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Qualified registered nurses are in short supply, so you’ll get some leverage when looking for a new position and negotiating compensation. However, you must write and submit a resume to reach that stage. Use the following sample RN resume as a reference to get started faster. Then, apply our bonus tips to make a personalized version. 

Registered Nurse Resume Example (Word)

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RN Resume (plain text)

Kelly Hogan
Registered Nurse, New Jersey RN license, AHA BLS Certification


Caring and committed Registered Nurse with four years of experience in providing exceptional patient care in hospital and hospice settings. Proficient in pain management, post-operative care, patient education, and advocacy. Strong personal adaptability, mental resistance, and high emotional intelligence. 

Core Competencies

  • Patient assessment and triage 
  • Care planning and delivery
  • Pain management 
  • Moderate sedation management
  • End-of-life care delivery 
  • Intravenous therapy
  • Post-op care delivery 
  • Discharge planning 
  • Infection control 
  • Clinical data collection 
  • EMR/EHR records management 
  • Patient advocacy and support
  • Therapeutic communication 
  • Time management and efficiency 

Work Experience 

NJ Hospice
Part-time RN, Night Shift
June 2020 – Present

Cover 12 night shifts per month at a 20-bed hospice house for terminal cancer patients, ensuring the wards receive compassionate end-of-life care. 

  • Coordinate with interdisciplinary teams to develop and implement personalized care plans
  • Administer pain and sedation medicine; deliver intravenous therapy and infusions 
  • Educate patients’ families about care processes and provide emotional support
  • Maintain accurate digital patient records and document all care provided 

NJ State Hospital
RN, Internal Medicine Ward
Sep 2020 – Present

Joined the ER nursing team during the Covid-19 outbreak to cover staff shortages and was afterward transferred to the Internal Medicine Ward.

  • Deliver patient-centric care in a busy 50-bed internal medicine ward in an efficient, professional manner 
  • Conduct patient assessments, develop care plans, and perform interventions 
  • Monitor and maintain medical supply inventory, ensuring availability and proper usage
  • Assist in auditing processes to ensure compliance with healthcare standards and safety regulations 

Saint Peters Shelter 
August 2022-present 

Volunteer on the weekends as a nurse at a Trenton shelter for homeless people. Deliver basic wound care, administer over-the-counter medicine, and educate prospects on obtaining proper medical care using the available state-sponsored facilities. 


New Jersey School of Nursing
Associate in Nursing (ASN)
Sep 2018 – June 2020
Dean’s list for 4 semesters 


  • Current New Jersey RN License
  • Current AHA BLS Certification
  • Proof of Intravenous Certification

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How to Make an Impressive Registered Nurse Resume

You’ll need to get three things right to make an impressive registered nurse resume. To get the reader’s attention, you need to start with an attention-grabbing summary statement. Secondly, create a skills section that combines your clinical, technical, and interpersonal skills. Finally, organize your work experience section, mentioning all specialized areas or certifications you have, such as critical care, pediatrics, or geriatrics. 

To make your resume stand out, consider including any volunteer work or community service related to healthcare (like in the above RN resume example!). This shows your dedication to the field and willingness to go above and beyond

Finally, apply some of the polishing touches using the tips below: 

Be Specific About Your Skill Set 

Registered nurses are employed by a variety of facilities (hospitals, hospices, nursing homes, governmental organizations, etc). Likewise, you may also have specialized in a particular area, like pediatrics or oncology, during your degree. Make your background immediately clear to a prospective employer. 

Briefly summarize your experience in a resume summary in the header area to show you already know the chops. Then, further elaborate on your competencies in a featured skills section and when describing your work experiences. A good idea is to include a mix of hard and soft skills to show you have both the right personality and qualifications to do the job well. 

Not sure how to best communicate your expertise? Check our big list of nursing skills for a resume for practical suggestions. 

Use Confident Language 

It’s no secret that nurses often get overlooked by more senior medical staff. This may subconsciously push you to use meek language when writing your resume and downplay your achievements (which are plentiful!). 

Use strong verbs to describe your duties to come across as a competent and confident professional. Strong action verbs like “did”, “led”, “oversaw” indicate decisiveness and proactiveness — qualities employees value in registered nurses.  

For an extra oomph, ‌quantify your achievements when you can. For example, you can mention how many patients you care for on a regular shift or the patient satisfaction score at your unit (if the institution tracks it). 

Mention Your Digital Literacy 

Over 80% of the US healthcare providers have materially increased spending on technology over the past years. Electronic healthcare record (EHR) and electronic medical records (EMR) systems are now used by every other hospital. Smaller practices also often rely on digital appointment management tools and virtual consultation platforms (also used by nurses to deliver outpatient care). To win extra ‘brownie points’, show that you already know how to use the software (or are eager to learn a new tool quickly!). 

Final Tip: Don’t Forget About the Cover Letter 

Having a compelling RN resume is surely important, but you shouldn’t skimp on a cover letter, too (yes, even if it’s marked as optional). A cover letter gives you an opportunity to show a bit more of your personality and strong communication skills. Also, it gives that extra room to talk about some of your extra skills, achievements, or competencies that didn’t quite fit in a one-page resume.


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