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Australia is a fantastic country to study in. It offers numerous high-quality educational institutions and is known for its friendly locals, breathtaking landscapes, and unique wildlife. Now, let’s see why Australia should be your first choice for studying abroad. Australia possesses an education system of the highest quality, coming in third place as the strongest higher education system worldwide. And do you know about the group of eight universities in Australia? They are the top research-intensive universities found here, with all eight being ranked among the world’s top 100 universities according to QS World University Rankings 2024.

The universities of Group 8 in Australia were established back in 1999 and Go8’s current CEO is Vicki Thomson. When you ponder studying at a foreign university, Group of Eight universities in Australia will probably cross your mind.

Go8 Universities: Overview 

The group of eight universities in Australia does 98% of the research that is world-class. These universities are very famous and well-respected places for getting an education; they have excellent teaching programs, high-quality facilities, and a good campus 

Go8 Universities have a strong focus on research, offering high-quality education. A degree from any of the group of eight universities in Australia carries global recognition, thus resulting in rewarding professional opportunities! 

The future careers of students who graduate from these universities show remarkable success. The Go8 international student market is worth more than $18.98 billion for the Australian economy.

In this article, we will talk about the special qualities of these universities and why they could be just right for your studies.

Go8 Universities in Australia: Key Highlights

Feature Details
Top Universities in Australia The University of MelbourneUNSW SydneyThe University of Sydney
Annual Tuition Fees for Undergraduate Degree Courses INR 13L to INR 36L
Annual Tuition Fees for Masters Degree Courses INR 15L to INR 30L
Top Bachelors Courses to Study in Australia B.E./B.TechB.ScBBA
Top Masters Courses to Study in Australia MIMMBAMS

Note: The annual fees change depending on the chosen course, duration programs, etc. 

List of Group 8 Universities in Australia

A degree from the group of 8 Universities in Australia is globally recognized, therefore the graduation rate in these 8 universities is 81% higher than the average Australian rate.

The world ranking of the Universities you might be applying for are:

Group of Eight Universities in Australia Group of Eight Australia Ranking (By QS World Ranking, 2024) Group of Eight Australia Ranking (By THE World University Ranking, 2024)
The University of Melbourne 15 38
UNSW Sydney 20 85
The University of Sydney 18 61
The Australian National University 35 66
Monash University 41 55
The University of Queensland 42 71
The University of Western Australia 71 144
The University of Adelaide 88 110

Now a deep dive into these Universities to explore them from within.

1. The University of Melbourne


  • The University of Melbourne, which was founded in 1853, is the second oldest university in Australia. It has a long history and it’s located at an excellent spot within this country – right in the heart of Melbourne.
  • A total of more than 65,000 students from all around the world are enrolled at this university. Among them, approximately 30 thousand are international students who come from over 130 countries worldwide.
  • The central campus is close to all that you require – public transportation, coffee shops, stores, museums, sports locations, and even student accommodations.
  • There are many activities you can engage in on campus, apart from studying. You may attend theater performances, comedy nights, film screenings, and even talks by renowned personalities.
  • It holds more than 200 clubs and societies, covering nearly everything such as Chess Club or Women in Science and Engineering.
  • Are you a fan of sports? There is an upscale inside swimming pool, an athletics track and field space, as well as a large gymnasium to keep your energy levels up.
  • Students mostly reside in one of the ten residential colleges. This is a good way to meet new people and form friendships quickly, especially during study sessions and hangouts.
  • The classes here are very varied. You study different subjects before selecting your main area, and even after that, you can take courses outside of it.

Courses Offered

The UniMelb offers some of the best, high-ranked courses in Australia, including geography, engineering, law, and much more. Some of these courses are:

  1. Psychology
  2. Law
  3. Humanities
  4. Medicine
  5. Geography
  6. Engineering
  7. Business & Management
  8. Accounting & Finance
  9. Computer Science
  10. Arts

Some popular courses along with their tuition fees are:

Degree Tuition Fees
MS INR 19 L – INR 31 L
MBA INR 21 L – INR 35 L
BE/B.Tech INR 22 L – INR 25 L
MIM INR 21 L – INR 35 L
MEng INR 18 L – INR 28 L
MEM INR 25 L – INR 28L

