Fully Funded Scholarships For Indian Students In The USA

Different fully funded scholarships exist for Indian students in USA, depending on their fields of study and career goals. The scholarship will cover tuition, accommodation, travelling, and living costs. The decision by more Indian students to pursue education overseas has surged. This has shown a remarkable 68% increase in the past few years. Yet, the financial aspect continues to be challenging, focusing on the importance of scholarships as a lifeline for these students.

In this blog, read about fully funded scholarships for Indian students!

Key Highlights of Fully Funded Scholarships For Indian Students In The USA

Feature Details
Coverage      Tuition, accommodation, travel, and living costs.
Notable Scholarships    Fulbright-Nehru Fellowships, Stanford Reliance Dhirubhai Fellowships.
Eligibility       Academic excellence, English proficiency, compelling personal statement.
Application Process      Includes finding scholarships, preparing and submitting documents, and following up.
Impact 68% increase in Indian students studying abroad in 2022, highlighting the importance of scholarships.

USA Scholarships Eligibility Criteria For Indian Students 

To qualify for scholarships to study in the USA as an Indian student, you must meet the specific criteria prescribed by the scholarship you’re interested in. These criteria typically include academic excellence, English Language proficiency, strong letters of recommendation, and a compelling personal statement that matches the scholarship’s goals.

Applying for US scholarships for Indian students? Here’s what you need to do!

  • Find out scholarships that meet your needs – Let experts like UniScholars guide you through the process.
  • Go through application requirements – Make sure you qualify based on your academic performance, financial situation, or involvement in the community.
  • Document collection – Assemble transcripts, test scores, essays, and letters of recommendation.
  • Application Preparation – Pay close attention to the instructions and make sure you include all the information they ask for.
  • Application submission – Submit your application promptly by ensuring it’s completed and sent before the deadline.
  • Consistent follow-up – After you’ve submitted your application, it’s a good idea to follow up with the scholarship provider to make sure they’ve received everything they need from you.

If you are looking for scholarships for Indian students to study in USA, there are a whole lot of options available for you. Scholarships such as the Fulbright Scholarship, the Chevening Scholarship, and the Erasmus Mundus Scholarship are like golden tickets to your American academic journey. Some US universities are like friendly giants, offering financial aid based on your needs.

Scholarships can be pretty competitive. Do not forget to cross-check all the documents. It is important to make sure that you are eligible before hitting that submit button. Missing out on any of the requirements could mean your application might get declined. In the coming sections, we will also have a look at the top scholarships in Ireland

List Of Top Fully Funded Scholarships For Indian Students

Study abroad scholarships for Indian students open doors for them to pursue their academic aspirations in a new country. It offers multiple educational opportunities and acts as a crucial financial support. It’s worth keeping in mind that the deadlines to apply and the requirements for eligibility can change from one year to the next.

In this section, let’s take a quick look at the best scholarships for Indian students to study in USA. 

Scholarship Name Description Covers Application Deadline Selection Criteria
Fulbright-Nehru Master’s Fellowships     They are designed for Indian students to pursue a Master’s degree in the United States. Tuition, fees, living costs, and airfare  June Academic excellence, leadership, community service
Fulbright MBA Scholarships   Accepted by ten top US MBA programmes.  Tuition, fees, living expenses, travel October Citizenship, academic excellence, English proficiency
Tata Scholarship at Cornell University       Supports Indian students pursuing undergraduate degrees at Cornell University.      Tuition, fees, room, and board        January Academic excellence, leadership, financial need
Knight-Hennessy Scholars Programme at Stanford University       For students worldwide pursuing graduate degrees at Stanford University.      Tuition, fees, living expenses, travel October Academic excellence, leadership, community service
Ashoka University Young India Fellowship      For Indian students pursuing a one-year postgraduate diploma in liberal studies at Ashoka University.      Tuition, fees, and living expenses        January Academic excellence, leadership, community service
The Indian Trust Fellowship at Yale University Designed for Indian students pursuing graduate degrees at Yale University. Tuition, fees, living expenses, travel December      Academic excellence, leadership, community service

Details On Fully Funded Scholarships For Indian Students To Study Abroad 

Studying abroad can be exciting, but finding scholarships to pay for it can be confusing. We will help you understand the different scholarships available for Indian students who want to study in other countries. From notable institutes to government-sponsored schemes, including the famous Harvard University scholarships for Indian students, it can encourage the aspirants to chase and follow their dreams. A few other scholarships for Indian students to study in US include:

Scholarship Name Description Eligibility Criteria Benefits Offered
Inlaks Shivdasani Foundation Scholarships Offers scholarships for full-time Masters, MPhil, or Doctorate programmes at American institutions. Under 30 years old, excellent academic record, resident of India Covers tuition, living expenses, and one-way travel
S.N. Bose Scholars Programme Supports Indian students for research in science and technology at a university in the USA.        Currently enrolled in a Bachelor’s or Master’s in science or tech Stipend, health insurance, airfare
Stanford Reliance Dhirubhai Fellowship Specifically for Indian students who need financial assistance to attend Stanford’s MBA programme.   Indian citizen, Bachelor’s degree, financial need Approximately 80% of tuition and associated fees
K.C. Mahindra Scholarships for Post-Graduate Studies Abroad For Indian students pursuing post-graduate studies abroad in various fields. Graduates with a first-class degree, admission to a foreign university        Up to USD 50,000 for the duration of the course
Rotary Foundation Global Study Grants        For graduate-level coursework or research for one to four academic years.        Strong commitment to community service, and leadership qualities        Minimum of USD 30,000
AAUW International Fellowships     Offered by the American Association of University Women for full-time study or research in the U.S. Women only, non-US citizens, hold a U.S. equivalent bachelor’s degree  USD 18,000 to USD 30,000 depending on the academic level
TOEFL® Scholarship Programme in India  Supports Indian students who plan to take the TOEFL test and study at a college or university. Resident of India, plans to study undergraduate or graduate programme overseas        Partial tuition covering USD 3,000 to USD 10,000

Let us also take a quick look at a few of the best Ireland scholarships for international students. It includes Government of Ireland International Scholarships, Global Excellence Scholarships, Max Arthur Macauliffe Special Merit Scholarship, Trinity College Dublin Global Excellence Scholarships, and many more.

