From SDR To Sales Manager: My 7-Step Sales Methodology For Success

In the fast-paced world of SaaS sales, my journey began as a sales development representative (SDR), where I quickly learned that success required more than just enthusiasm; it demanded a clear and effective playbook for engaging potential prospects. Later, I transitioned to managing a team of 12 SDRs and reported directly to the chief revenue officer (CRO). This role brought new challenges and responsibilities, unknowingly pushing me to develop a structured approach. It wasn’t until a content class at Work It DAILY posed a thought-provoking question that I fully recognized the methodology I had been shaping:

What big problem do you solve in your line of work? What is the step-by-step methodology, framework, or checklist you use to solve it effectively and consistently? The goal is to be able to explain it to a fifth grader, offering a 30,000-foot view.

The Problem I Solve 

In simpler terms, I help companies find new customers who might benefit from their products or services. This not only fulfills the customers’ needs but also supports the company in making money and staying in business, which in turn provides and sustains jobs.

How I Solve It: My 7-Step Sales Methodology 

1. Learn About the Problem: I learn all about the problems that our products and services can fix. This helps me understand how we can help people.

2. Identify Who Needs Help: I find out which companies and which people need our help, learning about their daily challenges and how our products can make their lives easier.

3. Build and Train a Team: I manage, hire, and teach a team of people who will help find these potential customers. We reach out to them to explain how we can help and set up a meeting so they can learn more about what we offer.

4. Reach Out and Communicate: My team and I send messages, make calls, and use other ways to reach out to the people who might need our products. We explain how our products can solve their problems.

5. Use Feedback to Improve: After talking to potential customers, we listen to their feedback to understand what they liked and what they didn’t. This helps us make our approach and our products even better.

6. Follow Up and Measure Success: After reaching out, we follow up with the customers to see if they are interested. We also keep track of how well we are doing in finding new customers and helping the company grow.

7. Collaborate with Executives and Align with Business Goals: I work closely with executive leadership to ensure our efforts align with the company’s strategic goals. I regularly update executives on progress, challenges, and opportunities. I also collaborate with other departments to ensure a unified approach to reaching potential customers and meeting their needs.

Reflecting on my journey from an SDR to a sales manager, I realize that the methodologies I’ve developed are not just about finding new customers; they are about creating value and building relationships that foster long-term success.

In the dynamic world of SaaS, understanding the problem, identifying who needs help, building a capable team, communicating effectively, leveraging feedback, measuring success, and aligning with business goals are crucial. By simplifying these steps and making them easily understandable, I hope to provide a framework that can help others achieve similar success. This approach has not only helped companies grow but also enabled me to manage a high-performing team.

As I look forward to my next role, I carry with me these valuable lessons and a proven framework that I am eager to apply and expand even further.

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