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SAT Books are the main study material for candidates. If you are taking the SAT exam, you must have the best study material. Recently, the SAT exam has undergone many changes in its format, so it is important for you to re look at the preparation technique and even at the strategies for the new digital SAT exam. As a result of the significant changes, your preparation for the previous SAT exam will not translate to the current one. You must first gather the necessary materials, including all the key SAT preparation tools, before creating a new SAT prep strategy. In this article, we will discuss the SAT books so that you can easily prepare yourself for the exam and score good marks.

SAT 2024 RW Section Prep Books

If you are looking at SAT prep books specifically for the reading and writing section then you can refer to several books. 

The following booklist is specifically selected and has been decided for SAT Reading & Writing which helps you to complete the preparation:

  • The Complete Guide to SAT Reading, 4th Edition
  • The Ultimate Guide to SAT Grammar, 5th Edition
  • New SAT Reading Practice Book
  • SAT Reading: History Passages
  • Princeton Review –  Reading & Writing Workout for the SAT Exam
  • Barron’s SAT Reading Workbook
  • SAT Reading Course Book

In addition to the publications mentioned above, applicants looking to sharpen their skills can also study with Kaplan’s SAT Reading & Writing Prep and The Critical Reader’s The Complete Guide to SAT Reading.

While there may be many resources available for SAT Digital Reading and Writing preparation, applicants should select the one that best fits their needs while keeping in mind the time constraints.

SAT Exam Math Prep Books 2024

There are a few publications you can use as a resource if you’re studying for the SAT and want to obtain the mathematics part.

Check out the following best SAT books for Math section preparation:

  • Dr Steve Warner’s 500 New SAT Math Problems 
  • SAT Math Prep by Test Prep Books 
  • Princeton Review: Math Workout for the SAT
  • PWN The SAT: Math Guide, 5th Edition
  • Dr Jang’s SAT 800 Math Workbook New Edition, 2022
  • Kaplan: SAT Math Prep
  • SAT Math Orange Book 

There may be more resources or SAT prep books available; this is not an exhaustive list. Before making any purchases, candidates must confirm what it is they are specifically looking for. In order to succeed in the SAT Math section, a great deal of practice is necessary.

Preparation For SAT Books 2024 

You have a lot of options to prepare for the SAT exam, however, you will need an SAT book guide along with the latest material that has been changed with the new curriculum of the exam syllabus. The list given below of the SAT books will help you to get the best material for the reading SAT and also for the Math section.

Official SAT Study Guide

Two comprehensive SAT practice exams produced by the College Board are included in the official SAT guide. It also contains test information, extra instructions, and guidelines. The book contains eight official SAT practice exams, each with a thorough explanation of the reading, writing, and math components. It also has sample answers and practices questions for every kind of SAT question.

Kallis’ SAT Pattern Strategy

This book includes six full-length practice tests which have been made up of 24 hours of practice tests. So that, you can now easily score good marks in the exam. The questions that have been provided in the study material provide you with the best official test questions.

The SAT book of the Kallis is a comprehensive guide for you to get the detailed step by step explanation that is more helpful for you to get prepared for the SAT exam. This book also covers 101 topics that are likely to appear on the SAT and provides an analysis of the various question types to assist you in comprehending the various kinds of questions.

Premium Guide of Barron’s SAT Study

Barron’s study guide is a good option for anyone looking for SAT preparation books because it has two online examinations in addition to full-length practice exams. In addition, there are review chapters, one diagnostic test, and four in-book tests. This book aids with language acquisition by providing parts on writing and language.

Princeton Review SAT Prep 2024

The 2023 Edition of the Princeton Review’s SAT Prep covers all the topics such as the algebraic functions, and grammar rules, with four full-length practice tests. So when you are studying the prep book, it will help you to solve all the questions with in-depth knowledge. However, both the two sections mathematics and evidence based reading and writing help you to get the practice.

In addition to this, you have access to two more online practice exams. In-depth explanations of the answers to practice questions are also provided in the book. In addition, there is an online tool that assists you with practice test scoring.

Kaplan’s SAT Total Prep

A popular name in the industry for SAT study guides is Kaplan. Online video lectures and a variety of practice questions are included in the book. There is an online question bank and a tonne of practice questions in the book. Thus, one can answer a new set of questions each time. You may also obtain the personalized study plan and pre-tests with this book. One of the greatest options for SAT preparation is the Kaplan series of books.

Official SAT Online Course

Test-takers can take advantage of this free online course provided by the College Board. Among the many features of the Official SAT Online Course are auto essay scoring and interactive lectures. It is accessible whenever and wherever you need it, fully customizable, and simple to use. The PSAT/NMSQT® and the key reading, writing, and math components of the SAT® are covered in the course’s eighteen interactive modules. Multimedia elements and interactive exercises make for an interesting learning environment in the lessons.

How to Choose Apt SAT Books for Preparation?

There are so many ways in which you can find yourself the best SAT books and preparation is the key to success in the exam. You can also start understanding the SAT exam syllabus and then you can get yourself familiarized with the SAT exam pattern. You can also follow these points to understand the SAT preparation requirements:

  • Make a shortlist of the SAT prep books by going over each section.
  • Start your study by going through one SAT reference book at a time, and as a result, practice questions from the reference books as well.
  • Once all of the topics have been covered, assess your preparation by picking up SAT books that include sample question sheets.
  • Evaluate your SAT mock performance to determine your areas of weakness in terms of topics and sections.
  • For instance, you may get a different SAT book and practice more in the maths section and in a similar way for the reading and writing sections if you found that the majority of your maths answers were wrong.
  • Have a small selection of SAT prep books on hand; peruse the synopsis to determine what each one has to offer before making the purchase.
  • If further materials are needed, only then purchase them; otherwise, practice online using the free SAT sample papers that are available.

Therefore, SAT exam prep books are always available online for applicants so that they can get the practice papers. Moreover, It is important to identify the prep needs of an individual as you might be required to get better in one section. Thus, these SAT prep through these books and then buy the books based on requirements.


SAT books are crucial for candidates preparing for the new digital SAT exam. Some recommended books have been listed above. You can consider to choose the one right for yourself. However, all the books are made to help you in the preparation. To find the best SAT books, candidates should understand the SAT exam syllabus and pattern, make a shortlist of SAT prep books, practice questions from reference books, assess their preparation, and evaluate their SAT mock performance. There are so many books all you need is to find yourself the one that can help you improve your studies.


Why should I buy an SAT book?

    An SAT book offers a structured study with practice tests and tips tailored for the exam. It’s a handy resource that helps you prepare effectively anytime, anywhere.

    How do I choose the right SAT book?

      Choose a book with clear explanations. There are a lot of practice questions and strategies that suit your learning style. Reading reviews can guide you to the best choice.

      Can I rely only on an SAT book?

        While it is helpful, it is always best to supplement book study with online resources and practice tests for comprehensive preparation.

        When should I start using an SAT book?

          You can start several months before your exam to cover the material thoroughly and reduce last-minute stress.

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