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The SAT syllabus has been recently changed, which includes the subjects that you have already studied in your school over the years of education in English, Mathematics, and Science. So, if you were a good student studying at the school, you would not face many challenges while preparing for the examination. SAT exam are being administered online and there is a wide difference between the old SAT and the digital SAT. 

There is a slide change in the SAT syllabus, which will also be discussed in this article. The Digital Set examination provides you with 43% more time for each portion as compared to the old SAT examination. Even the pattern of the SAT exam has changed, so in this article, we will be discussing the SAT syllabus. So, you can easily plan and achieve your goal of scoring high marks in the SAT exam.

What Is The Sat Exam?

The Scholastic Assessment Test is generally the entrance examination, which has been accepted by most colleges in universities to make admission decisions. The pattern of the examination consists of multiple-choice questions. It is a computer based test that has been created and administered by the college board. The purpose of the examination is to measure high school knowledge. The SAT exam helps provide the college with a common data point that can be used to compare all the applications that they have received for admission.

College admission officers review the standardized test scores along with the high school GPA. The higher your score on the SAT exam, the more options you have for attending and applying to the colleges that will be available to you. The examination is generally a two-hour and 14 minute test, along with two sections. The first section is mathematics, and the second is evidence based reading and writing. Indeed, each section of the set is on 200 on 800 point scale or total sets; the sum of all sections with the highest possible SAT score is 1600.

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SAT Syllabus 2024

SAT scores include the courses that you have already covered in your highest school education or over the years of school education. Generally, there are two basic sections in the examination: the mathematics section and the evidence based reading and writing section. Earlier, the exam was to test the reading and writing as two separate sections but there is now only one single section. The science concepts are not tested directly in the SAT exam, like the mathematics section in the examination, which is in the form of passages in the reading and writing section, which caters to the science subject coverage in the SAT exam.

SAT Syllabus For Digital Reading And Writing

The table below gives you a view of the combined area of testing for SAT reading and writing for the new digital examination.

Skill / Knowledge Testing Areas Weightage & Question Distribution
Craft and Structure 28%, Questions: 13-15
Information and Ideas 26%, Questions: 12-14
Standard English Conventions 26%, Questions: 11-15
Expression of Ideas 20%, Questions: 8-12

The reading skills will be measured under the evidence based reading and writing section, which has short passages with a tendency to 11 questions and there will be around 56 questions in total in the section. 

Whereas, each question has four answers to make. As long as you complete the reading part, you will be able to answer all of these questions. This section of the examination is helpful and has a special design to revise the ability to understand the meaning of the different contexts and associated terms with the meaning of the text.

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What Will Be Assessed Under The Evidence Based Reading And Writing Part Of The SAT Examination?

There are so many things that are accessed during the SAT Exam, your skills, ability to interpret, and many other things. Here is the brief description:

  1. Craft And Structure

You will be tested on comprehension, vocabulary analysis, and, most importantly, the reasoning skills that you have to understand the use of the different words and phrases in different texts. This section will also require you to evaluate the text theoretically and make connections between the tropically related texts.

  1. Information And Ideas

You will be required to use comprehension to analyze and give reasoning for the particular portion that you have been asked. It focuses on the knowledge, skills, and ability to locate, evaluate, and integrate the information and ideas within the text and the information graphics that have been given in the question paper.

  1. Standardize English Conventions

You will be required to use your editing skills and knowledge to make the text conform to the conventions of standard English sentence structure, usage, and punctuation. This would be helpful for you to prepare yourself for the English language.

  1. Expression Of Ideas

You will be required to have the ability to revise that text to improve the effectiveness of the return expression and to meet the specific theoretical topics.

SAT Mathematics

The SAT syllabus for the mathematics section is given below, you can check below to know the syllabus in detail:

SAT Math Testing Areas Skill / Knowledge Testing Areas Weightage & Question Distribution
Algebra Linear equations involving one variableLinear equations for two variablesLinear functions.Systems with two linear equations in two variablesLinear inequalities with one or two variables Weightage: 35% Questions: 13-15
Advanced Math Equivalent expressionsNonlinear equations in one variable and systems of equations in two variablesNonlinear functions Weightage: 35% Questions: 13-15
Problem-solving and Data Analysis Ratios, rates, proportional relationships, and unitsPercentagesEvaluating statistical claims: observational studies and ExperimentsOne-variable data: distributions and measures of centre and spreadInference from sample statistics and margin of error to-variable data: models and scatterplotsProbability and conditional probability Weightage: 15%Questions: 5-7
Geometry and Trigonometry Linear equations involving one variableLinear equations for two variablesLinear functions.Systems with two linear equations in two variables linear inequalities with one or two variables Weightage: 15%Questions: 5-7

Overall, the pattern of the exam is different from the past, so you will be required to pay a little more attention to the details and the questions that have been asked so you can score good marks. If you have prepared well for the exam, then you do not need to worry. Also, you should know that all the questions will be from the SAT syllabus only.

SAT Syllabus Changes

Since the launch of the Digital SAT, there have been modifications to the SAT syllabus. The reading and writing (RW) components of the SAT exam have been integrated, and the exam’s time and total number of questions have changed, among other modifications noted in the syllabus. Compared to the previously administered pencil and paper test, the questions in the RW part of the Digital SAT will be shorter and more succinct.

Most notably, the Digital SAT Mathematics part now incorporates calculator use for every question examined. Previously, the mathematics section consisted of two distinct areas where applicants could use a calculator in one section and not in the other.

Furthermore, candidates are not required to bring a separate calculator with them because the Bluebook App has a digital calculator available. In the SAT math portion, word problems have also gotten shorter for testing purposes. In addition, a clock will allow you to see the time and access previous questions.


The Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT) syllabus has been updated to include English, Mathematics, and Science subjects for high school students. The exam is now administered online, with a 43% increase in time for each portion compared to the old SAT. The SAT is an entrance examination accepted by most universities and consists of multiple-choice questions and a computer based test. SAT syllabus 2024 includes two basic sections: mathematics and reading and rating, with science concepts covered in the reading and writing section. Moreover, The SAT measures high school students’ readiness for college and is accepted in India.


What is the SAT exam used for?

    The SAT exam is used to measure the high school student’s readiness for college and to provide the college with a view of your knowledge. Along with the information from your examination, the college can use the common data points to compare your application with others.

    Is the SAT exam very difficult?

      The SAT examination can affect the future of a student as its reputation is a little bit fearsome. However, in reality, the challenge of getting a good score is not a difficult task if you have prepared well for the examination.

      Is The SAT  Accepted In India?

        There are many entry-level institutions in India that have recognized the SAT as a valid entrance exam for international and NRI students.

        Can I Cover The SAT Syllabus In One Month?

          If you are planning to study for the SAT exam, it is possible if you have a solid study plan. You will be required to study 10 to 12 hours every week for 3 months to prepare for the SAT. So you should increase your daily hours according to the time you have been planning to complete your SAT syllabus.

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