 IELTS Requirement for the University of Melbourne

Requirements Details
IELTS Score 6 or higher

MBA Requirement for the University of Melbourne 

Requirements Details
Proof of Education  Undergraduate Degree
Total work experience  2 years
GMAT Score 694 or higher 

The acceptance rate: at the University of Melbourne is 70%

Notable Alumni

  • Julia Gillard- Former Prime Minister of India
  • Pallavi Sharda- Indian Actress

2. UNSW Sydney


  • UNSW is a prestigious university, ranked among the best in Australia. It provides a top-notch degree that holds international recognition. According to the QS Graduate Employability Rankings 2022, UNSW was placed at 30th position. It is also the number one university producing start-up founders in Australia.
  • There are many reasons to choose UNSW some of them are:
  • It focuses on practical learning.
  • You will be taught by renowned academics who are experts in their fields.
  • UNSW, as a top research institution, takes on crucial problems such as climate change and is at the forefront of creating new technologies like solar power and quantum computing.
  • UNSQ owns several campuses in Sydney, which is considered one of the safest and greatest places to reside.
  • It has more than 66,000 thousand students.

Courses Offered:

Some of the most popular courses offered at UNSW are:

  1. Law
  2. Engineering
  3. Marketing
  4. Anatomy & Physiology
  5. Accounting & Finance
  6. Geology
  7. Sciences
  8. Mathematics
  9. Geophysics
  10. Business & Management

Some popular courses along with their tuition fees are:

Degree Tuition Fees
MS INR 18L to INR 28L
MBA INR 18L to INR 44L
B.Sc INR 7L to INR 26L
MA INR 18L to INR 25L
BE/B.Tech INR 23L to INR 28L

IELTS Requirement

Requirements Details
IELTS Score 6 or higher

MBA requirement

Requirements Details
Proof of Education  Undergraduate Degree
Total work experience  2 years
GMAT Score 551 or higher

Acceptance Rate: UNSW’s acceptance rate is 61%

Notable Alumni

  • Rebel Wilson- Actor
  • King Rama X Vajiralongkorn- Current King of Thailand

3. The University of Sydney


  • The University of Sydney (USYD) is ranked 19th in the world rankings, so you can be confident that a degree from here will be recognized and valued by employers all over. USYD is one of the best universities in Australia, and it provides many options for studying.
  • The University of Sydney (USYD) offers more than 400 areas of study.
  • USYD research handles major global issues like health and technology.
  • Their classes are designed to be more engaging & modern.
  • It has state-of-the-art facilities and world-class professors.
  • Campus life is wonderful. You can enter into one of the more than 200 clubs to make friends, explore your hobbies, or create a strong network there.
  • You will be part of a community of over 51,000 students worldwide.
  • USyd offers exchange programs and internships as well.

Course Offered

Some of the top courses offered at the University of Sydney are:

  1. Arts & Humanities
  2. Science & Technology
  3. Anatomy
  4. Statistics
  5. English Literature
  6. Clinical Medicine
  7. Surgery
  8. Engineering

Some of the top courses along with their fees are:

Degree Tuition Fee
MS INR 19L – INR 25L
MEng INR 23L
BE/BTech INR 18L – INR 23L
BSc INR 15L – INR 23L
MA INR 16L – INR 21L
M. Arch INR 16L –  INR 18L

IELTS Requirement:

Requirements Details
IELTS Score 7 or higher

MBA Requirement

Requirements Details
Proof of Education  Undergraduate Degree (Minimum GPA 66)
Total work experience  3 years
GMAT Score 551 or higher 

Acceptance Rate: The University of Sydney’s acceptance rate is only 31%

Notable Alumni

  • Jacqueline Fernandez – Indian Actress
  • Akhilesh Yadav- Indian Politician

4. The Australian National University


  • ANU provides an excellent education in a caring, lovely, and wholesome setting. Ranked 34th in the world, ANU has much to offer – from exceptional teaching and research opportunities; to small class sizes that guarantee you receive a high-quality learning experience.
  • ANU holds the position of being the country’s most important global university. It provides a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate courses, which include adaptable double degrees.
  • In addition, ANU research deals with real-life difficulties such as climate change, energy remedies, and food safety. You will study under professors who are leaders in their areas.
  • The university is located in Canberra, which serves as Australia’s capital city. Canberra holds the status of being a global city and was recognized as the 5th healthiest place across the globe. It also boasts an active arts and culture environment. You will be surrounded by mountains and fresh air.