Since Australia is also regarded as a top educational destination, you may want to look into Australian scholarships for Indian students if you are having trouble getting funding for your studies in the United States. 

What Do USA Scholarships Cover? 

It is important to remember that full scholarships for Indian students studying in USA may have limitations and conditions, but they can also help with educational costs. Students can reduce some of the financial stress associated with attending college. You should understand how scholarships operate and where to look for them. In this case, Indian students can benefit greatly from UniScholars

The different areas that scholarships in the United States usually cover are depicted in the pie chart. With tuition fees accounting for 30% of the coverage, this is the largest component. Notable components include living expenses and books and supplies, which account for 20% and 15% of the total. Ten percent is made up of health insurance and travel expenses. Ten percent goes toward funding conferences and research, which helps with professional and scholarly advancement. Finally, 5% of the scholarship coverage is allocated to specialised training, which could include workshops or specialised courses.

How To Apply For Scholarships In The USA? 

  • Research Scholarships – Begin by looking into scholarships available to Indian students in the United States through sources such as UniScholars. They will help Indian students to identify and apply for appropriate scholarships.
  • Get to know Eligibility Requirements – Make sure you understand and meet the specific criteria for every scholarship, such as TOEFL scores, country of origin, and GPA.
  • Prepare Application Documents – Gather and prepare the relevant documents such as academic transcripts, recommendation letters, a statement of purpose, and essays well in advance. Ensure that all information is correct and applicable to each scholarship.
  • Apply Early – Submit your applications as soon as possible to fulfil deadlines and allow for any follow-ups or additional submissions.
  • Apply for Multiple Scholarships – To increase your chances of winning funding, apply to multiple scholarships and personalise each application to specific scholarship criteria.
  • Follow-Up – After submitting your applications, contact the scholarship providers to confirm receipt and ask about any next steps or extra information required.
  • Maintain High Academic Standards – Keep your grades up, as most scholarships require outstanding academic achievement.
  • Improve English Proficiency – Improve your English abilities through classes and practice, and think about taking tests like the TOEFL or IELTS if necessary.
  • Prepare a strong application – Ensure that your scholarship applications are convincing, with true and straightforward paperwork that meets with scholarship’s requirements.
  • Complete and Monitor FAFSA – If you are qualified, fill out the FAFSA to apply for federal student aid. Check the progress of your application frequently to make any changes that are needed.

Application Deadlines For Scholarships In USA 

Scholarship application dates in the United States vary according to the scholarship and the institution that offers it. Scholarship application deadlines range from September to May, with a peak period between October and March. It is best to begin investigating scholarships early, ideally in late summer or early fall, to allow enough time to construct well-rounded applications. Scholarships to study in the UK are also available, with similar application schedules but they differ based on the university and scholarship type. Here’s a general timeline: 

Months Activities
August – September     Begin researching scholarships and compiling a list of prospective scholarships with deadlines.
October – November    Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and go over merit scholarship applications.
December – January     Continue applying for scholarships and submit any outstanding FAFSA paperwork.
February Expect to hear back from schools about scholarship offers.
April – May    Apply for local scholarships, keeping in mind that many scholarships have a deadline of May 1.


Can I Study In The USA For Free For Indian Students?

Indian students can study in the United States for free through scholarships that cover fees, living costs, medical care, and airfare.

How To Get A 100% Scholarship In The USA?

Indian students can apply for scholarships like Inlaks Scholarships, Tata Scholarship, or Ritchie-Jennings Memorial Scholarship Programme to receive 100% scholarships in the USA. These scholarships provide full funding for tuition, living costs, and air travel.

Are There Fully Funded Scholarships In The USA?

Yes, there are fully funded scholarships in the United States for Indian students, such as the Inlaks Scholarships, which provide full funding for tuition, living expenses, and flights.

How Can I Get A Full Scholarship For The USA For Indian Students?

Indian students aiming for a full scholarship in the USA should explore universities and scholarship opportunities providing complete funding. Meeting the eligibility requirements, applying promptly, and providing all required documentation like transcripts, recommendation letters, and test scores are all critical steps toward obtaining this scholarship.

Are There Exams You Need To Take To Get A Scholarship For Studying In The USA As An Indian Student?

Indian students must pass multiple exams to become eligible for scholarship programmes to study overseas, such as the GRE, GMAT, IELTS, TOEFL, SAT, and ACT.

How Can Indian Students’ Study In The USA Affordably?

The most affordable approach for Indian students to study in the United States is to apply for scholarships that cover tuition, living expenses, and other expenditures, and to explore colleges with lower tuition and living expenses.

What Are The Top Universities Offering Scholarships For Indian Students In The USA?

Some of the top universities offering scholarships for Indian students in the USA include the University of Cincinnati, Stanford University, and Yale University.

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