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As we all know there are so many IELTS cue cards and these cards can be overwhelming sometimes to answer in the exam. We have come up with the model solution to the cue card-  Describe a female leader you like so that you can answer in the exam well.

The speaking section is the second round of the IELTS exam where you will get a cue card and you will have to answer based on your experience and knowledge. The team of examiners will check the ability to frame the English language and the knowledge you have.

Menaka Gandhi: Describe a female leader you like

Who this person is

There is a huge contribution of women in our day-to-day lives as we see a lot of women out there working in business or politics, and there are many countries where women are working ahead of the state. I would like to discuss the female leader Menaka Gandhi.

How did you come to know about this person?

I got to know about Menaka Gandhi when she was giving her interview on TV. She was interviewed on animal rights and environmental protection. She has been a minister in the Ministry of Environment as well as of Women and Child Development. Her contribution towards society is amazing and has motivated me to be a good individual.

Why do you think this person is famous?

I think she became quite famous when she started an organisation named “People for Animals”. It is considered to be one of the largest organisations that has been established for animal welfare and rights in India. 

What qualities do you like about this person?

I am impressed with the ideas she advocated through her interviews and the book she wrote. The most important thing that I like about her is that she takes up causes related to the uplifting of women in our society which is an important thing to consider. She has also introduced many policies in favour of women while she was serving as a minister.

Jayaram Jayalalithaa: Describe a female leader you like

Who this person is

Jayaram Jayalalithaa was an Indian politician as well as an actress. She has been the state’s youngest chief minister,=. Moreover, she is the first woman to serve a full term serving as a chief minister from 24 June 1991 to 12 May 1996. She has been a leader for more than 14 years over the 6 terms. Additionally, she has been known as the “puratchi thalaivi”.

How did you come to know about this person?

Jayaram Jayalalithaa had done so many things for the public, in the year 2011, she introduced a scheme called “Thalikku Thangam Thittam”, whereby four grams of gold and cash up to RS. 50,000, will be given to buy the nuptial chains for women who belong to the economically backward sections. Along with many other contributions, I got to know about her through the different aches that she has launched.

Why do you think this person is famous?

Jayalalitha, the first woman to enter Tamil Nadu politics, took a great deal of unwarranted criticism, yet she never wavered in her commitment to doing her duties to the highest standard. She continues to be an inspiration to many women, not just me, till the very end. This is the main cause of her being so famous.

What qualities do you like about this person?

Her attitude toward different things is the main thing that is important for an individual to have in their life. She also won the 1971 Filmfare Award South and the 1973 Filmfare Award Telugu. One of the best programmes is the low-cost canteen because it was created to assist the underprivileged in obtaining wholesome food at reduced costs.

Nirmala Sitharaman: Describe a female leader you like

Who this person is

I will talk about Nirmala Sitharaman, who is a prominent figure in Indian politics. She stands as a beacon of leadership within the BJP. She was the first full-time female defence minister in India and later she was a finance minister of India. Nirmala Sitharaman has showcased a power in managing critical situations.

How did you come to know about this person?

I got to know about her from various news channels, political coverage and her discussions over the social media platform. Her notable contributions towards Indian politics are a remarkable achievement and she is the female leader within the BJP, which caught my interest in her.

Why do you think this person is famous?

The motivations behind Nirmala Sitharaman’s fame come from her groundbreaking roles in Indian politics, especially her appointments as India’s first full-time female defence minister and finance minister. She has gained broad respect both inside and outside of politics for her ability to lead during pivotal moments and handle difficult situations with composure and drive.

What qualities do you like about this person?

She has several qualities such as leadership. Her resilience in the face of adversity and her commitment towards public service is very much high. She likes to inspire other people an di always gets motivated with her.

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Followup Questions: Describe a female leader you like

Who is the female leader you admire?

The female leader I admire is Jacinda Ardern, the Prime Minister of New Zealand.

What makes Jacinda Ardern stand out as a leader?

Jacinda Ardern is renowned for her empathetic leadership style, effective crisis management skills, and commitment to progressive policies.

How did you come to know about Jacinda Ardern?

I first became acquainted with Jacinda Ardern through global news coverage of her leadership during the Christchurch mosque shootings and her subsequent handling of the COVID-19 pandemic in New Zealand.

What qualities of Jacinda Ardern do you find most inspiring?

I find Jacinda Ardern’s compassion, inclusivity, resilience, and ability to connect with people from diverse backgrounds particularly inspiring. Her dedication to social justice and her emphasis on kindness and empathy in governance are qualities I deeply admire.

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