasise a variety of healthy hobbies, ranging from yoga and swimming to cycling, and demonstrate the many advantages and personal delight that these activities provide. In order to develop a story that is both complete and interesting for this cue card subject, you should concentrate on precise facts and personal experiences throughout the process.

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Follow Up Questions

  1. Share some ways that yoga has impacted your day-to-day life.

Being more disciplined and focused via yoga practice has greatly improved my everyday routine. For thirty minutes first thing in the morning, I do yoga, which helps me relax and center myself before I face the day. Staying hydrated and eating well are just two examples of how this regular practice has improved my health. It has also increased my awareness of my body’s requirements, which has helped me make better decisions all day long. My concentration and output at work have both been lifted by the meditative state of yoga and the associated decrease in stress.

  1. Is there anything that comes to mind when you think of your yoga practice?

In response to your question, I will never forget the first time I achieved the Crow Pose (Bakasana) while practicing yoga. This difficult stance, which calls for strength and balance, takes weeks of effort and determination to accomplish. Getting my weight off the floor and balancing on my hands gave me a tremendous boost of self-assurance. Whatever obstacle I face, on or off the yoga mat, I will conquer with perseverance and focus, as this experience has shown me.

  1. What keeps you coming back to your yoga mat time and time again?

In order to keep myself motivated to practice yoga on a daily basis, I find that it helps to mix up my routines, remain connected with other yoga enthusiasts, and create personal objectives. I find that setting modest, attainable objectives, like as becoming more flexible or learning a new position, helps me stay focused and motivated. To further spice things up, I try out several Yin and Vinyasa yoga techniques to keep things fresh in my practice. A feeling of community and responsibility is fostered by participating in online yoga sessions and interacting with other yoga practitioners, which motivates me to maintain my practice.

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