Summary Sunday: Issue 555

Staying up-to-date with today’s job search can feel overwhelming. That’s why I publish this summary, to help share trends and issues impacting job seekers.

Summary Sunday Issue 555

In this week’s summary, you’ll learn about:

  • Job posting scams
  • How ATS work
  • Benefits of applying directly on a company’s career site
  • 4 ways to evaluate company and job
  • LinkedIn features for job seekers and the end of LinkedIn’s Resume Builder
  • Perplexity’s AI profile page
  • Fewer job postings have tenure requirements
  • Long-term employee fired by new CEO
  • Workers holding tight to current jobs
  • Reasons companies are pushing RTO

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How To Tell If a Job Posting Is a Scam | The Job Hopper

Be alert! “Many of today’s job scams may appear to originate from legitimate companies, reference real recruiters in the listing, and even include an interview process.” This article includes common signs a job posting may be a scam plus steps you can take to investigate!

How An Applicant Tracking System Works: Interview with Greenhouse Co-Founder Jon Stross | Briefcase Coach

One popular ATS is Greenhouse. Yet there are around 200 different applicant tracking systems (ATS) and each works a little bit differently. However, the basics of ATS software are the same. ATS can help recruitment teams streamline hiring by organizing and tracking candidates, creating job posts, screening candidates, and scheduling interviews. Learn more about how it works and what it means for you as a job seeker.

Secret Benefits of Applying on Company Websites | Shelley Piedmont

It might be easier to apply for a job through a job board, but there are some benefits to going directly to the organization’s website. “First, not all job boards seamlessly transfer your application to the employer’s applicant tracking system, causing potential delays. By applying on the company’s career site, your information goes directly to the recruiter, ensuring faster processing. Additionally, company sites often request specific information or samples that job boards can’t accommodate, making your application more complete and appealing.”


4 Smart Ways To Determine If a Role and Organisation Is A Good Fit For You | Arpad Szakal

This post starts by implying you should evaluate the role and organization once hired, however, you want to ask these questions BEFORE you accept the offer. Take these steps (and ask these questions) to avoid a bad or less-than-ideal situation.


3 LinkedIn Features For Job Seekers (You probably don’t know about) | Jessica Hernandez

If you are actively job seeking, you should know about these features: “I’m Interested”, “Share my resume” and “Top Choice”.

RIP: Resume Builder with Keyword Insights will be discontinued | Kevin D. Turner

If you didn’t know about LinkedIn’s Resume Builder, it’s being replaced by a Premium AI feature. If you were a fan of this tool, you’ll want to know about a work-around.


Create An Online Profile Using AI | Lars Schmidt

Imagine having your own Wikipedia page created using AI. What if you could draw attention to your online mentions and appearances, all in one slick page? That’s what you’ll see on Lars Schmidt’s Perplexity page.


Less Than a Third of Job Postings Require Years of Experience, Indeed Says | HR Dive

A decline in years of experience requirements across jobs and industries could mean that skills based hiring is taking hold. However, it could mean that the labor market is getting tighter. “Employers often include experience requirements in job postings to screen for strong candidates, lower training costs, and reduce the risk of hiring unqualified workers.” Here is Indeed’s research on tenure requirements

New CEO Fires Long Term Employee | HR Bartender

A reader asks HR Bartender what to do after being fired by a new CEO. The reader’s performance was not an issue until after the new CEO stepped in. There are suggested steps outlined on how to handle this situation. The reason I share this is that numerous job seekers I’ve worked with have found themselves in the exact same situation. This is sadly very common.

More Workers Finding Reasons To Stay in Their Jobs, A Shift From the Great Resignation | Yahoo Finance

Security, certainty and better pay and benefits may be some of the reasons employees are holding on to their jobs right now. Plus the number of job openings is low. If you aren’t totally happy, read about what you can do to make the most of where you are.


The top five reasons why your company is mandating RTO | Random Recruiter

See data and facts to help you understand why employers are calling workers back to the office.


How To Get Referred For A Job

Networking Without A Resume

15 Ways to Own Digital Terrain

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