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Explore Tata Trusts scholarships for Indian students studying abroad. Learn about eligibility, application steps, and benefits for scholarships like Tata Cornell, J.N. Tata Endowment, and Lady Meherbai D. Tata Scholarship. Get financial help for your education.

Tata Trusts scholarship provides a range of grants and scholarships to deserving Indian students who wish to continue their education overseas. These scholarships can be availed at various levels of education. Based on their qualifications, applicants have a choice of over ten scholarships.

Furthermore, scholarships allow individuals to benefit from fee payments. Different scholarships include different types of benefits. Scholarships are based on eligibility criteria that every student needs to meet. In this blog post, we will discuss the Education grants by the Tata Trusts.

Tata Cornell Scholarship

The Tata Education and Development Trust, the philanthropic arm of the Tata Group, has established a $25 million endowment to assist talented Indian students from disadvantaged homes. This would allow Cornell University to provide financial aid to worthy Indian students enrolled in undergraduate programs. Up to 20 students can receive financial aid through the Tata scholarship, created to assist Indian students in pursuing an education at Cornell. It is a need-based scholarship covering the costs of one’s UG studies. 

Eligibility to Receive the Tata Cornell Scholarship

A candidate must meet specific requirements to be eligible for this Tata scholarship. Some of the criteria for eligibility are as follows:

  • Candidates must be citizens of India.
  • Applicants for the Tata Scholarship must have completed secondary education in India.
  • It is necessary to provide proof of eligibility for a need-based financial grant.
  • Admission to various Cornell University undergraduate courses must be extended to candidates.
  • The applicants require a minimum TOEFL score of 100 or an overall IELTS score of 7.0.

Yet, applicants should be aware that the scholarship provider will give priority to those who have been approved at the following:

  • Planning, Architecture, and Art College
  • Cornell SC Johnson College of Business offers a discipline in applied economics and management.
  • Engineering College
  • Social sciences, physics, biology, and other fields

Grants of the Tata Cornell Scholarship

Twenty applicants receive the Tata Cornell Scholarship each year, which covers all the costs of their undergraduate studies at Cornell. All UG courses are eligible for it, except the five-year architecture program, which needs ten semesters of full-time study. Those who meet the requirements may use their Tata scholarship money for tuition. Notably, up to eight semesters can be funded by this scholarship. It is not applicable for double-significant courses.

How to Apply for the Tata Cornell Scholarship

Candidates will be automatically considered for this grant if they apply for the courses for which it is applicable. They do not need to apply for it separately. However, the admission application must be submitted accurately to be eligible for this grant. The following forms must be completed by applicants to be considered for international financial aid:

  • Application for the Cornell University Tata Scholarship
  • Financial Aid for International Students Dependent on Need
  • Profile of the College Scholarship Service (CSS)

The following paperwork must be submitted by students at the time of application:

  • The income of the family
  • Documents of citizenship
  • Photocopy of the passport
  • Assets of the family
  • English language test score report

Scholarships for J.N. Tata Endowment Loans

This scholarship allows students to finance their study abroad plans with a low-interest loan. Indian students wishing to pursue postgraduate, PhD, or post-doc studies at any foreign university would benefit from this grant.

What are the Eligibility criteria?

The following criteria must be fulfilled to be eligible for this Tata scholarship:

  1. Applicants must be under 45 and hold an undergraduate degree from an authorised Indian university.
  2. Indian citizens ought to be among the students. 

Amount grant of the Tata Scholarship

Applicants can receive a gift of approximately ₹75,000, a ₹50,000 grant for travel expenses, and a loan of up to ₹10,000,000. If the borrower can return the money within the allotted time, the lender may decide not to charge interest.

Grant for Professional Development from Tata Trusts

Candidates who want to improve their professional skills can apply for travel grants through the Tata Trust Professional Enhancement Grant. Those who qualify will be granted the opportunity to participate in workshops and training programs both in India and overseas. 


Applicants for this grant must be citizens of India and willing to travel overseas. 

Tata Scholarship Award

The Tata Trust Professional Enhancement Grant will pay registration fees, lodging, transportation, and visa applications.

The Lady Meherbai D. Tata Scholarship for Education

This one is one of the most well-liked scholarships offered by Tata Trusts scholarship to female students. It provides financial support for female candidates seeking advanced degrees in gender studies, public health, child care, rural development, social science, and other international fields. 


The following are some prerequisites that must be fulfilled to be eligible for this financial aid: 

  1. Female students should be able to obtain an undergraduate degree from any of the reputable Indian universities.
  2. Applicants for this grant must intend to pursue their studies in Europe, the United States, or the United Kingdom.
  3. A minimum of two years of professional experience is required, and the interview must be attended. 

Amount of the Tata Scholarship

Depending on how well they performed in the interview, chosen candidates will receive rewards of up to ₹6,00,000. The Tata Trust offers numerous grants to worthy students for higher education both domestically and abroad. The more information you have about requirements, deadlines, and required documentation, the more likely your scholarship will be accepted. 

Alternatively, individuals wishing to pursue their studies overseas may apply to Leap Scholar for the necessary funding. They can also get comprehensive help with visa applications, universities that shortlist them, IELTS tutoring, and more. With Leap Scholar, students can have a smooth study abroad experience while getting expert advice from top international education consultants.


Tata Trusts scholarship offers a range of grants and scholarships to Indian students seeking education abroad. The entire cost of undergraduate study at Cornell University is covered by the $25 million Tata Cornell Scholarship endowment. Low-interest loans for study abroad programs are available through the J.N. Tata Endowment Loans; qualifying requirements include age, college degree, and travel expenditures. Female candidates pursuing advanced degrees in gender studies, public health, child care, rural development, and social science are supported by the Lady Meherbai D. Tata Scholarship for Education.


Who is eligible for the Tata Trust scholarship?

Students pursuing undergraduate and postgraduate courses in recognised institutions are eligible. Applicants must demonstrate academic excellence and financial need. Some scholarships may have specific eligibility criteria based on the course or institution.

What is Tata Welfare Trust Higher Education Assistance?

It provides financial support to students for higher education in India and abroad. Assistance includes tuition fees, travel expenses, and other education-related costs, helping deserving students achieve their academic goals without financial barriers.

What is the new Tata scholarship scheme?

The new Tata scholarship scheme aims to support meritorious students from economically disadvantaged backgrounds. It focuses on providing comprehensive financial assistance for higher education, covering tuition, accommodation, and other educational expenses to ensure uninterrupted learning.

What is the Tata Trust Scholarship 2024-25?

The Tata Trust Scholarship 2024-25 offers financial aid to students pursuing higher education in various fields. It aims to support talented individuals by covering tuition fees, living expenses, and other educational costs, ensuring equal opportunities for all deserving candidates.

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