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Entering into a path of advanced learning in the United States after finishing 12th grade is an experience that changes your life and provides many chances. At Admissify, we know how important it is to select the correct course and university for forming your academic and career future. In this detailed guide, we reveal the best courses, universities, and qualifications needed for students excited about following their dreams in USA.

From New York City’s lively streets to California’s peaceful landscapes, universities in America have a wide range of programs for every passion and interest. If your dream is to explore technology, business, arts or sciences then USA has many famous schools like Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Stanford University etc.

Discover with us the admission prerequisites, scholarship chances and lively culture for international students. Allow Admissify to become your guide in this exciting expedition towards educational brilliance and self-development within America’s realm of opportunities

Why Study in USA After 12th?

The USA offers a great academic setting, with big research institutions and a powerful economy that provides many chances to succeed.

Many training and internship possibilities are available for you to acquire hands-on experience in a worldwide setting. Working in such an environment with exposure to quality education will put great value on your future career.

Here are some of the best facts that you should know about the USA:

  • Presently, more than 1.1 million students (till April 2024) from every part of the globe are studying in the UK. Now, picture the sort of worldwide exposure and relationships you might establish if you decide to study in USA after 12th.
  • In each degree, major and minor subjects are available at US universities. Suppose you have majors in IT or management, then it is possible to choose a minor in creative writing, music or brain studies.
  • In USA, long summer breaks start from May – June and end in August. This big break will let you explore the country more and see new things. During this phase, you can do a full-time internship which gives practical experience to your studies.
  • In each university, there are clubs such as writing club, drama, music, travel and others. This will aid you in pursuing your interest and locate individuals who possess similar zeal.

When you start your career in the US, it is also a chance for you to make many connections. This will add more learning and experiences to your educational journey too. So, don’t just build professional links but who knows it may assist in landing a job at Google.

Study in USA After 12th: Top Courses 

In the USA, after you finish your 12th grade, there are many universities that provide various courses of study. No matter if you have an interest in IT, medical or business management-related course – for everything there is always a lot to pick up and commence with a career here.

You may also opt for diploma and certification programs in the USA, like digital marketing or arts and music. So, let us delve into an array of courses across fields such as medical science to engineering; arts to technology; management studies plus diploma courses.

Checkout the following streams and respective courses offered in various Universities: 

Medical Courses

Courses Universities Offering the Courses 
Doctor of Dental Surgery –Harvard University 
–University of California Berkeley Campus
–New York University
Bachelor in Health Science –University College London
–King’s College London
–Northeastern University 
Bachelor of Nursing –Johns Hopkins University
–University of Pennsylvania
–Duke University
Bachelor of Science in Health Science -Johns Hopkins University
–University of Michigan
–Emory University
Bachelor of Biomedical Sciences -Johns Hopkins University
–University of California Berkeley Campus
–Emory University

Engineering Courses 

Courses Universities Offering the Courses 
Computer Engineering –Massachusetts Institute of Technology
–Stanford University
–Carnegie Mellon University
Electrical Engineering –University of California
–Georgia Institute of Technology
–California Institute of Technology
Mechanical Engineering -Massachusetts Institute of Technology
-Stanford University
-Carnegie Mellon University
Civil Engineering –Purdue University
–Georgia Institute of Technology
-University of California
Chemical Engineering -Massachusetts Institute of Technology
–California Institute of Technology
-Stanford University

Arts and Humanities Courses 

Courses Universities Offering the Courses 
Bachelor of Fine Arts -Rhode Island School of Design
–School of the Art Institute of Chicago
-Cooper Union School of Art
BA in Geography -University of California
–University of Texas
–Pennsylvania State University
BA in Sociology –Harvard University
-University of California
-Northwestern University
Bachelor of Fashion Design –Pratt Institute
-Rhode Island School of Design       
-Parsons School of Design    
Bachelor of Social Work -University of California
–University of Michigan
-New York University

Technology Courses

Courses Universities Offering the Courses 
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science -Massachusetts Institute of Technology
-Stanford University 
-California Institute of Technology
Bachelor in Cyber Security -Massachusetts Institute of Technology
-Carnegie Mellon University
-Georgia Institute of Technology
Bachelor of Science in Data Science -University of California
-Carnegie Mellon University
-Massachusetts Institute of Technology 
Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science and Information Technology -Massachusetts Institute of Technology
-Stanford University
-Georgia Institute of Technology
Bachelor of Engineering in Artificial Intelligence and Data Science -Massachusetts Institute of Technology
-Carnegie Mellon University
-Stanford University

Management Courses

Courses Universities Offering the Courses 
Bachelor of Business Administration -New York University
–University of Pennsylvania
-Northwestern University  
Bachelor in Economics -Harvard University
-Massachusetts Institute of Technology
-Stanford University
Bachelor of Science in Management Science –Columbia University
-Carnegie Mellon University
–Cornell University
Bachelor of Science in Business Administration -University of Pennsylvania
-Northwestern University   
-New York University
Bachelor of Science in Business -New York University
–University of Wisconsin
-Purdue University    

Diploma Courses

Courses Universities/Colleges Offering the Courses 
Diploma in Media Management –Academy of Art University
–Savannah College of Art and Design
-Los Angeles Film School
Diploma in Graphic Design -Rhode Island School of Design
-Savannah College of Art and Design
–Fashion Institute of Technology
Diploma in Entrepreneurship -Orange Coast College
–University of Miami
-Northampton Community College
Diploma in Computer Science -Austin Community College
-Community College of Philadelphia
-Wake Technical Community College
Diploma in Fashion Designing –Fashion Institute of Technology
-Academy of Art University
-Pratt Institute

Costs Of Studying In the USA After 12th

The United States, a place known for its quality education, is also one of the costliest countries to land in. The average tuition fees range between INR 25 L – 80 L if you want to study in USA after the 12th grade. Additionally, the cost of living will be around 1.5 – 2 L per month.

