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SAT result is declared on a scale of 400 – 1600 which is based on a performance in the exam. SAT scores are based on the two major sections which are mathematics, and the evidence-based reading and writing section. Both sections of the exam are scored individually on a scale of 200-800. Overall SAT exam results are issued on a scale of 400–1600 after the SAT scores for both sections have been compiled.

Scores and results for the recently administered digital SAT exam are available within 13–14 days after the exam date. As a result, those who did poorly on the SAT may take it again in the coming months, depending upon the availability before applying to an international university. In this blog post, we will discuss the SAT results so that you can easily plan to take the exam and get the result as soon as possible to submit it to the college or the university authorities.

SAT Results 2024

Candidates must remember the dates and registration deadlines if they intend to take the SAT exam. After the SAT results and scores are released to the public, students can check for any irregularities with their scores and report any they find. A candidate may obtain a maximum SAT score of 1600 or a minimum score of 400.

The next step is to wait for the colleges and universities you designated during SAT registration to get your results from the College Board. As soon as the applicant receives their final score, the SAT results will be sent to the relevant universities. Before applying, find out if you reach the university’s SAT cutoff points, if applicable, or think about retaking the exam to improve your score. If necessary, aim for a higher score.

Score Dates & SAT Digital Test 2024

The SAT scores are sent to colleges or universities after a minimum of 10 days; this allows all the results have be declared and there is nothing left. 

Below in the table, you can find the SAT dates along with the result date so that you can plan your examination accordingly.

SAT Exam Date Result Announcement Date
May 4, 2024 Mid-May 2024
June 2024 Mid-June 2024

The colleges that the students must have selected while registering for the SAT are the ones to which their SAT scores will be sent by the authorities. The universities selected will appear next to their names as soon as the College Board sends the SAT results.

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SAT 2024 Score Report

The following information is included in SAT score reports for test takers.

  1. The Final Score: The Total Score, which spans from 400 to 1600, is the result of adding the two Section Scores, as the name implies.
  2. Sectional Score: The candidate’s performance in the maths reading and writing sections determines their sectional score, which is based on a range of 200 to 800.
  3. Subscores: These are multiple points for the Reading, Writing, and Math sections and range from 1 to 15, these are the marks awarded for each type of question. Sub-scores are primarily intended to offer more context for understanding a student’s performance.
  4. Student’s percentile: The score of the student’s percentile indicates how well he or she did on the SAT in comparison to other test takers.

Understanding SAT Score Report

At a Glance – Components of an SAT Score Report and what they mean:

SAT Components Score Range Description
Total Score 400–1600 The aggregate of the two section scores
Section Scores 200–800 Reading & Writing and Math Sections
Test Scores 10–40 Reading, Writing &  Math Sections.
Cross-Test 10–40 These scores show how well you use your skills to analyze texts and solve problems in these subject areas.
SAT Sub Scores 200-200 Reading and Writing: Command of Evidence and Words in Context & Expression of Ideas and Standard English Conventions.Math: Heart of Algebra, Problem Solving and Data Analysis, and Passport to Advanced Math.

The average SAT score for the US class of 2021 was 1060; of course, these scores vary depending on the overall number of applicants who take the test each year.

SAT Score Range Vs. Percentile

The table provides students with a detailed explanation of how the SAT Score percentile is calculated, including the overall percentile calculation based on the SAT score.

Check out the section-wise SAT percentiles based on scores received by students

Students will gain clarity on their SAT percentile category based on overall or sectional scores.

How to check 2024 SAT scores?

You might be struggling to find out how many you can find your SAT score, the score can be available within a couple of days from the date of the exam that has been conducted. 

You can easily check the results from the profile on the official website of the college board. Here are the steps given below:

Step 1: You need to Go to the website of the College Board

Step 2: Start by entering your ID and password to log in to the portal.

Step 3: Select SAT scores by clicking on My Organiser.

Step 4: Select Access My Scores so that you can check the result and then provide your password and username.

Step 5: Choose My Test Results.

Step 6: The screen will display your SAT results and you can have access to your results.

Therefore, then you can always send your score reports to the colleges using Score Choice.

Other Ways to Get SAT Scores

If you do not have access to the internet, then there is one other alternative to checking the SAT score. You can do this by following the:

  • SAT Paper Score Reports: Paper score reports will be sent to all the candidates who have registered for their exam by mail. It is just because they do not currently have active College Board online accounts.
  • Phone-based SAT results: You may also get their results via phone. They would still have to pay an additional cost for the same, still to get the results.

Additionally, candidates can view their scores by printing out their online score reports after logging in.

SAT Score Release Dates 2024

The SAT result is available typically after two weeks the test is administered by the College board. So you can anticipate receiving the scorecard within just 13 days of taking the test. Moreover, the new SAT Digital exam is scheduled to be administered in 2024 to foreign students studying outside of the United States.

For your information, the whole SAT Digital exam schedule as well as the anticipated results dates are listed below:

Upcoming SAT Test Dates SAT 2023-24 Result Dates
March 2024 TBA

What is a Good SAT Score?

Instead of defining their goals based on the number they intend to get, candidates should consider the fact that there is no exact formula for a high SAT score. To obtain a good score, applicants should aim for SAT sectional scores and then an overall score. Candidates will be able to assess how far they are from getting a good SAT score in this way. A thorough prep course will assist you in achieving a high SAT score.

It’s also necessary to do SAT practice exams to achieve a respectable score. Although the average SAT score is approximately 1050, this might vary annually, so make sure to double-check before preparing. On the SAT, a score of 1200 or more is considered good. The highest possible score on the SAT for any individual is a perfect score of 1600. Since you will be obtaining scaled results, you should be familiar with SAT scores and percentiles.


The SAT is a test administered by the College administration for evaluating performance in mathematics and reading and writing sections. Results are available 13-14 days after the exam date and can be accessed by candidates. The average SAT score for 2021 was 1060, with scores varying based on the number of applicants. To check your 2024 SAT scores, visit the official college board website and log in to your profile, you will see an option to access My Scores, and select My Test Results. A good score is around 1050, with a perfect score of 1600 is considered to be good and you can get admission to most universities. Score Choice allows reporting to colleges and high scores help you to get into the top universities and colleges.


SAT Score Choice: What Is It?

    You will have an option to report the score that you may wish to send to colleges via Score Choice. For SAT Subject Tests, the candidate has the option to select the score report by test date or by individual test.

    Can I prepare for the SAT myself?

      Yes, you can prepare yourself for the SAT exam but you must maintain consistency in your education to score good marks.

      When will I receive my SAT scores?

        You’ll receive your SAT scores approximately 14 days after the exam date. The College Board usually announces scores in batches, so keep an eye on your College Board account for updates.

        How can I access my SAT scores?

          You can view and download your SAT scores from your College Board account. Log in using your credentials, and you’ll find your scores along with a detailed score report.

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