Why Study a Degree in Financial Management in the UK?

With a rapidly digitising economy and fast-paced socio-geopolitical environment, a degree in financial management can be highly beneficial. Financial management is an important factor in business and comes with many challenges and opportunities. The course refers to planning, organising, directing, and controlling the financial situations of any organisation or institution. A degree in finance can open the doors of entrepreneurship and help you excel professionally. 

While traditional business degrees like an MBA cover financial principles and practices, a specialised degree (in finance) is worth considering if you want to gain more skills and experience in a particular field, for example, an MSc in finance offered by the University of Bath allows you to learn and work from industry experts. So, why should you choose a postgraduate degree in financial management in the UK? Read to know more. 

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Why Study a Master’s in Financial Management?

Making smart financial decisions is crucial to any organisation’s success, but many managers and business owners need more decision-making skills.

1. Be in High Demand

Finance professionals are highly in demand because accounting and finance play crucial roles in business. Sound resource management is essential, from checking a company’s overall financial performance to critically guiding its goals and initiatives. 

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, finance jobs are expected to grow over the next decade. For example, financial analyst positions are expected to increase by 9% and financial managers by 19%, much higher than the average growth rate projected for all occupations. 

An MSc in Financial Management at Lancaster University ranks 13th for accounting and finance in the QS 2024 Ranking by subject in the UK. The one-year course will equip you with the skills and knowledge in innovative topics that will give you a competitive edge in the financial industry. During the program, you will receive job market training and have the opportunity to use acquired skills in market simulation. 

2. Expanding Income Potential

We all know that salaries depend on many factors, such as location, experience, and specialisation. A finance master’s program can help you start your career with a higher wage. According to Glassdoor, the average financial management salary in the UK is £53,994 annually. Therefore, the need for effective financial management with its benefits in business is creating lucrative career opportunities for financial professionals. 

3. Elevate your Professional Opportunities

As a graduate in finance management, you will gain in-depth knowledge and comprehensive training in finance, which can help you qualify for a more excellent range of job opportunities. With a degree, you can pursue highly demanding financial management jobs like investment banker, wealth management advisor, and chief financial officer. 

4. Grow your Network Opportunities

A postgraduate financial management degree offers many opportunities to develop meaningful relationships and networks with experts and professionals in the financial services industry. Your built-in network with peers, faculty, professors, mentors, and alumni can help you stay relevant and navigate each career stage.

For example, the Strathclyde Business School in the UK is one of the few universities recognised by the Certificate in Quantitative Finance (CQF) Institute. It is the most extensive professional qualification in the quant service and is recognised by top financial companies worldwide. The business school allows students to register for free and get the opportunity to access various resources and tools, including research, careers, and workshops. 

5. Stand Out With a Specialisation

Master programs are an excellent way to establish or hone an area of expertise so you can emerge from a programme ready to excel with your unique knowledge and skills profile. The MSc finance management courses offered at UK universities are curated, focusing on business awareness, proactive and logical thinking, research, and critical thinking to help graduates make sound business decisions. 

The courses are delivered through face-to-face lectures, seminars, workshops, practical sessions, dissertations, and live projects. So, whichever path you choose, you will find unique opportunities and stand in the crowd. 

Study Master’s in Finance in the UK

Finance is a dynamic and exciting industry. If you want to study a master’s in financial management in the UK, arrange a free consultation with SI-UK to explore available postgraduate courses before the upcoming intake.


Why study MSc finance and risk management?

An MSc in finance and risk management will help you gain skills in risk management and enable you to undertake risk analyst roles in financial institutions or commerce. This degree equips you with diverse career opportunities in economic sectors, including risk management, corporate finance, and investment banking. 

Which is better: a master’s in management or a master’s in finance?

An MSc in finance management can be a better option if you want to focus on specific fields like finance and management. The course will provide deeper insight into financial theory, analysis, and investment management. 

Which master’s degree is best for finance?

An MSc in Finance Management is best for finance in the UK. The duration of the program is one to two years. 

What is the most targeted university by top UK employers?

The University of Manchester is the university most targeted by UK employers. According to a report compiled by High Fliers Research, the University of Manchester is targeted by the UK’s top 100 recruiters. 

Which master’s degree is most in demand in the world?

The MSc in Finance Management is the most in-demand degree in the world. The course combines information about finance with management skills and principles.

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