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My family of 5 and dog (not the one pictured above!) departed Lithuania after 3 years and will soon head to our next assignment in Panama.

The feeling is bittersweet. The hardest part of this lifestyle is leaving good friends and familiarity behind, and starting over in a new country with a different language, culture, climate, and way of doing things. 

While I look forward to the next adventure, there is a feeling of dread at having to learn how to do simple things like get gas, find grocery items, or knowing where to go to get something I or one of the kids needs or wants. But we’ve been doing this long enough that I know that time will come when I am driving in the new place, and think, “I know how things work and how to get to point B without a GPS.” And it’s a relief.

What do I love about living abroad?

  1. Learning new languages. I have always loved languages, starting from learning the basics of Hebrew at synagogue at a young age. While I don’t feel the need to become fluent in every language we encounter, I love being able to get around with confidence – from grocery shopping to asking for directions. I learn something from locals when I can speak to them in their language.

  2. Becoming immersed in a culture. Living in a place for an extended period allows me to get to know a country, its culture, and people. When I leave a place I’ve lived, I write down the things I’ll miss. The commonality is always people. By living there, I get to know them in a deeper way because we have continued interactions versus a one-time encounter.

  3. Exposing my children. This unique lifestyle allows us to expose them to different ways of living and thinking. I grew up in a small, homogenous town but in an open-minded family. I love watching them learn how to both understand and appreciate the world by experiencing it.

  4. Meeting amazing new friends. I’ve always loved meeting new people, but not just meeting them – connecting with them and building strong bonds. When I look back at our time overseas, I realize that I would never have met so many of my now dear friends. They are like family because when you are abroad, your family isn’t close by. While some I may not have the opportunity to see for many years, I know that we will reconnect again when we do as if no time has passed.

  5. Sparking creativity for my career. Moving abroad was the kick in the pants I needed to start Career Valet. I have met so many amazing partners and clients as a result who I never would have met had I not taken this path.

  6. Appreciating home. When you’re far away and don’t have the conveniences of home, you appreciate home that much more. However, I love the simplicity of life elsewhere, which feels true especially when you don’t have roots in a place.

I see two threads through all of these points, which are learning new things and building relationships. Relationships are such a big part of all of our lives and important to cultivate and maintain no matter the age we are. And learning fuels us with energy and keeps us motivated. I’m looking forward to reconnecting with friends in the U.S. and meeting new friends and learning new things in our new home. 

Photo credit: Erda Estremera

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