Courses Offered:

  1. Arts
  2. Business
  3. Commerce
  4. Engineering
  5. Management
  6. Law
  7. Health & Medicine

Some courses offered at ANU along with their fees are:

Degree Tuition Fees
MS INR 22L to INR 31L
MBA INR 22L to INR 31L
MIM INR 22L to INR 31L
BE/B.Tech INR 25L to INR 28L
BSc INR 24L to INR 28L

IELTS Requirement:

Requirements Details
IELTS Score 6 or higher

MBA Requirement:

Requirements Details
Proof of Education  Undergraduate Degree
Total work experience  2 years
GMAT Score 551 or higher 

The acceptance rate: at the ANU is 36%

Notable Alumni:

Bob Hawke: 23rd PM of Australia

Ronny Chieng- Famous Comedian

5. Monash University


  • Monash University gives you an excellent education that has worldwide influence, plus lets you learn about your passions and get ready for a bright future.
  • Influenced by Sir John Monash’s values, the university pays attention to making a beneficial change in society. It places importance on assisting students in acquiring skills and assurance that will help them enhance the world we live in. The research work of Monash University is concentrated on resolving important global problems like accessing clean water, health matters, and medicine.
  • Manosh has campuses in Australia and Malaysia. It also maintains partnerships globally, so you will get the opportunity to study in various countries and work together with students from other nations.
  • Monash has a large set of degrees, and similar to ANU, they also propose flexible double degrees. They have scholarships too that can aid in paying for your tuition.
  • Monash is a top research institution in numerous areas, including medicine, engineering, and sustainable design. It collaborates with businesses and governments to find new solutions for global issues. When you study at Monash, your knowledge will be applied in real-life situations and you can work together with those who lead industries.

Courses Offered

  1. Business
  2. Engineering
  3. Arts
  4. Health Sciences
  5. Computer science
  6. Design
  7. Education
  8. Pharmacy
  9. Science

Some courses along with their fee structure are:

Degree Tuition Fees
BBA INR 25L to INR 26L
MBA INR 19L to INR 28L
MS  INR 18L to INR 28L
MIM INR 18L to INR 30L
MEng INR 26L to INR 30L
BE/B.Tech INR 25L to INR 28L
B.Sc INR 19L to INR 26L

IELTS Requirement:

Requirements Details
IELTS Score 6 or higher

MBA Requirement:

Requirements Details
Proof of Education  Undergraduate Degree
Total work experience  3 years with at least 1 year of managerial experience)
GMAT Score 651 or higher 

Acceptance Rate: at the Monash University is 41%

Notable Alumni:

  • Julian McMohan- Actor
  • Peter Higgs- Nobel Prize winner Physicist

6. The University of Queensland


  • The University of Queensland, established in 1909, is a leading Australian university that provides high-quality education where students are taught by award-winning teachers and study alongside other cultures. It has deep links to research and offers an environment for learning that is engaging and supportive.
  • It is known as one of the top universities in Australia, always appearing among the best universities worldwide. The University of Queensland has highly accomplished professors who have received more awards compared to any other university in Australia.
  • UQ welcomes more than 55,000 students from 137 different nations. This university is known for its excellent research activities and it is a choice destination for many leading scientists and engineers in the world. UQ also collaborates with other prestigious international networks around the globe. You will have opportunities to collaborate with researchers and students globally

Courses Offered:

  1. Architecture
  2.  Sciences
  3. Agricultural Science
  4. Economics
  5. Health Science
  6. Humanities
  7. Arts
  8. Computer Science
  9. Engineering
  10. Biology
  11. IT

Some popular courses and their tuition fees.

Degree Tuition Fees
MBA INR 18 L – INR 45 L
MIM INR 18 L – INR 25 L
MS INR 16 L – INR 37 L
BBA INR 19 L – INR 25 L
B.E. / B.Tech INR 24 L – INR 27 L
B.Sc. INR 21 L – INR 37 L
M.A. INR 16 L – INR 26 L
M.Eng INR 26 L – INR 28 L

IELTS Requirement:

Requirements Details
IELTS Score 6 or higher

MBA Requirement:

Requirements Details
Proof of Education  Undergraduate Degree
Total work experience  2 years
GMAT Score 551 or higher 

The Acceptance Rate: rate at the University of Queensland is 41%.

