Talk about an interesting old person you met recently – IELTS Cue Card

One of the main components of the IELTS is the speaking exam. It has three sections that stay the same in both the general and academic tests. Candidates preparing for this exam must understand that topics related to personal experience, social issues, hobbies and various other things can be asked in the IELTS cue card round.


In this blog, we will discuss one such IELTS speaking cue card topic, “Talk about an interesting old person you met recently,” and provide sample answers. So, let’s begin the blog.

Talk about an interesting old person you met recently – IELTS cue card – sample answer 1


Let me introduce you to Mr. Vijay, a regular visitor to the neighbourhood library where I study. He’s an older gentleman, around 65 years old, with a deep love for literature. His choice of reading material, a classic novel, sparked our first conversation.



Who is this person?

Mr. Vijay, a 65-year-old gentleman, is a familiar face in our neighbourhood. Every evening, he visits the library on the same lane as my residence, a testament to his unwavering commitment to knowledge and learning.


How did you meet him?

I met him in a library where I visit daily. Our mutual passion for books acted as a spark for our unintentional conversation. When we met, we talked about how much fun it is to lose oneself in a good book and shared advice and observations. An enthusiastic reader, Mr. Vijay freely shared his book collections and offered insight gained from his vast reading experience.


How do you know him?

I know he lives next to my door, and I see him daily in the evening when he visits the library. At the same time, I also visit the library.


Why did you find this person interesting?

I was deeply impressed by the discussion and became aware of Mr. Vijay’s wealth of recollections and wisdom. Due to his old age, he was funny and made me grasp our town’s past by sharing stories. Every time we cross paths, we have enjoyable conversations, and I’ve grown to value the expertise he adds to our community.



Meeting and conversing with Mr. Vijay has been enriching. It serves as a reminder of the value of bridging generations and appreciating the wisdom of our elders.


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Talk about an interesting old person you met recently – IELTS cue card – sample answer 2


Meeting new people is always enjoyable, mainly when they are elderly and have many life experiences to impart. I’d like to discuss an interesting older man I recently met.


Who is this person?

I recently met Mr. Ganshayam, an older adult who is a 70-year-old retired art teacher living in the same town as me.


How did you meet him?

Mr. Ganshayam and I met at a nearby park. He approached me and introduced himself while I sat on a bench drawing the dusk sky. After he revealed he was a retired art teacher, we talked about his experiences for several hours. By the end of the talk, I thought we had become friends.


How do you know him?

Since that first meeting, I’ve spent much time with Mr. Ganshayam. Together, we went fishing, made sketches, took long walks in the park and went to the movies. Additionally, we have had numerous in-depth discussions about Mr. Ganshayam’s life and experiences and it has been via these exchanges, I have become familiar with Mr. Ganshayam.


Why did you find this person interesting?

It’s been interesting to spend time with Mr. Ganshayam. We’ve gone fishing, seen movies and had meals at local restaurants. But the most significant thing we’ve done together has been having conversations. He shared his experiences and opinions with me and I was interested in him.



He has a unique perspective on life and a wealth of knowledge that I have been able to draw from. His zeal for life and his passion for learning has inspired me. 


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Talk about an interesting old person you met recently – IELTS cue card- sample answer 3


I like to have conversations with senior people to learn more about their experiences in life. Older folks are a wealth of information and life experience. By learning many lessons, one can have a happy life and progress in one’s career.


Who is this person?

Kanchan Patel was a retired army doctor who had dedicated thirty outstanding years of his life to serving people.


How did you meet her?

She lives in the same neighbourhood as me. I met her when I went to her grandson’s birthday party. She asked me what I was studying, and eventually, I told her that I was trying to pass the NEET exam and was highly anxious about it. But she helped me along the way, gave me advice, pushed me to read the fine print, and told me to believe my efforts would be rewarded when I was accepted into one of the best medical schools. 


How do you know her?

We all recognise her for her kindness and desire to help others because she lives in our community and is a highly respected doctor.


Why did you find this person interesting?

She helped me when I consulted her when I had trouble deciding my career options or getting study advice, her suggestions helped me decompress. 



Without the wisdom of older people, life might be a complete mess because we would never receive any advice from these “golden agers.”


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IELTS Speaking Cue Card – Follow-up questions

Question: Why should young people respect their elders?

Answer: Elders have many life experiences and wisdom that can teach the younger generation essential lessons. Many societies strongly emphasise the value of treating older adults by maintaining and honouring their knowledge, experience and contributions to the community. Respecting elders fosters an atmosphere where one can gain from their experience and insight.


Question: What skills can older adults teach the young?

Answer: Older people often exhibit remarkable patience and resilience, qualities honed through a lifetime of facing ups and downs. These skills can be imparted to the younger generation, teaching them how to navigate setbacks with grace, maintain composure in challenging situations and develop the strength needed to overcome obstacles in life.


Question: Can old people and young people share the same interests?

Answer: Yes, old and young people can share the same interests, and when they do, it creates a strong foundation for meaningful connections. Shared hobbies, such as gardening, music, or sports, provides a common ground where generations can bond, learn from each other and break down age-related barriers.


Question: What skills can the young teach the old?

Answer: The young bring a fresh perspective and adaptability to change. They can teach older individuals to embrace new ideas, concepts and evolving societal norms. Encouraging open-mindedness and a willingness to explore different perspectives helps older individuals stay attuned to the ever-changing world, fostering a more dynamic and inclusive community environment.


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The speaking component has the same weight as the others, even with a 15-minute time limit. As such, you will need to practise a lot to handle this area. This section has open-ended questions, so the examiner may ask you a couple more after you respond to one. Utilise your time wisely and answer suitably and confidently.


We hope the above cue card sample answers will help you to prepare best for the Speaking test. However, if you want to get further details or would like to prepare for IELTS, you may contact our expert counsellors at Meridean Overseas Education Consultants (MOEC). You can also take free online counselling through our website. Our expert counsellors will provide you with the best support and guidance you need for admission and visa. In addition, they will help you shortlist the universities according to your profile. For more information or any queries, contact [email protected] or 1800-1230-00011.

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