Denver’s Brutø restaurant reveals eco-friendly redesign

Denver’s acclaimed restaurant, Brutø, has undergone a sustainable redesign thanks to Wunder Werkz. Displaying a fresh earthy aesthetic, the restaurant reflects its eco-conscious principles not only through its food offerings but now through its design elements as well. The menu, crafted by renowned Chef Kelly Whitaker, emphasizes local, sustainable ingredients; while a new butcher counter showcases locally sourced meats and charcuterie.

Since its 2019 debut, Brutø has earned recognition, including a Michelin star and a Michelin Green Star, for its innovative and environmentally conscious menu. The restaurant’s dedicated approach to zero-waste and locally sourced produce has placed Denver on the global culinary map. Combining culinary artistry with environmental responsibility, Brutø provides a dining experience that’s both delicious and sustainable.

Tasked with refreshing Brutø’s visual identity, Wunder Werkz aimed for a design rooted in Brutalism – a minimalist, raw aesthetic philosophy that aligns with the restaurant’s eco-friendly ethos. This approach resulted in a bold and authentic visual narrative, emphasizing Brutø’s commitment to sustainability and enhancing the overall dining experience.

Wunder Werkz revamped Brutø’s website with a striking red and black theme and a single, functional page that reflects the restaurant’s minimalist aesthetic. Intuitive navigation and interactive elements have been incorporated to enhance user engagement. Animation has been used sparingly to allow for efficient website load times.

Brutø’s sustainable makeover: Concept to design

Social media links have also been included to enable easy sharing and promotion of Brutø’s content across various platforms.

The physical redesign integrates glass glazing, shading solutions, and tinted glass, which create an enchanting interplay of light. Exposed brick, steel supports, and concrete structures enhance the Brutalist theme. The color scheme blends earth tones with pops of color, set against contemporary furniture. Custom art and collaborative spaces make the environment richer and more vibrant. Brutø’s new look is a balance of raw and refined, mirroring its ethos and unique food offerings.

Brutø’s commitment to sustainability also extends to its menus, which are made from recycled paper. Each menu details the inspiration and ingredients behind every dish. Moreover, a unique added feature is the ‘impact receipt’, given at the end of each dining experience. This receipt outlines the ecological benefits derived from the meal, further reinforcing Brutø’s steadfast commitment to environmental mindfulness.

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