France Student Visa Document Checklist: A Complete Guide by Edugo Abroad

Different French Student Visas

Here, we will discuss the different France Study Visa requirements for Indian students:

1) Short Stay Visa

Schengen visas, often short-stay visas, allow students to visit France for less than 90 days for academic, language, or internship programmes. A Schengen Area visa allows free movement between 26 European nations, including France. Students who select short-term schooling can get this visa.

2) Long Stay visa

Long-term visas are required for research projects, extended courses, and bachelor’s and master’s degree programmes in France. This visa helps students live in France while studying, and they need it to maximise their experience.

France VFS Checklist

The new VFS procedure will assist you in getting a student visa swiftly and relieve you from the conventional procedure where you were required to submit numerous documents and their proofs.

So, after exploring about the different types of student visas, you can get to study in France, let us discuss the France student visa requirements. We will now jump to a detailed checklist to ensure the complete process before applying for the France VFS.

1) Valid passport and travel documents

Below are the requirements of a valid passport:

  • There must be at least two blank pages in your passport.
  • It must be less than ten years old.
  • Make sure it works for at least six months after the trip.
  • If you have any old papers or old passports, remember to include them.
  • The travel documents must have at least 3 months of validity after the projected stay.

2) Passport photos

According to the France visa checklist from VFS, you should bring two current passport-size photos with a white background. These should be the right size and meet the requirements given. You can visit for photo specifications.

You need to carry a passport photocopy (first and last page). You also require to show the Copy of the USA, the UK and the Schengen Visas issued for the previous five years with immigration seals.

3) OFII attestation

A duly filled and signed OFII attestation is required to be submitted for more than six months of studies.

4) Tickets for a confirmed flight

Show proof that you have confirmed reservations for flights to and from France.

5) Sponsor proof

Show cover letter, ID proof, last three months bank statements, last three years ITR and last three month payslips of your sponsors.

The cover letter must mention the current social situation and financial components. You must even have to include proof of professional situation of your sponsors.

6) Accommodation proof

Include proof of where you will stay in France, like a rental deal or confirmation from your university that you have a place to stay. You must show accommodation details of at least the first 3 months.

For a longer stay visa, the campus France letter and its details with the precise registration number will be needed.

If accommodation is offered without any charges by a person, that person’s details must be submitted. These details will cover the copy of that person’s ID card, property deed information or lease agreement and last income tax paper or if applicable the copy of the family book.

7) Visa fee payment proof

Payment and proof of show money for France student visa are required before applying. You must even submit admission letter from your school comprising the duration and the payable fees. You must show a payment receipt of at least 50% or the complete amount of the applicable tuition fees.

8) Travel medical insurance

You must at least have travel insurance for the first three months. It is better to have full-coverage medical travel insurance across France. This protects against unforeseen medical expenditures.

9) Academic transcripts

Send in all your essential academic transcripts, such as those from high school, college, and university. These documents must include original + copy of the latest degree / diploma.

These papers will show what you have learned and how qualified you are. You must also submit the admission letter from your school with all the details.

10) French scholarship

For French Government scholarship holders, they need to submit the required attestation certifying the total amount and scholarship duration.

11) Covering letter details and curriculum vitae

You need to showcase a covering letter mentioning the details of the purpose of the trip, duration, sponsors, and course motivation. You also need to submit a Curriculum Vitae (CV).

12) Proof of sufficient cash for your France stay

This is a must to ensure you can pay your expenses while learning in France. This includes bank statements, certificates of deposit, or any other financial papers that show you have enough money for France student visa financial requirements.

At least 1000€ per month is essential or 300€ per month in a scenario where there is a provision of free accommodation.

13) French institute registration certificate with course duration

Get a registration certificate from your French institute that says how long your study or programme will last.

14) Language proficiency scores IELTS/TOEFL/PTE

Language exam results may be required depending on the language of instruction. You can submit IELTS, TOEFL, or PTE scores with your application. France student visas require originals and copies of all documentation.

Use the best approach to make the process of getting a student visa for France go as quickly and efficiently as possible. Meet the strict requirements for an Indian student visa to France by having complete control and sight over every aspect of your application.

A long-stay student visa for studying in France requires strict criteria. You can easily download the France visa application form online. You can even explore the France visa application instructions on our website.

Key Takeaways

So, we discussed about the documents required for a France student visa. Read this blog thoroughly to find out which documents are needed for a student visa so there are no last-minute shocks. Accordingly, gather your passport, financial documents, transcripts, and evidence of residence.

Going to school in France is a dream for many Indian youths. You can feel confident about starting this fantastic educational journey if you know the specific study visa standards for Indian students and take steps to meet them. Plan, get help with money if needed, be open to new experiences, and use easy approaches to make applying for a visa easy.

So, if you plan well and follow our document checklist, applying for a France Student Visa will be a breeze. If you need all-inclusive assistance book a free consultation appointment with us at Edugo Abroad, a French Study Visa Expert.

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