Human Qualities that Technology Cannot Replace

In recent months, artificial intelligence’s growth and slow adaptation have made many apprehensive about its effects on human life. Some believe it will make things easier for humans as it can take over time-intensive tasks. But others believe it will take over their jobs and eventually cause them to need help finding new jobs.

While this fear is justified given that AI, and even technology in general, is made to replace certain tasks, it doesn’t mean it will eliminate human input and qualities.

If you are still worried about the possibility of technology replacing humans in specific tasks, down below are human qualities that technology can’t replace or replicate.

Creating Objective And Informative Decisions Based On Experiences

Although technology can be programmed to make decisions based on a set of criteria and objectives, it still needs to be improved to make objective and informative decisions that humans can make based on their experiences. For example, if you ask an AI to answer a survey, it will only make inferences based on the criteria given to it before answering the survey. It also doesn’t mean that the answers are correct or realistic. However, if you ask a person to answer the same question, they will use their experiences to make informative and objective answers and provide a realistic response.

Working With Contradictory Values And Adapting In Real-Time

Each choice is based on our values and experiences, making each person different. Despite this difference, humans can work with people with various values and complete their tasks. If there is something one cannot complete, humans can quickly learn new skills to make up for it. They will also be able to adapt in real-time if there are sudden changes to the situation, like in emergencies or sudden economic downturns.

Technology can only work with limited data to complete tasks; if it needs to learn something new, it will take time to code the latest information. While inferences can be made based on existing data, technology may still need to be available to react to emergencies.

Emotional Intelligence

Technology can mimic human intelligence and do some tasks that humans do. But, it cannot respond with emotion and understanding. Empathy allows us to appeal to all people and try to enact decisions that will be good for all. Empathy also allows us to make new connections, which will help us in the long run. AI may be programmed to try providing similar decisions. Still, its response is usually clinical and does not consider the emotions of the people asking for advice. It can also not develop relationships with others, which is critical for success and growth.


Technology is also limited in terms of creativity, whether it is art or decision-making. AI can only develop “art” based on the available data, and the same can be said for its decision-making capabilities. It does not think outside the box or come up with new ways to solve problems. On the other hand, humans can think outside the box and be innovative when it comes to solving problems or creating art. They can also rely on their experiences to innovate.

Possesses Interpersonal Skills

Humans also possess interpersonal skills that allow them to be effective team players and succeed in their chosen careers. Some of these skills include good attention to detail, creative thinking, teamwork, and communication. These skills also ensure that they can thrive in any position and serve as their foundation for learning new skills. Technology cannot do this independently, and replicating specific skills is only possible if they involve emotional intelligence and critical thinking.


While some say artificial intelligence is a genius invention, this genius is not possible without human ingenuity. Humans are the ones who made technology like artificial intelligence possible. Without this ingenuity, having these technologies in the first place will not be possible. Technology can only be used with humans piloting it and using it in the right applications.

Ability To Correct Itself

Contrary to popular belief, technology could be better in everything it does. Artificial intelligence, in particular, still makes errors because only some of the data it uses for its inferences is fact-checked or credible. Granted, AI is slowly improving at a pace that allows it to learn quickly, but the data it can use is still limited and requires constant checks. For other types of technologies, humans still need to calibrate them to produce the right results.

Humans, on the other hand, can immediately correct themselves when they make mistakes or spot any errors. While this may take time for some situations, humans can use their experiences to make the necessary fact checks for conditions that require actual data.

Capability To Do Manual Labour

While certain technologies are made for labour-intensive jobs, tasks that require manual labour, such as installation, repair work, construction and law enforcement, can only be done by humans. Although some companies may beg to differ about this fact due to their proposed technologies, it is still far away from the future for these technologies to become reality. Even if introduced, technology can only guarantee 100% accuracy with humans checking the work. It is also possible that manual labour tasks will be popular even in the future as humans can give specific tasks a personal touch one cannot get with technology.

Technology is here to stay and will continue growing to meet our changing needs. While it can be scary that it will eventually take over some tasks, it will not completely take over humans. Remember, humans can also grow and learn new things at speeds even technology cannot replicate. Technology will also only work with humans!

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