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The USA has always been the first choice of international students who want to do their MBA or MS due to the high level of employment and opportunities available. When deciding to study abroad, especially in the USA, one of the main aspects that come into mind is the cost of an MBA in the USA. The tenure of an MBA in the USA is the same as in India which is two years. The cost of an MBA in the USA is approximately 65,000 USD annually, including tuition fees, which is a significant amount. So, if you are looking forward to doing your MBA from the USA, read the article until the end and get all your queries answered.

What Is The Cost Of Studying An MBA In The USA?

Expenses Incurred By Students Going To USA

If you are planning to study for an MBA from the USA, there are various expenses to keep a tab on. When you pay the tuition fees, you must bear a few other expenses, such as visa and application fees. Below is the table which includes all the costs incurred by students before going to USA: 

Application Expenses 

The application expenses for MBA students must include registration fees apart from application form fees for the particular university. All the application related expenses are mentioned in the table below:

Expense Amount (in USD) Amount (in INR)
IELTS registration fee $185–$195 INR 15,350–INR 16,500
TOEFL Registration Fee $205 INR 17,000
GRE Registration Fee $220 INR 18,300
GMAT Registration Fee $275 INR 23,000 
University Application Fees Varies as it depends on the university’s admissions 

Arrival Expenses 

Arrival expenses include all the expenses needed to reach the destination, including the SEVIS fee, visa application fees, airfare, and others. 

Expense Amount (in USD) Amount (in INR)
Visa Application Fee $185 INR 15,390
SEVIS Fee $350 INR 28,700
Airfare $390–$1300 INR 32,000–INR 1,10,000

Post Arrival Expenses 

After reaching the USA, you must pay for many expenses such as accommodation, phone bills, health and travel insurance, travel expenses from accommodation to college, and others. A few costs are listed below:

Expense Amount (in USD) Amount (in INR)
Total Cost of Living with Off-Campus Accommodation  $1,504 INR 1,25,267
Total Cost of Living with On-Campus Accommodation  $1,850 INR 1,54,085
Phone Bills Depends on your needs and telecom plan

Top MBA Colleges In USA & Their Tuition Fees

The average cost of MBA in USA may vary depending on the university you choose for an MBA. Top universities in the USA, including Stanford University, Harvard University, and the University of Pennsylvania, have different criteria for tuition fees. To help you understand the cost of MBA in USA, we have tabulated an estimate of the annual tuition fees in USD and INR below. The INR value will help you know the forecast of an MBA in USA for Indian students fees:

Name of the University Annual Tuition Fees (USD) Annual Tuition Fees (INR)
Stanford University (Graduate School of Business) $72,450 65,86,405
Harvard University (Harvard Business School) $73,440 66,76,640
University of Pennsylvania (Wharton) $73,200 66,62,880
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Sloan) $73,440 66,76,640
Columbia University (Columbia Business School) $72,788 66,39,216
University of Chicago (Booth School of Business) $75,920 69,07,840
Northwestern University (Kellogg) $77,172 70,42,176
University of California, Berkeley (Haas) $73,221 66,65,139
Yale University (Yale School of Management) $72,850 66,47,200
Duke University (Fuqua) $72,672 66,28,032

Cost Of Living In USA For International Students

While studying for an MBA in the USA, a candidate has to bear all other expenses, not only tuition fees. The cost of living in the USA, apart from the fee includes accommodation, transportation, food, and others. The average price of living in the USA for international students is between $1,504 and $1,850. Check out the food costs, entertainment, and groceries, which is mentioned in the table below:

Particulars Cost (Monthly)
Off-Campus Accommodation  $525
On-Campus Accommodation $871
Transportation $70
Food Cost $527
Utility Cost $180
Entertainment $48
Groceries $52
Clothes $102
Total Cost of Living with Off-Campus Accommodation  $1,504
Total Cost of Living with On-Campus Accommodation  $1,850

MBA In USA Fees VS Other Countries

The MBA fees in USA are different from those in other countries as the standards of the country and their universities are different for all the countries. Compared to other top destinations for an MBA such as UK, Canada, Germany, USA, it is a bit on the pricier side, but it also offers excellent scholarships. 

Below is the table which will help you get an idea of MBA cost in USA for international students, including high and low ranges both in US dollars:

Country Average MBA Fees (USD) Low Range High Range
USA $55,000 $40,000 $100,000
UK $35,000 $25,000 $50,000
Canada $40,000 $30,000 $60,000
Australia $45,000 $35,000 $70,000
Germany $25,000 $15,000 $40,000


1. How much does an MBA cost in the USA?

The average tuition fee for an MBA in the USA is 56,850 USD, and other expenses include food, accommodation, travel, and others. 

2. Is an MBA in the USA worth it?

An MBA from the USA is worth it, as top companies worldwide hire candidates from USA universities. Though you have to pay a hefty amount to get an MBA degree, it’s all worth it.

3. Is MBA cheaper in the UK or USA?

The MBA from the UK is less expensive than the MBA from the USA, though the cost of an MBA in the USA will pay off as you get great opportunities after an MBA degree.

4. What is the cost of an MBA in the USA in Indian rupees?

The cost of an MBA in the USA varies depending on your university or course. On average, the cost of an MBA in the USA in Indian rupees is INR 37.5 Lakhs to INR 64 Lakhs.

5. What is an MBA called in the USA?

In the USA, an MBA is known as a Master of Business Administration, and it includes various specialisations such as Human Resource Management, Finance, Marketing, Strategy, Business Analytics, and Operation Management.

6. How can I afford an MBA in the USA?

Doing an MBA from the USA might be challenging for Indians as it is costly, but you can opt for scholarships from various institutes or take education loans.

7. Which country has the cheapest MBA?

Norway is the cheapest country in which to obtain an MBA degree as Norway does not charge tuition fees for its citizens or foreigners. So, you can opt for Norway and not worry about the quality of education as they do not compromise on the quality.

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