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Most students consider Duolingo vs. PTE as they will be required to show a score in the English language. Students can easily choose to appear for any of the exams, and the choice depends upon several factors. Learn the main factors that could influence the Duolingo vs. PTE debate.

Duolingo and PTE are two of the most widely used English language assessment exams available today. Both provide a valuable means of evaluating and enhancing your language skills. On the other hand, their features, pricing, and methods are different. An individual must have a scorecard of the English language proficiency exams, so there comes an option between the two Duolingo vs Pte. Both exams are designed to assess an individual’s ability to speak the list in the blog post, We will contrast Duolingo vs Pte in this guide to assist you in selecting the appropriate test.

Overview of Duolingo Vs PTE

The choice of the type of exam depends upon the student, so most of the time, students wonder about Duolingo vs. PTE. However, here is the difference between the two exams so that students can easily select the right one for themselves.

Factors Duolingo PTE
Conducting Body Duolingo Inc. Pearson (British multinational publishing and education company)
Method of Analysis Online adaptive test assessing speaking, reading, writing, and listening skills Offline test at Pearson-approved locations with multiple-choice, short-answer, and essay questions
Purpose Enhance language skills with interactive tasks, available anytime Evaluate non-native speakers’ English language ability in a classroom setting
Format Online test with multiple-choice questions covering grammar, vocabulary, reading, and pronunciation Computer-based exam evaluating speaking, reading, writing, and listening abilities
Duration 30-45 minutes Approximately 3 hours
Scoring 0-160 points (Beginner to Expert) 10-90 points (based on accuracy and fluency)
Fees Free version; $49 for Duolingo English Test Pro $198 for Academic; $228 for General
Structure Adaptive section and video interview Three sections: Speaking & Writing, Reading, Listening

Factors To Consider For PTE vs. Duolingo

While both exams can assist candidates in developing their language skills and provide valuable resources, their intended uses differ. So here are the factors to consider for Duolingo vs Pte:

  1. Conducting Body

Duolingo Inc. created and oversees the online language learning tool Duolingo. Pearson is a British multinational teaching and publishing company that organizes the Pearson English exam.

This allows students to clarify between Duolingo and PTe and helps them choose an administration suitable for their exam.

  1. Method of analysis

You can take the Duolingo test online using your computer or mobile device. This exam includes an adaptive assessment with questions tailored to each candidate’s skill level to assess the candidate’s listening, reading, writing and speaking skills in one test.

Pearson English tests are taken offline at Pearson-approved locations worldwide. In addition to short answer and essay questions, the assessment also includes multiple-choice questions.

  1. Purpose

Using Duolingo, candidates can enhance their language skills enjoyably and conveniently. A range of language courses, from simple introductions to more complex grammatical concepts, are available on the website. Furthermore, it offers interactive tasks like sentence translation, word-image matching, and listening comprehension assessments that the candidate can complete whenever and at their own pace.

PTE is primarily used to evaluate the language ability of non-native speakers of English in a classroom setting. This is accomplished by using multiple-choice questions and short answer exercises to assess the candidate’s comprehension of English grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, reading comprehension, and writing abilities.

  1. Format

An online tool for evaluating language proficiency, the Duolingo test gauges a candidate’s comprehension and production of spoken and written language. It consists of multiple-choice questions covering grammar, vocabulary, reading comprehension, and pronunciation.

The PTE Academic is a computer-based exam to evaluate non-native English speakers’ speaking, reading, writing, and listening abilities. It assesses a candidate’s proficiency level accuracy and fluency.

  1. Duration

It takes thirty to forty-five minutes to finish the Duolingo test.

It takes about three hours to finish the PTE exam.

Moreover, Select the Duolingo vs. Pte exam according to your preferences regarding university eligibility, or you can look at the duration of the exams that suit your requirements and preferences.

  1. Scoring

Higher scores indicate a higher degree of skill on Duolingo, based on a range of 0-160 points. The scores are split into four categories: beginner, intermediate, advanced, and expert.

The PTE has a scoring range of 10 to 90. 90 is the most outstanding possible score, with 10 being the lowest. The main factors determining the score are the correctness, fluency, and application of the language in a practical setting.

  1. Fees

A free version of the Duolingo test is available; however, costs are associated with the official Duolingo English Test Pro. It is available online and costs $49 to take.

