Best 7 Creative Resume Tips to Get More Job Interviews

Today I want to talk to you about creative ways to get your job application noticed and how to get your name past the recruiter into the interviewing process so I’m going to spill the beans on some potentially creative ways that you can get noticed especially if you’re somebody that is having a roadblock at the job application Level.

So let’s talk about how to creatively and uniquely stand out with your job applications so hopefully you get noticed by the corporate recruiter and get into the interviewing processes at your favorite companies

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Customize Your Resume:

Customization of your resume is probably the single most important thing that you can do to notice a major change in your response rates so if you’re sending out a generic un-optimized resume you’re really not giving yourself a fighting chance to stand out from the crowd because in a lot of cases major employers are getting hundreds if not thousands of applications for some of their positions so it’s very easy to get lost in a sea of applicants but that’s not all a lot of employers are also going out and looking for their own candidates so they’re actually sourcing people out on the open market so If you are an inbound applicant, which means you applied for the job through a job ad, you are competing against not only those who also applied but also those who the recruiter is actively seeking out. so it’s a pretty big talent pool potentially that you’re competing against so you really need any competitive Advantage.

Customizing your resume is going to give you the best chance of getting noticed for that first round interview there’s a lot of things that go into customizing and optimizing your resume looking at Job titles looking at keywords that you’re putting in there making sure that you have all the best practices that you should in order to stand out and here’s a sobering unofficial statistic.

So if you can put a little extra effort into it take that next step customize your resume to be a better fit for the job you’re going to set yourself apart from the crowd because so few people do this it can be a huge competitive Advantage for you.

Write A Clever Resume:

The second thing you can do and this one’s really outside of the box and potentially pretty time consuming but it can be really effective if done correctly is coming up with a clever resume what’s a clever resume? it’s really a resume that is designed to wow and capture the person’s attention so essentially you’re throwing good traditional resume design out the window in lieu of creativity and if you’re not sure what I’m talking about let’s take a quick look at a creative resume and in this case I’m going to show you a relatively extreme example,

and this one’s realistically not sustainable but if you have a position that you’re really interested in and you come up with something very clever like this one where it’s in a box and it looks like there’s some donuts or Danishes people are certainly going to open up the box and you’re going to see the resume there and it is going to make its way to the recruiter just by the novelty of it and hopefully this person had a well-optimized resume that gave them a high likelihood of actually getting a phone call after they went through the time and the expense of getting these Danishes to the recruiting team but nonetheless I guarantee you their resume got looked at.

So as a little disclaimer I would only recommend that you do this if you have a job that you’re particularly interested in and you really want to try to hit it out of the park.

furthermore the resume itself you really want to make sure that you’re checking all the boxes that you’re a good fit for the role because if you go through the time and the energy to create one of these you want to have a high likelihood of getting beyond the novelty and actually having a little substance to what you bring to the table and these clever resumes are probably better served for Creative positions and maybe some organizations that are a little bit more open-minded I would probably not recommend sending these types of resumes to traditional Industries I’m thinking Finance real estate manufacturing Etc.

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Create A Resume Website:

The next major thing that you can do and this one’s really effective as well is creating a simple website essentially a simple website is a site where you can set up an online resume great thing about it is not only can you host your resume on there but it’s a chance to show your personality as well there’s lots of websites out there that you can set these up relatively inexpensively but it can be an effective way to show a little bit of personality and get your name in front of the hiring manager in a more tangible and visible way.

Make A Video Resume:

Next step you might want to consider creating a video resume, this video can be anywhere from 30 seconds to 3 minutes long and it’s basically an introduction to who you are as a job candidate against a chance to show your creativity and you can walk through major accomplishments and why you think you’re a perfect fit for that type of job.

Now creating a custom video for each job that you’re applying to is probably not realistic so you might want to keep it somewhat generic to the job type that you’re applying to but it can be a very effective tool in your job search you might want to create a quick YouTube channel upload it there and then put that URL in your resume and of course if you create the simple website you’d certainly want to have that video there as well

Ask For A Referral:

The next creative way to get your name in front of a hiring manager is to go find somebody that works at that company and ask for a referral a lot of cases the referrer gets incentivized through an employer referral bonus so as long as you approach it correctly they shouldn’t have too much heartburn about being willing to send you over however you might want to connect with them and have a chat with them first so that they get to know you a little bit especially if it’s somebody that you don’t know already and the reason why this is so effective is that every company I’ve worked for employee referrals typically move to the front of the line especially if they’re qualified so at the very minimum you’re going to get your resume reviewed and For the first round interview, you might really get a call, but be ready to describe how you know the individual who introduced you.

Introduce Yourself:

The next major way that you can get your job application noticed is to go straight to the recruiter themselves if you can go straight to the recruiter and nudge them that you’re interested in their position it might get you a chance to get eyeballs on your resume but be careful not to be a pest here one little nudge is probably enough because if you’re too pushy you may end up upsetting the recruiter and you might end up in the no pile.

Hand Deliver Your Resume:

The last unique way that I want to discuss in this article to get your application noticed is to go the old-fashioned route and actually hand deliver your resume and back in the day it was one of the only ways that you could apply to a company but in this day and age of ATS systems and job applications online we’ve kind of gotten away from it but it can be a very effective method assuming that you live close enough to make it reasonable to do so that’s probably unlikely that you’re going to reach an HR professional or a recruiter directly by doing this but even if you leave it at the front desk and they hand it over to the recruiter the recruiter is likely going to be looking at it.

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If you’re struggling in your job search try some of these ways and who knows maybe you can get your application actually looked at the most important thing is making sure that once you actually do get eyeballs on your resume that you’re reasonably good fit for the role make sure that your resume is solid and airtight so that Your chances of landing this job are at their highest.. Good luck with your job hunting hopefully some of these ideas get you actually noticed and into those interview processes.

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