Discovering Scandinavia: A summer of growth and adventure

Hello everyone! I am Sarah Reberio, a junior at Northeastern University majoring in Politics, Philosophy, and Economics (PPE). This summer, I have the incredible opportunity to immerse myself in Sweden’s vibrant culture and breathtaking landscapes through the DIS Stockholm program. As I embark on this solo journey, I am excited to share my experiences, insights, and personal growth!

Academic background and aspirations

My academic journey has been a dynamic interplay of politics, philosophy, and economics, collectively shaping our understanding of societal structures and human behavior. Studying PPE has equipped me with a multifaceted perspective on the world, fostering critical thinking and analytical skills essential for my law school goal. I aspire to become a corporate lawyer, where I can navigate complex legal landscapes and contribute to the ethical governance of businesses.

Why DIS Stockholm?

Choosing DIS Stockholm was an easy decision for several reasons. Firstly, I was drawn to the program’s interdisciplinary approach, which aligns perfectly with my academic interests. The opportunity to study in Sweden, renowned for its progressive policies and high quality of life, promises to provide invaluable insights into why it is one of the happiest nations in the world.

Secondly, I was eager to step out of my comfort zone and embrace the adventure of solo travel. This journey is not just about academic enrichment; it’s also about personal discovery. I believe that immersing myself in a new culture, meeting people from diverse backgrounds, and navigating unfamiliar environments will help me grow as an individual. I am excited to explore who I am outside the familiar confines of home and university life.

Goals for the summer:

1. Creating lifelong memories:

One of my primary goals for this summer is to create memories that will last a lifetime. Whether it’s exploring the picturesque streets of Stockholm or enjoying the local cuisine, I want to fully embrace every moment and cherish the experiences that come my way.

2. Learning about a new culture:

Sweden’s rich history, cultural heritage, and modern societal values offer a unique learning opportunity. I am particularly interested in understanding the Swedish culture, its approach to sustainability, and the social norms that shape everyday life. Through coursework, cultural excursions (through Field Studies and Study Tour), and interactions with locals, I aim to gain a deeper appreciation for what makes Sweden so distinctive.

3. Gaining academic perspective

Studying abroad in Sweden offers a unique opportunity to gain a globally relevant and culturally enriching academic perspective. Sweden is renowned for its innovative approach to education, emphasizing critical thinking, collaboration, and real-world problem-solving. By immersing myself in this progressive educational system, I can enhance my academic knowledge and develop a broader worldview, preparing me to be a thoughtful, informed global citizen.

What to expect from my blogs:

Throughout the summer, I will be documenting my journey on this blog. You can expect a mix of reflective essays, travel tips, cultural observations, and personal anecdotes. I hope to provide a window into my experiences, offering informative and entertaining content for readers curious about studying abroad, Swedish culture, or the life of a college student on a solo adventure.

I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to spend this summer at DIS Stockholm, and I look forward to the many lessons and adventures that lie ahead. Thank you for joining me on this journey. Stay tuned for more updates as I navigate Sweden’s beautiful landscapes and rich culture!

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