Hanyang University Admission Requirements for International Students

We made a list of Hanyang University admission requirements for international students to guide your application!

Founded in 1939, Hanyang University is one of the most respected Asian learning institutions. Initially known for its engineering courses, it then started to provide other internationally recognized programs guaranteed to prepare local and global learners for the challenging life of a professional. 

Today, Hanyang University is among the leading Asian colleges committed to delivering top-notch education through research and innovation. 

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Hanyang University Admission Requirements for International Students: General Prerequisites

Required Documents: Fully completed online application form, declaration form, and paid application fee.

Academic: International applicants must have a minimum GPA of 2.4, though it can vary per program. An above-average academic record is ideal for standing out among other applicants. 

Documents stating your nationality: One of the most essential Hanyang University admission requirements for international students is a clear copy of your passport. For other nationalities, submit a clear copy of your ID card.  

Hanyang University Admission Requirements

Hanyang University Admission Requirements for International Students: Program-Specific Documents

Global applicants aiming for specific courses must send the following requirements:

Portfolio: Applicants aiming to enroll in design or arts courses should submit a portfolio featuring their works. 

Korean Language Proficiency: Fluency in Korean is necessary, specifically for programs taught using the country’s language. Showcase your skills through TOPIK (Test of Proficiency in Korean) or Korean SAT.  

Standardized Tests: Scholastic Aptitude Test scores and similar tests are among Hanyang University admission requirements for international students. Check the program criteria to ensure your score qualifies to apply. 

Other essential ReQuirements

Letter of Recommendation: Make your application stand out by asking your advisor and teachers for letters of recommendation. 

Essay or Personal Statement: Write an essay highlighting your strengths, goals, and motivations. Make it sincere and positive, and show your enthusiasm for applying. Include also what you can contribute to the student community at Hanyang University. 

Extracurricular Activities: Include extracurricular activities to showcase your value for a study-life balance. Enumerate sports, community services, and other valuable activities you participate in that help build character.  

Travel and Health Insurance: Hanyang University requires global learners to get international student travel insurance for their overall protection. To learn more about this requirement, click HERE.

Hanyang University Admission Requirements for International Students: Student Visa

Once you receive an admission letter, apply for a D-12 visa at a South Korean embassy or consulate. Remember to bring your valid passport, admission offer from Hanyang University, duly filled visa application form, and proof of financial capacity. 

Additional information

Completing Hanyang University admission requirements for international students and receiving an admission offer is an exciting opportunity! It opens doors to an immersive, exciting, and innovative learning environment where various in-demand programs are available

More importantly, you will experience:

  • an inviting and cooperative community that supports your personal and professional goals
  • valuable collaborations with other established learning institutions
  • thrilling extracurricular activities that expand your skills and appreciation for other cultures
  • possible internships with international companies to prepare you for a productive career
  • personal development and other privileges of studying abroad
  • reliable support services for a fulfilling academic life in Seoul, South Korea.
Hanyang University Admission Requirements

In a nutshell

Completing the Hanyang University admission requirements for international students is your first step towards becoming the best version of yourself. In addition to receiving an excellent education from one of Asia’s most admired universities, imagine all the exciting adventures waiting for you in South Korea!

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