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Introduction, Cue Card, and discussion round are the three major elements that make up the IELTS speaking exam. It is crucial that you improve your speaking and creative abilities if you want to do well on this test. Practising with sample responses and follow-up questions for the Cue card topic “Describe your favourite food” is one approach to do this. You will definitely do extremely well on the IELTS speaking test by using the tips in this article to hone your speaking and communication skills. We offer model responses as well as follow-up inquiries for the “Describe your favourite food” Cue card section. 

IELTS Speaking Part 2- Cue Card

For the IELTS speaking part 3, a topic like “Describe your favourite food” could be given to you for one minute of preparation time. After this minute is over, two minutes are provided to talk about your most liked dish in detail. Within this duration, the examiner might ask queries linked to your favourite food and you should respond in a confident and smooth manner. This task is not just about sharing details on your favourite food, but also showing the ability to talk more deeply and give good responses to possible questions that might be asked by the examiner.

What You Need to Describe:

  1. What dish or food item is it?
  1. How is it prepared or cooked?
  1.  How common is this food item or dish?
  1.  And why do you like it?
  1. And explain why it is your favourite food

Pizza: Describe Your Favourite Food Item


This is a tough question to answer because I truly love to eat a lot of different foods, so it’s impossible to name my favourite type of cuisine. There is indeed nothing that I can simply allow my mind to wander and idly savour as a special indulgence now and then.

What is the food item? 

Anyway, let me come back to fast food, I really love pizza so much. In fact, let me recall, that pizza is one of those foods that I enjoy very much. I have loved it since my first year of college. Year after year, I didn’t even remember that there were at least two or three pizzas a week I ate. Of course, I am not a daily user anymore like in my earlier years but I like to get the most out of the facilities that are available to me without doing bad to my heart and stomach.

How is it prepared?

For making this pizza there is a need to make the crust of the pizza first, and the crust of the pizza is a flat round bread with a diameter of approximately ten inches or 25cm. The crust is then filled with cheese, tomato sauce and various ingredients of the topping working with meat, olives, onions, bell peppers and mushrooms depending on the preference and desire of the person before being stayed in the oven for 20-30 minutes.

How common is this particular food?

In the country of my current abode, pizzas like most other fast foods have only recently begun to make their way into the dining habits of the populace primarily the fast food joints of most of the big cities where the youths in particular can be found congregate in large numbers each day to catch a quick snack of the freshly made pizza that is made with use of yeast-based dough and topped with tomato sauce and cheese or any other items that one might prefer

Why is it your favourite dish?

In any case, one of my favourite foods is pizza, especially since it perfectly fulfils my craving. I like this dish since I can eat it hot or cold while commuting or working hard. Pizza is, after all, a meal that can be enjoyed on any day or occasion.

In conclusion 

Therefore, there might be hundreds of different cuisines available, but the food item that gives me comfort and fulfils my cravings perfectly is always going to be pizza. 

Sample 2: Describe Your Favourite Food Item


As much as I do not wish to risk laying my life on the Upon, I would like to extend my interest and concern toward one of my favourite foods which is Samosa particularly from one of the nearby shops. This scrumptious, mouth-watering snack is dear and close to my heart for several reasons, and I am eager to share with you why I love it so Much.

What is it? 

Samosa is one of the well-known snacks in India, an aromatic and crispy pastry intended to be stuffed with spicy vegetables, meat or lentils especially spiced potatoes and green peas. Their iconography is frequently triangular looking which makes it easily distinguishable.

How is it prepared? 

As for the way it is prepared or cooked, there is definitely a long list of options one can go through before preparing the food that is best for one’s health.

It takes a number of steps to prepare a good Samosa. First, flour and water are kneaded to form a dough that is stretched into thin layers at times enhanced with a little oil. They are then trimmed into triangles, employing the succulent stuffing, folded and fried until they turn golden brown and crunchy.

How frequently does this food item or dish appear on the person’s food consumption table?

Particularly in India, samosas are among the most frequently consumed snacks since they are easily found in stands and vendors all around the country. They can be found almost anywhere in the country, in both traditional markets and restaurants, selling fast foods and other delicacies, modern-fashion supermarkets, and even small shops by the roadside. It has been adapted to other countries, although the recipe varies significantly from the Indian version.

Why Do You Like It?

I have my reasons for having a special liking for Samosas. Indeed, there is the lure of such attributes and putting in such a form: the crunchy skin of a dough or of pastry opposed to the juicy and fragrant stuffing. 

