PG Medicine with or without FMGE

The Doctors’ program starts with academic German courses, progressing from A1 to B2 levels if your current German skills are at a zero level. These courses are designed to lay a strong foundation in the German language, focusing on grammar, vocabulary, and conversational skills. The B2 level is fundamental as it is the minimum requirement for working in a German hospital or pursuing a PG medicine or Dentistry after passing an FMGE or not in your country.

After completing a B2 level, the participants undergo an intensive 8-12 week medical German language course. This course is tailored to the medical field, teaching you specific terminology, patient interaction skills, and the language used in clinical settings. By the end of this course, you should gain and acquire enough skills to communicate effectively with colleagues, other healthcare professionals, and patients. Whether to practice as a General Medical Doctor or pursue a PG medical or dental specialization, B2 Level + the medical German, considered a part of the C1 German level, is necessary.

Upon obtaining a Deficit letter from a German state office for medical/dental professional practice and clubbing with your competence in the medical German language, you will qualify for a provisional/temporary medical/dental license to work in German hospitals under supervision.

Before issuing a Deficit letter, the German state offices thoroughly assess the applicant’s foreign medical/dental qualifications.
These assessments ensure that your foreign education and training meet German standards. The state office will issue a Deficit letter outlining any gaps in your qualifications that must be addressed.

The provisional license allows you to work under supervision in Germany for a year or two, a crucial step in your journey towards getting licensed to practice medicine independently in Germany. Here’s a detailed look at what you need to know about this phase:

During this period, you will work in German hospitals under the supervision of experienced medical professionals. These placements are crucial for gaining practical experience, understanding the German healthcare system, and improving language skills.

Generally, medical professionals like you use this excellent opportunity to prepare for the German State Medical / Dental Licensing Examination. The state examination is a decision-making step towards obtaining a full license to practice medicine independently in Germany.

Understanding the costs involved in the Doctors’ Program is essential for planning your journey. Here’s a breakdown of the financial aspects:

Please consider your long-term career goals and how practicing in Germany aligns with them. Germany offers excellent opportunities for professional growth, advanced training, and a high standard of living.

Please assess your financial situation and ensure you have the funds to cover the program fees and additional costs. Planning your finances well is crucial for a smooth transition to Germany.

Be prepared to invest time and effort into mastering the German language. Language proficiency is essential for success in this program and your medical career in Germany.

Moving to a new country and adapting to a different healthcare system requires an open mind and a willingness to embrace new experiences. Please assess your adaptability and readiness for this change.

Gather all necessary documents, including your medical degree, transcripts, and proof of language proficiency. If required, ensure that your documents are translated into German.

Submit your application to the Doctors’ Program. Once accepted, you will begin your journey towards mastering the German language, gaining practical experience, and preparing for the German State Medical Licensing Examination.

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