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Secure English Level Test, commonly known as the SELT exams, is preferably accepted and tested worldwide for varied purposes. It is mainly used for visa applications for students who are looking to study, live, or work in the UK. In addition, this test can be conducted for the immigration process or visa application for the UK at authorised testing centres and administered by Language Cert globally. 

In addition, SELT English tests are standard exams that prove English proficiency in various aspects, such as reading, listening, writing, and even spoken English. SELT B1, 2, and 4 are utilised for visa applications.

What Is The Secure English Language Test Or SELT Exams?

The secure English Language Test, or SELT, is one of the common forms of English proficiency tests used to apply for visas and immigration processes in the UK. Students considering applying for a visa to the UK must be aware that SELT exams have varied types to indicate different proficiency levels. 

These exams often involve four sections: speaking, Writing, Listening, and Reading. To help you understand SELT exams accurately, we have listed below a few essential factors. 

Type of Test Test Medium Overall Test Duration Administration SELT Score Criteria
A! – Speaking & Listening Online interview with live interlocutor 8-9 minutes Online short interaction with live interlocutor 60/100
A2 – Listening & Speaking Online interview with live interlocutor 9-11 minutes Online short interaction with live interlocutor 60/100
B1 – Speaking & Listening Online interview with live interlocutor 11-13 minutes Online short interaction with live interlocutor 60/100
B1 – Listening, Reading, Writing, Speaking Computer-based test 2 hours & 40 minutes Listening – 30 minutes, Reading/ Writing – 2 hours & 10 minutes, Speaking – 12 minutes Listening – 33/50
Writing – 33/50
Speaking – 33/50
Reading – 33/50
B2 – Listening, Reading, Writing, Speaking Computer-based test 2 hours & 40 minutes Listening – 30 minutes, Reading/ Writing – 2 hours & 10 minutes, Speaking – 13 minutes Listening – 33/50
Writing – 33/50
Speaking – 33/50
Reading – 33/50
C1 – Listening, Reading, Writing, Speaking Computer-based test 3 hours & 10 minutes Listening – 30 minutes, Reading/ Writing – 2 hours & 10 minutes, Speaking – 15 minutes Listening – 33/50
Writing – 33/50
Speaking – 33/50
Reading – 33/50
C2 – Listening, Reading, Writing, Speaking Computer-based test 3 hours & 10 minutes Listening – 30 minutes, Reading/ Writing – 2 hours & 10 minutes, Speaking – 17 minutes Listening – 25/50
Writing – 33/50
Speaking – 33/50
Reading – 33/50

Different Types of SELT Exams

The SELTS English language test has 2 types, each conducted to examine an individual’s proficiency with the language. The visa application process for UK immigration includes a thorough examination and observation. 

Graded Exam – Spoken English

This test examines the candidates by conducting short conversations in English. This examination strives to train students to gain confidence in communicating seamlessly with a firm tone. Additionally, official authorities tend to release these exams’ content and standard format with suitable guidance.

Integrated Skills In English Language

Integrated Skills in English (ISE) tends to include four skills as a qualification for applicants seeking to teach at school, college, or university. This test analyses a candidate’s ability to read, listen, speak, and write in English. 

Who Can Opt For SELT Exams?

The SELT test is designed for candidates who plan to study, work, or live in the UK. However, this test is not for international students who want to pursue a Bachelor’s, Master’s, or Doctoral programme.

In addition, SELT is for international applicants and often focuses on observing a set of a few skills for the applicants like:

  • Applicants looking forward to joining family, extending their stay in the UK, or applying for citizenship will be required to take a test for two skills: Speaking and Listening. This applies to partners/spouses, dependent individuals’ parents, permanent residence applicants, and more.  
  • Applicants looking to take up job opportunities in the UK must appear for a test with two skills—speaking and Listening. In some cases, applicants may be analysed for all four skills, i.e., Listening, Speaking, Writing, and Reading in English. This applies to a Representative overseas business visa, a Skilled worker visa,a Start-up visa, and more. 
  • Applicants studying in the UK must take an exam that provides four skills—reading, writing, Listening, and speaking in English—for a student visa below a bachelor’s degree course. 

How To Book Your SELT Test?

SELT is known for its flexibility. SELT exam booking can be made anytime on the available dates. In addition, candidates can seamlessly reschedule the exams free of charge within 72 hours before the exam begins. 

Overview Of SELT Exam Structure

Candidates can choose to appear either for two skills tests ( Speaking and Listening) or opt for a four skills test (Listening, Writing, Reading, and Speaking). However, the skills examination will vary depending on your visa application type and purpose for visiting the UK. 

1. The SELT test for Speaking and Listening skills involves a short online conversation with a live interlocutor. 

2. The SELT test for Listening, Speaking, reading, and Writing skills is conducted with two factors like – 

  • The written examination is conducted through a computer-based platform
  • Seaking, Listening, and based examination is conducted through online interviews with live interlocutors. 

Syllabus Of The SELTS Test

To practice for the SELT exams, you can focus on a range of areas to ensure scoring high grades, which will enhance your chances of passing the test and meeting several criteria. We are listing a few topics that you can focus on. 