Notable Alumni:

  • Geoffrey Rush- Academy Award-winning actor
  • Annastacia Palaszczuk- Australian Politician

7. The University of Western Australia


  • The University of Western Australia, they are all about getting ready for careers. UWA has a strong commitment to creating a positive impact in the world and they allow students to be part of this mission.
  • Grades from UWA are number one for employability in Western Australia. They have career-coordinated courses, making sure you’re prepared for work once graduating.
  • You will have the opportunity to receive an excellent education from experts who possess practical experience. You will work on resolving actual problems and engage in internships. UWA, as well, is a research pioneer dealing with significant matters such as health and environmental science.

Courses Offered

Some of the courses offered are:

  1. Computer Science
  2. Architect
  3. Law
  4. Business
  5. Psychology
  6. Engineering
  7. Music & Fine arts
  8. Business

The top courses along with their tuition fees are:

Degree Tuition Fees
BBA INR 22 L – INR 24 L
MBA INR 18 L – INR 28 L
MS INR 16 L – INR 44 L
MIM INR 18 L – INR 26 L
B.E. / B.Tech INR 19 L – INR 25 L
B.Sc. INR 19 L – INR 27 L

IELTS Requirement: 

Requirements Details
IELTS Score 6 or higher

MBA Requirement:

Requirements Details
Proof of Education  Undergraduate Degree
Total work experience  2 years
GMAT Score 551 or higher 

Acceptance Rate: at UWA is 39%

Notable Alumni

Barry Marshall- Noble Prize winner

Christian Porter- 37th Attorney General of India

8. The University of Adelaide


  • The University of Adelaide, which was established in 1874, holds a strong and old custom of greatness. It is situated in the center of Adelaide and is known for being ground-breaking; this university became the first one in Australia to accept female students.
  • Adelaide is all about giving power to students so they can change things. It’s not a surprise that her important graduates include the first female prime minister in Australia, an astronaut, and many Nobel Prize recipients.
  • In 24 subjects, such as computer science and dentistry, Adelaide is included in the top 100 worldwide. Additionally, employers have a strong interest in graduates from Adelaide University.

Courses Offered

 Here are some of the top courses offered by the University of Adelaide:

  1. Health Sciences
  2. Engineering
  3. Sciences
  4. Business & Economics
  5. Law
  6. Computer Science & IT
  7. Arts & Humanities
  8. Agricultural Sciences

Some top courses along with their tuition fees are:

Degree Tuition Fees
MEng INR 25 L – INR 29 L
MBA INR 21 L – INR 28 L
MS INR 22 L – INR 29 L
BSc INR 18 L – INR 41 L
BBA INR 18 L – INR 25 L
MFin (MIM) INR 21 L – INR 26 L
BE/BTech INR 22 L – INR 26 L

IELTS Requirement: 

Requirements Details
IELTS Score 6.5 or higher

MBA Requirement:

Requirements Details
Proof of Education  Undergraduate Degree
Total work experience  5 years
GMAT Score 551 or higher 

Acceptance Rate: The acceptance rate at The University of Adelaide is 76%

Notable Alumni

  • Andy Thomas- Australian aerospace engineer 
  • J. M. Coetzee- Nobel & Booker prize winner

Eligibility requirement to study in the group of 8 Universities in Australia

  • Academic Transcripts
  • English Proficiency Test
  • Work experience ( required for some programs only)
  • Statement of Purpose (SOP)
  • Letters of Recommendation (LORs)

Intake in Australia

Here’s everything you need to know about Intake in Australia for Indian Students

Intake in Australia Intake Duration Intake End
February February to Early June October to November(Previous Year)
July July to Early November April to May
November Late November to January September

How to apply for an Australian Study Visa.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to applying for an Australian Visa as an Indian student

  • Must have confirmation of enrollment from a recognized Australian University
  • Must have taken and passed the English language proficiency test with the minimum desired score
  • Present financial proofs
  • Present medical examination certificate
  • Must have a police clearance certificate

Required Documents for applying for an Australian Visa as an Indian student

  • Valid passport
  • Confirmation of Enrollment
  • Financial supporting documents such as bank statements
  • International travel health insurance
  • A GTE
  • Recent passport-sized photos
  • Academic transcripts
  • Medical examination reports
  • Work exp. Documents if applicable

Australian Student Visa application process

  • Get an enrollment confirmation from an Australian University
  •  Register on the ImmiAccount portal and start the visa application
  •  Fill up the application for a student visa (subclass 500)
  • Upload all the documents without any error
  • Pay the visa application fees
  • Schedule a health examination if required
  • Attend the interview if applicable
  • Wait for a decision on your visa application process

Visa application fees & Processing time

The cost for an Australian study visa is approximately INR 52K. Yet, there are additional charges for presenting medical certifications, policy verification certifications, and such; totaling about INR 84K.

