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According to a recent survey, students are concerned about their ability to speak fluently and accurately within the speaking section of the IELTS exam. If you are one of them, do not worry; we are always available to assist you with any challenges you may encounter during your practice.

This post includes a collection of the most recent speaking cue cards. We have gathered a selection of new cue cards for the May 2024 to August 2024 list. These cue cards will help you gain confidence while delivering the speaking test by providing multiple well-supported ideas in a variety of complex and compound sentence structures.

List of May to August 2024 IELTS Cue Card

You might be wondering about the recent IELTS cue card, then you are at the right place.

This list of the May to August 2024 IELTS Cue cards is as follows:

  1. Describe a Useful Object in Your Home that You Cannot Live Without
  2. Describe an interesting conversation you had with an old person.
  3. Describe A Public Facility That Has Been Renovated And Improved
  4. Describe A Uniform You Wear (At Your School Or Work/Company)
  5. Describe a Job You Would Not Like to Do
  6. Describe An Important Book That You Have Read Many Times
  7. Talk About A Time When You Learned A Difficult Word
  8. Describe an Unusual Holiday You Had
  9. Describe A Famous Scientist Or Inventor You Know About
  10. Describe a person who is good at making people feel welcome in his or her home 
  11. Describe something you do regularly that helps you work or study better
  12. Describe a person you know who likes to talk a lot
  13. Discuss a park or garden you like to visit.
  14. Describe a long-term goal you would like to achieve.
  15. Describe a library that you visited Recently
  16. Describe an aspect of modern society that you dislike
  17. Describe a female leader you like
  18. Describe a person who has apologized to you
  19. Describe some technology that you decided to stop using
  20. Describe a time when you were sleepy but had to stay awake
  21. Describe a time when you were in a public place and you overhead a stranger talking on the phone
  22. Describe a website you often browse
  23. Describe a building or structure with arch structural interest
  24. Describe a job or workplace that helps youth for jobs
  25. Describe a rule that is important in your school or at work
  26. Describe a skill that you learned in your childhood
  27. A street market in your city where you did/do shopping
  28. Describe an outdoor activity you did
  29. Describe a good law in your country
  30. Describe a plant that is grown in your country

The above-mentioned list of the May to August 2024 IELTS Cue card is specifically designed to help you prepare for the IELTS Speaking test. 

How will these May to August 2024 IELTS Cue cards help?

These cue cards can help you generate ideas and improve your band scores. You will find unique and recent cue card topics from IELTS’s Latest cue card list for May 2024 to August 2024 on our website. If your exam is scheduled between January and April 2024, use these cue cards to help you meet your objectives. We’ve compiled this latest list from our experience and believe it to be likely accurate. Remember that predictions are only estimates, so the exam may include different questions. Practice extensively and be ready to think on your feet.

This new list is very useful in the Speaking module for preparing and getting high scores.  Another thing to keep in mind while preparing is that samples must be reviewed between January 2024 and April 2024. Always remember one thing when creating a cue card list: do not memorize the same sample answer; instead, use your creativity to generate ideas; this will also help you exercise your mind. 

You can select some accurate language expressions, such as idiomatic expressions, collocations, and a combination of simple and complex sentences. Furthermore, while these sample answers are useful and may be relevant to the exam, continue practising and be prepared for a variety of questions.

Wrapping it up!!

As a student it might be difficult to be familiar with all the cue card topics, in this case, you can always use your mind to find the right solutions to the cue cards. We have already discussed the May to August 2024 IELTS Cue card. This list can help you to get familiar with the new topics. Moreover, you can get consultancy from the team of Admissify who are professional experts, ready to help you with the topics of the IELTS cue card.

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