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Students are especially encouraged to take advantage of this sort of study at several UK institutions, including Bath, Lancaster, Surrey, Loughborough, and Aston. For instance, students at the University of Bath have the option to enrol in a “sandwich year” for most of their undergraduate degree programmes.   

A sandwich course is a four to five-year programme that entails an undergraduate or graduate degree with a full-year internship in the industry. It also means missing school to work on a placement; this might be a full year or a thin sandwich degree with a few internships spread out over the duration of the programme.   

Since students’ complete academic coursework as well as receive practical experience in their field of study in a workplace or professional context, sandwich degrees are frequently more thorough and in-depth. This kind of programme bridges the gap between theoretical and real-world scenarios by allowing students to have a greater grasp of the sector and how to use their talents.  

Not all students find interest in sandwich courses; others consider a placement to be an undesirable break from full-time study. For the following reasons, it is unquestionably worthwhile to consider studying a vocational topic at university:  

Job experience: The Sandwich course offers students the chance to acquire skills that are pertinent to their desired occupations and to get priceless job experience. This has the potential to be very advantageous since it enables students to bridge the knowledge gap between theory and practise and to get insightful knowledge about the field they have chosen.  

Opportunities for networking: Sandwich degrees provide students the chance to connect with professionals in their field, which may be very helpful for landing a job once they graduate. Make sure you acquire professional networking skills. This may result in beneficial relationships and mentorships that assist students in realising their professional aspirations.  

Financial perks: Many firms provide students financial assistance during their sandwich placement, covering costs like pay, travel, and lodging. Students may benefit from this since it enables them to better manage their money and lessens the need for student loans and other types of financial assistance.  

Better knowledge and skills: Sandwich courses provide students the chance to work in a real-world setting while learning more about their chosen field. They may do this to develop practical abilities, problem-solving methods, and teamwork skills that will be very helpful in their future employment.  

Sandwich courses provide you internationally recognised academic and practical skills. Because of the practical experience you get during the course, you will have the benefit of being instantly career-ready. 

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