How to Avoid a Bad Hire

Dealing with bad hires can be an expensive and challenging venture for any business.

When you find out that a person you recently hired is not the right fit for the position, it will affect business operations and the morale of the entire team. It is also costly to replace these bad hires because you have to schedule new recruitment periods, resolve any issues caused by the wrong hire and help the team stay on track. Your competition may even make it more challenging for the business to find the right hire and use the opportunity to catch the talent you are looking for.

Fortunately, there are ways to avoid making a bad hire for the business and here are some tips that can help you out.

Know If You Need To Hire A New Employee

When there is an open slot in your team, wait to think about replacing them. Consider the pros and cons of hiring a new employee to cover the work. If t you or an existing employee can handle the job, you can skip hiring another person to do it so long as you offer the proper compensation.

But, if the task requires someone else to work on it, you can consider hiring a freelancer or contractor until you have a permanent solution to the issue.

Be Specific

If you genuinely need a permanent team member for the position, you can avoid a bad hire by being very specific with the job ad. List the skills and requirements you are looking for, including personality traits, technical skills, and others.

If you are still determining what skills or requirements you want for your ideal applicant, you can get ideas from your competition. Make sure you edit the description so that it is indeed yours and will work for your company.

Review the CV

The first sign that a person is a bad hire can be seen in their CV. If their CV needs to be better structured, filled with grammatical errors and provide a clear idea of the applicant’s experience, it is a red flag. A poorly written CV can only mean that the person is not a person who is only partially focused on their work.

If you notice that they have changed jobs regularly, it is another sign that this applicant would only stick for a while in your team, especially if things get challenging.

If the applicant’s CV is flawless and shows their experience, it is a good sign to proceed to the next step.

Know The Wrong Questions

During the interview, your applicant is more likely to ask questions to learn more about the job opening and other details about the business. When this happens, please take note of the questions they will ask.

If they do not ask anything or ask about their benefits, you should hire other applicants. These questions only show that they are not committed to the job but rather to the financial benefits once they are hired. It would help if you also were careful with applicants who don’t actively engage with you during the interview, as this will show you how they will interact with the team once they are hired.

Read the atmosphere during the interview

The atmosphere during the interview can also tell you if a person is a bad hire or not. If you are not bored during the interview and the applicant engages with you, you know that person will be an excellent inclusion to your team. You can make sure that you are making the perfect choice if they manage to answer the set questions you have for all applicants to answer.

Set A Trial Period

To ensure you got the right hire for the position, consider setting a trial period to see their performance. You can test the applicant’s performance when they are faced with the tasks they are expected to complete. If they perform splendidly and work well with your team, you can finalize their employment and include them in the team. If you don’t like their work and they didn’t work well with your team, you can let them go without worrying about it costing your company.

As a business owner or a hiring manager, bad hires should be avoided if possible, as they can put the business or the company at risk. So, before hiring anyone, take your time to review their application and take the appropriate steps once you spot a questionable applicant. With some tweaks, you can build a great team to help you achieve your goals quickly.

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