On the other hand, PTE comes in two types: Academic and General, each with a separate cost. The regular price of the General test is $228, while the Academic test is $198.

  1. Structure

Generally, the Duolingo exam consists of two sections, The adaptive section and the video interview section. Here is the brief structure of both the sections:

Section with Adaptive Questions: This section consists of multiple-choice questions that change in difficulty according to the candidate’s aptitude. This section’s questions address reading comprehension, grammar, and vocabulary. 

Section on Video Interviews: Applicants must record brief video answers to questions in the target language.

On the other hand, the PTE exam has two versions. These versions of the PTE exam are:

The General version and the Academic version: The Academic version evaluates applicants’ proficiency in the English language for courses at universities or colleges.

The General version: It is used to evaluate English language competency for various reasons, such as immigration, work, and visas.

Speaking & Writing, Reading, and Listening comprise the three sections of the PTE exam

The material content list of the different sections of the exam is as follows:

Listening Section

This section comprises questions based on audio recordings, lectures, and conversations and assesses the candidate’s understanding of spoken English.  

Reading section 

The reading section comprises questions on summaries, brief texts, and passages and evaluates a candidate’s comprehension of written English.

Speaking and Writing Section

It evaluates a candidate’s proficiency in spoken and written English and asks questions about writing essays, saying out loud, and summarising spoken material. 

How to Prepare to Study Abroad?

Get started with the Envoy application process while you master the PTE. For the very first step, you will be required to apply. 

Here are many other things that you should know before you apply:

  1. Since Duolingo is free and open to anyone willing to learn a new language, there are no real requirements for using this app. In comparison, PTE requires applicants to meet certain eligibility requirements. To sit for the PTE exam, candidates must be at least eighteen and have a passport valid.
  2. Compared to PTE, scoring well in Duolingo is said to be easy. There are ten questions in multiple-choice form and it focuses on grammar and vocabulary. Now PTE is tough also because it checks your understanding and knowledge of English. The test seeks to measure how well a candidate can read, write, speak and listen in English.
  3. Duolingo scores: Published 24 hours after the test Results print well and are web-accessible. Whereas, PTE results have to be downloaded from the Pearsons website and are declared within five business days after the exam.

Which one is better for you: Duolingo or PTE?

It depends on what suits you but both tests have their categories and so does the PTE test your future views will vary accordingly as it helps in taking a test.

Among students, it is one of the best decisions when you make your mind either to learn or improve English. It offers interactive lessons and training sessions to improve your English skills. It additionally assesses your existing degree, to help you keep track of and enhance.

You should choose the Pearson Test of English (PTE) to assess your reading, writing, speaking and listening skills in the English language. Due to all 4 English skills evaluated together, PTE is said to be the most faith-based test of assessing English. It is also allowed in many universities and organisations.

The right choice for you ultimately depends upon the objectives and degree of expertise that you carry in language. In summary, PTE is a better choice if you want to study in an English-speaking nation or work in a field where fluency in the language is required. Duolingo is an excellent choice if you wish to learn English for travel or leisure.


Duolingo and Pearson Test of English (PTE) are popular English language assessment tools for evaluating and improving language skills. Duolingo is an online learning tool with adaptive questions, while PTE is a computer-based exam for non-native English speakers. Both tests have different scoring ranges, with higher scores indicating higher proficiency. Duolingo is simpler and more focused on grammar and vocabulary, while PTE is more suitable for evaluating reading, writing, speaking, and listening abilities.


Which is better, Duolingo or IELTS?

IELTS is widely accepted for immigration and university admissions. Duolingo is cheaper, faster, and accepted by some institutions. Choose based on your specific needs and the requirements of your target country or institution.

Which country prefers PTE?

Australia and New Zealand prefer PTE for immigration and university admissions. It’s also accepted in some UK, USA, and Canadian institutions. Check specific requirements for your desired institution or visa application.

What is 120 Duolingo in IELTS?

A Duolingo English Test score of 120 is equivalent to an IELTS band score of 7.5, indicating a high level of English proficiency.

What is 6.5 IELTS equivalent to Duolingo?

An IELTS band score of 6.5 is approximately equivalent to a Duolingo English Test score of 105-110, showing competent English proficiency suitable for many academic and professional contexts.

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