Usually, the time for processing a visa application is from 8 to 13 weeks. Therefore, it is recommended that you initiate this process at a minimum of three months before your planned date of departure.

Job Opportunities after Graduating from the Go8 Universities in Australia

Top recruiters in Australia

Companies Recruiters
Westpac Chandler Macleod
CSL Limited Michael Page
Atlassian Robert Half
BHP Hays
Commonwealth Bank Hudson
Cochlear Randstad
Lendlease ManpowerGroup
Flight Centre Adecco
Woolworths Group Kelly Services

Job Roles and Salary Ranges for Fresh Graduates

Job Roles Average Annual Income
IT Manager INR 67L to INR 82 L
Engineering Manager INR 71L to INR 89L
Surgeon INR 1.5Cr to INR 2.6Cr
Data Scientist INR 51L to INR 67L
Dentist INR 51L to INR 84L
Medical Specialist INR 1.2Cr to INR 2.1Cr
Finance Manager INR 62L to INR 76L
Petroleum Engineer INR 65L to INR 89L


A total of eight universities in Australia have secured their spots among the best universities worldwide. This signifies that if you complete your degree from one of these schools, it will be accepted globally. The possibility of a well-paying job to follow once graduating from any university within this group increases significantly. Deciding to study in one of the group of eight universities in Australia will greatly determine your future.

For a student, the sky is not the limit when it comes to studying at any of the eight universities in Australia. If you have a fascination for engineering, health sciences, business, or arts; these universities will provide top-notch education and put you on a course towards triumph. The eight universities in Australia offer excellent educational opportunities to students from all over the world. If you want to study subjects such as engineering, health sciences, business, or arts – there’s no better place than an Australian university to do so!

Although they are costly, the kind of work you secure post-graduation usually makes up for it. In many instances, you can recover your tuition within the initial year of your professional life.

We at Admissify are here to help you with all your study abroad needs. Our team of experienced counselors will help you through every step of this amazing journey. Get in touch with us at 9999127805 or email us at [email protected]


Q. What are the Group of Eight universities in Australia?

The G8 universities in Australia:

  • University of Melbourne
  •  Australian National University (ANU)
  • University of Sydney
  •  University of Queensland (UQ)
  •  University of Western Australia (UWA),
  •  University of Adelaide
  • Monash University 
  •  UNSW Sydney

Q. Why should I choose a Go8 university?

Go8 universities have a worldwide reputation for high quality in academics, research, and links with industry. They provide a wide range of programs, modern facilities, and an active campus environment that offers great opportunities to students who desire thorough learning experiences.

Q. Is Go8 the same as the G8?

 No, G8 and Go8 are not the same thing. Important to note that G8 was a political group that started in year 1997 and then finished its work by year 2014. Go8, which stands for Group of Eight, is a group of top-level universities in Australia that are known worldwide for their high-quality education and research.

Q. Is studying at a group of eight universities in Australia hard?

 Studying in a high-ranked Australian university (Go8) might be tough, but it ensures an excellent path for your future. Here, you will acquire knowledge and gain the abilities necessary to thrive in your desired profession. Just be ready to put in effort; always keep this in mind – there are many resources available on campus to support your success.

Q. Can I work while studying at a group of 8 universities in Australia?

 Students who are international and have a student visa in Australia can do part-time work (maximum of 40 hours every two weeks) while studying, and full-time during the university vacation period. This might assist in both acquiring work experience as well as providing financial backing for living costs.

Q. What is campus life like at Go8 universities?

Campus life in Go8 universities is active and varied. They provide a good range of extracurricular activities, clubs, and societies for students to join. Sports, cultural events, and social gatherings are some of the things you can participate in at these universities which helps create a well-rounded university experience while also promoting a feeling of belonging within the community there.

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