  • Family
  • Friends
  • Home
  • Work
  • Likes/Dislikes
  • Entertainment
  • Festivals
  • Transportation modes
  • Recent personal experience
  • Special occasions
  • Music
  • Environment
  • School

To practice listening, reading and listening skills, consider practising frequently and focus on maintaining fluency with confidence. 

Understanding Fees Structure Of SELT Exams

Since this test has different levels and types, fees will differ based on your requirements and the test type you appear for.

Test Level Fees
A1 – Listening & Speaking £120
A2 – Speaking and Listening £120
B1 – Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing  £120
B2 – Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing £140
C1 – Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing £140
C2 – Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing £140

Score Scale Of SELT Test

Irrespective of your visa application type and purpose for visiting the UK, you must score average grades for SELT exams to proceed with the visa application procedure in the UK.

Test Level Score per skill Overall Scale Score CEFR Level IELTS Score Level
C2 Mastery
SELT Reading, Writing, Listening – 33, Learning – 25
33 – 5025-32 90-100 C2 90.-8.5
C1 Test
SELT requirement per skill – 33
38 – 5033 – 32 75 – 89 C1 8.07 – 5.70
B2 Communicator 
SELT requirement per skill – 33
38-5033-3725-32 60-74 B2 6.56 –  5.5
B1 Archiver
SELT requirement per skill – 33
38-5033-3725-32 40 – 59 B1 5.04 -54.0
A2 Access 38-5033-3725-32 20-29 A2
A1 Preliminary 38-5033-3725-32 10-19 A1

SELT Exam Centres In India

If you are an Indian looking forward to applying for a visa to visit the UK for any purpose. In that case, it is imperative to determine the exam centres to ensure you appear for the exam at the right time.

Centre Name City
Sophiya Consultants Patiala
CPS Global Private Limited Gurugram Haryana
NR Overseas Education &Immigration New Delhi
Meridian Overseas Jaipur
Saga Studies Amritsar
Touchstone Educationals LLP Chandigarh
Seven Seas Solutions Mumbai

What To Do If You Don’t Achieve The SELT Score Required For Your Course?

If your English skills don’t meet the requirements for your desired course, don’t worry – you may still have options. Depending on the academic level and specific programme, some universities will accept alternative English proficiency tests besides the standard SELT exams. However, you’ll still need to hit the minimum language bar set by UK Visas and Immigration.

Another potential route is looking into universities that lower their SELT requirements if you commit to an extended program duration or take a preparatory English course like “English for University Study” or a “Pre-sessional English” class before your main program begins. These can help get your English skills up to par.

Tips On Giving The SELT Exam

Here is how you can successfully take the SELT exam, read well to score high!

Staying Calm is Key

Take some deep breaths – it’s normal to feel a little nervous, but don’t let the jitters throw you off. Stay focused on the task at hand.

Read Carefully

Don’t rush through the questions. Make sure you fully understand what each one is asking before providing your answer.

Use Your Time Wisely

Keep an eye on the clock and budget your time appropriately for each section. Don’t get bogged down on any single question for too long.

Speak With Confidence

For the speaking portion, articulate your responses clearly and don’t rush. Take a moment to gather your thoughts before answering.

Practice Books For SELT exams

Test prep books provide comprehensive overviews of the exam content and question types. They’re a great foundational resource.

Preparation Resources:

  • SELT – GESE Grade 5 (B1) Study Pack
  • SELT – GESE Grade 3 (A2) Study Pack
  • Preparing For Trinity ISE I (B1) – Student’s Book & CD
  • SELT – GESE Grade 2 (A1) Study Pack
  • Succeed In Trinity CEFR B1.1 Exams Self-Study Book
  • Preparing For Trinity ISE II (B2) – Student’s Book & CD
  • Trinity GESE Grades 5-6
  • Preparing For Trinity ISE III (C1) Student’s Book & CD
  • Trinity GESE Grades 3-4

Online Materials

Tons of websites offer free and paid practice tests, sample questions, study guides and more to hone your skills.

Prep Classes For SELT Exams

For more personalised preparation, consider an in-person or online class. The instructor can identify your strengths/weaknesses and target their guidance accordingly.


1. How Do I Book My SELT Exam? 

Consider registering through official websites once you acquire details on available visa applications and test appointments. 

2. Is IELTS and SELT exams the same? 

Yes, both are the same. IELTS is a type of Secured English Language Test (SELT). However, SELT is utilised to examine individuals immigrate to the UK.

3. Are Your SELT Test Centres Fully Operational?

The SELT test centres strive to proceed with candidates’ visa applications through thorough examination for students, family members, or working professionals aiming to immigrate to the UK. 

4. What Is The Passing Marks For SELT exams?

The passing marks for the SELT test depend on the exam type and level, with each having its scoring system and pass mark. However, per skill the passing marks is around 33.

5. Which SELT Provider Is Best?

LanguageCert is an approved SELT provider for the UK, provides online exams tests for all ages The exams follows high security standards and are internationally recognised.

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