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Since the British began to rule India, Indians have always found English to be a language of attraction. For Indians, it is equivalent to a “classy” and “aristocratic” language. English is now required in most school boards as the second language after Hindi. Due to the noticeable expansion of employment opportunities following English Honors, many students choose to pursue English Honors beyond their 12th grade. We’ll talk about employment alternatives following English honours in this article.

A degree in the English language offers many opportunities for individuals. If you choose to pursue a degree in English, it will give you many opportunities. In this article, we will discuss the high-paying jobs after English Honours, which will enable you to make an informed decision.

High Paying Jobs After English Honors: Salaries

The table below gives you the High Paying Jobs After English Honors:

Job Role Average Salary (INR per annum)
Journalist 4 to 6 lakhs
Public Relations Specialist/Manager 3 to 7 lakhs
High School Teacher 3 to 5 lakhs
Content Writer/Blog Writer Varies widely
Technical Writer 3 to 8 lakhs
Librarian 3 to 7.5 lakhs
Social Media Marketer 4 to 9 lakhs

List of High-Paying Jobs After English Honors

There are many High-Paying Jobs After English Honors, we will discuss the top jobs:

  1. Journalist

A career in journalism and news writing is ideally suited for someone with an Honors degree in English. An English Honors graduate would excel in this field because it requires strong communication skills, environmental awareness, and critical thinking. One job that will test your editing and writing abilities is that of a journalist. Thus, the highest-paying career path following an English Honors degree is journalism. A journalist’s duties include conducting research, speaking with subject matter experts and eyewitnesses, writing articles for media outlets, and presenting their findings. 

  1. Public Relations

Following English Honors, a lucrative career path in public relations involves showcasing a company or client’s best attributes to the general public. As a Public Relations Manager or Specialist, you would be expected to write press releases, plan PR campaigns, find the right PR opportunities, and compose press articles. PR managers are also in charge of developing public relations strategies, analysing and tracking social media performance data, developing branding strategies, and much more. You determine how much and what kind of information can be made public as a public relations representative, and as a recent graduate with honours in English, you would be in a good position to have an influence.

  1. Teacher in a High School

Continuing with our list of the best high-paying positions following an Honors degree in English, we have a position as a high school teacher. Teaching is the most honourable profession there is, and English graduates are no different. If you have a strong desire to teach others, this is a fantastic career path to take. A bachelor’s or master’s degree in English with honours can open up several learning opportunities and academic job paths for you. To become a teacher, applicants must have an English Honors degree, pass the CTET exam, and earn a B.Ed.

  1. Content Writing or Blog Writing

Content writing is next on our list of well-paying jobs after English honours, which is another rapidly expanding field for recent graduates. Nowadays, there is a great demand for established and highly skilled content/blog writers. This is because traditional marketing is starting to give way to digital marketing. If you can write well and in a way that engages the reader, consider a career in this area. 

Blogging is another area that shares similarities with content writing. It is more adaptable than content writing, which is mainly concerned with producing brand-specific content. In contrast, writing for a blog will allow you a lot more creative freedom than writing for a company. You can write about anything that interests you, including food, travel, technology, fashion, and more!

  1. Writer of Technical Content

A technical writer position is another well-paying career path for candidates with an honours degree in English. Simply put, a technical writer writes instructional manuals or guides that translate technical and complicated information into easily understood language for the general public. Excellent and valuable writing skills are necessary for this profession, even though creativity is less important than it once was.

  1. Librarian

A librarian would be among the most well-known and lucrative careers for any graduate in this field, following English Honors. A librarian oversees a public or private library’s daily operations. Additionally, they may be employed by libraries found in colleges and other educational establishments. They might be utilised by government-run research institutes or different houses of worship. Among the most sought-after professions for graduates with honours in English is this one. Classifying, arranging, and maintaining collections of books and other reading materials for public use are a librarian’s primary duties.

They even act as advocates for literacy and reading programs. To launch their careers, librarians frequently need a degree in Library Science in addition to an Honours degree in English. 

  1. Social Media Marketing

As previously stated, social media marketing—a subfield of digital marketing—is growing in popularity in this digital age. Social media is one of the many digital platforms that businesses are using to connect with prospective clients. Therefore, graduates with honours in English can be valuable assets to companies using social media marketing to advertise their goods and services.

Aspiring social media marketers can create content and creatives by utilising their communication and creative writing abilities in English. They can also create captivating content for social media handles and spearhead effective digital campaigns.

Our list of the best high-paying jobs for graduates with English honours includes this career option because of the industry’s growth and salary prospects.

High-Paying Jobs After English Honours: Top Universities

After learning about some of the best-paying careers for people with an English honours degree, the following bonus section will enlighten aspiring writers about some of the best universities in the world for an English honours degree:

University or College Location
University of Reading  UK
Ashoka University India
University of Queensland Australia
University of Delhi  India
Trent University  Canada
University of Wollongong  Australia
University of Pondicherry  India
University of Liverpool UK
University College Dublin  Ireland
Trinity College Dublin  Ireland
Ambedkar University Delhi India
Victoria University of Wellington  New Zealand
University of Pittsburgh  USA
University of Southern California  USA
Queen’s University  Canada


Graduates with an English honours degree can hold high-paying positions in journalism, public relations, teaching in high schools, content writing, technical content writing, librarianship, and social media marketing. There are many high-paying jobs after English honours, where candidates can either continue their studies or excel in fields like content writing, teaching, journalism, advertising, etc. To know what prospects suit you best, contact Team Admissify today to get holistic career and academic counselling. Your first session is on the house! 


Which job is best after English Honours?

Journalism is considered one of the best jobs after English Honours due to its engaging nature and good salary prospects.

What is the highest-paying job with an English degree?

The highest-paying job for an English degree is Social Media Marketer, with salaries up to 9 lakhs per annum.

What is the salary of English Honours?

The salary for English Honours graduates typically ranges from 3 to 9 lakhs per annum, depending on the job role.

Which job is best for BA English?

Content writing or blog writing is ideal for BA English graduates due to its flexibility and creative opportunities.

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