Secondly, there’s no doubt that samosas are eaten as a snack food, which can be taken singly or accompanying the main course as an appetiser or even as a relish. 

Finally, there is the factor of emotion; the sight and taste of Samosa from the neighbouring shop reminds you of the good time that was apparently shared while having one or several of the potato chips during a movie time and the like.

Give Reasons for It Being Your Favourite Food

Because of its delectable flavour and nostalgic value, samosas will always be my favourite snack. There’s no better feeling than taking a bite out of a hot, crispy Samosa and enjoying the explosion of flavours. My all-time favourite cuisine is Samosa from the local shop. It’s perfect for a fast snack on the run or as part of a leisurely meal. They never let me down.

Sample 3: Describe Your Favourite Food Item


I enjoy food a lot, so it’s difficult to determine just one favourite type of food! However, if I need to choose, there is something that I like having as a special treat occasionally.

What is it?

The food is rather basic. I often think of it as a Greek dish, but others say that the food comes from Egypt. The dish I like so much is called “Houmous.” The food is spelt differently in American English, where they call it hummus. But in British English, we spell it with an ‘O’ and a ‘U’. The recipe remains the same regardless of spelling.

How is it prepared?

In simple terms, hummus is a dish that comes from cooked and crushed chickpeas mixed with tahini (a paste made from sesame seeds), olive oil, lemon juice, salt and garlic. It’s commonly found in many places like the Middle East (including Turkey), North Africa (including Morocco), and Middle Eastern cuisine around the world. But I love it very much! However, I am quite picky about which type to purchase. 

Where do you find it?

I have a nearby deli that is quite nice, a kind couple manages it – he’s Italian while she has the charm of vintage Yorkshire. They create their hummus using just the highest quality virgin olive oil and large amounts of fresh garlic they can find. It’s costly but I enjoy it. And it is superior to my endeavours for a specific cause that I am not aware of. However, this does not imply it should be extraordinarily difficult to create.

Why do I like it?

I think it is partly because of the texture. Also, I love garlic – so this dish appeals to my taste buds and preferences. Additionally, being vegetarian myself and knowing that falafel contains a lot of protein as well as quality fats which are good for your health makes me enjoy eating them too much! Certainly, excess of anything is bad.


This food is the one that I like most. Because not only does it taste very good but also you can share it with others. It’s great to eat this as a dip among friends. I chop many carrots, cucumbers and celery into crudités carefully sliced to make an array of colours on my plate. Maybe some pieces of warm pitta bread too. A good bottle of white wine is helpful. Then we can all sit together, enjoying the fresh hummus dip while sipping our glasses of wine and laughing and talking to put the world to rights. It’s a nice way for us to enjoy this fabulous food item.

Follow-Up Questions For Describe Your Favourite Food Item

What are the different kinds of food that are consumed in your country?

In my country I have seen people take meals that are common such as curry meal, and rice, other people also enjoy taking meals found in the streets such as Samosa and other people take international meals such as Pizza.

What Are the New Changes in the Eating Patterns of People Now in Your Country Than Before?

One of the more significant changes that have taken place is the increase of convenience food as opposed to home-cooked meals. However, there is a new trend towards health-reasoned eating and having an understanding of the quality of the product.

Talk about how healthy your country’s food is.

My country’s food is diverse but not all of it is healthy for consumption. The traditional food in most countries is healthy food however the food that has been produced today, for instance, processed foods is unhealthy for consumption. Comparing the meals in my country to those of many other countries, mostly from the West, it seems quite healthy. By healthy, I mean that only a tiny part of people from my country are as fat as people in many other nations. Also, not many citizens in my nation are excessively dependent on red meats which can cause numerous health issues to fulfil their daily protein requirements. We also have less use of oil and butter, which is good for avoiding heart disease.

What Patterns of Eating Might Change in the Coming Decades?

In the future, diet preferences may become vegetarian, and the source of food may be focused on sustainability while the use of technology to help people choose the kind of food they want may improve.

In What Way Has Technology Altered Our Preparations of Foods in Modern Society?

Technological advancements have brought about fascinating changes in preparing food through equipment such as the microwave, air fryer, and meal delivery system, among others.

Do different age groups prefer different food items?

People have different food preferences based on their age, which can be reflected in their taste preferences, their nutritional needs, and their lifestyle; further, the so-called Y generation is more experimental in terms of the dishes they are willing to try and is more health-conscious.

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