Even if the cost appears more, part of the good side is that there are many scholarships available. For sure, every scholarship comes from a different university or organization.

Average Tuition Fees

Courses Average fees per year (in INR) 
Doctor of Dental Surgery INR 70 L – 1.2 Cr
Computer Engineering  INR 40 L – 80 L
Chemical Engineering INR 35 L – 70 L
Civil Engineering  INR 30 L – 70 L
Bachelor of Science in Data Science INR 35 L – 75 L
Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science and Information Technology INR 30 L – 70 L
BA in Sociology  INR 20 – 40 L 
Bachelor of Business Administration INR 30 L – 50 L
Diploma in Computer Science  INR 12 L – 18 L
Diploma in Media Management  INR 8 – 14 L

Cost of Living

Particulars Cost (per month) in INR
Average Rent  INR 1.2 L
Average Transportation INR 6 T 
Average Utilities INR 17 T
Average Living Expenses (food, clothing, misc.) INR 60 T

In the USA, you may face higher costs for living and studying. But it is a country that provides good education and more opportunities. You have the chance to find scholarships or loans, which will allow you to pay back once your studies are finished. Keep in mind, everything has its positives – so does studying abroad in America! You can gather useful knowledge and skills that will assist in finding a job with an average salary of INR 4 – 6 Lakhs each month.

Top Universities To Study In USA For Indian Students After 12th

The universities in the USA have gained a big name all over the world. Of the top 100 universities of World (QS Ranking 2024), 27 are only in USA too. Another astonishing number is that there are 10 universities situated in United States out of world wide’s best 20 universities.

Top Universities  World QS Ranking 2024 Average fees per year in INR
Massachusetts Institute of Technology  1 INR 35 L – 1.2 Cr
Harvard University 4 INR 30 L – 1 Cr
Stanford University  5 INR 30 L – 90 L
University of California  10 INR 30 L – 80 L
University of Chicago  11 INR 25 L – 70 L
University of Pennsylvania 12 INR 25 L – 60 L
Cornell University 13 INR 25 L – 55 L
California Institute of Technology 15 INR 23 L – 50 L
Yale University 16 INR 25 L – 60 L
Princeton University 17 INR 30 – 50 L

These high-level universities give courses in data science, computer engineering, civil, medical courses and arts courses in literature, sociology history geography and more fields.

But, be aware that every course fee could have a little difference and this is an average estimate made by considering the usual fees.

Best Course To Study In USA After 12th: Eligibility Criteria

To study in USA after 12th grade, there are some requirements you need to fulfill. These involve meeting academic standards, demonstrating your proficiency in English, and sometimes taking standardized tests. You will also have to make applications to universities and get accepted into them.

Here’s a simple overview of what you need to do:

Academic Requirements Minimum GPA of 3 – 4 
Standardised Testing Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT) or
American College Testing (AST)
Language Scores IELTS/TOEFL
National Identification  -Passport
–Student Visa 
Financial Requirements  Proof of funds to afford education and stay
Other Requirements –Letter of Recommendation (LOR)
–Statement of Purpose (SOP)

The mentioned is a general eligibility criteria which you should fulfill before applying to the universities in USA. You need to get all the documents ready that can show your eligibility criteria so when applying, there won’t be any delay due to not having the required papers prepared yet.

Admission Process 

When you finish Class 12th, studying in the USA will need you to go through an admission process. This starts with looking for suitable courses and the universities that provide them.

After making a list of the desired course and the university that provides it, you can proceed with these steps.

This is the admission process you must go through to study in USA after 12th:

  • Step 1: Find universities with programs you like and that fit your goals.
  • Step 2: Make sure your grades and test scores meet the minimum requirements.
  • Step 3: Get your test scores, recommendations, and statement of purpose ready.
  • Step 4: Submit applications to your chosen universities before deadlines.
  • Step 5: Figure out how to pay for tuition, living, and other costs.
  • Step 6: Wait for the university to share their decision with you.
  • Step 7: Then, you need to apply for a student visa so that you can study in the USA.

When you get the approval, this is time to put in bag and get ready for fly to USA. You go at university place, do all official things and after that wait for your group starting!

Scholarships for Indian Students 

Do you recall us discussing the fees in the blogs? We clarified that there exist scholarship chances which can assist you in reducing your expenses.

So, to assist you in your search for scholarships that can drastically reduce the cost of studying abroad and living expenses, we have prepared a list of some opportunities available:

Scholarship opportunities to study in USA after 12th:

Scholarship Name Type of Scholarship Benefits Covered
MIT Scholarships for International Students University-funded -Tuition fees-Living expenses
Griffin Financial Aid – Harvard University University-funded -Tuition fees-Living expenses-Travel expenses
Rotary Foundation Ambassadorial Scholarship Externally-funded -Tuition fees-Living expenses-Travel expenses
Ritchie-Jennings Memorial Scholarship Program Externally-funded -Tuition Fees
Central Sector Scheme of National Overseas Scholarship Externally-funded -Tuition Fees-Visa Fees-Airfare

Every scholarship chance listed above will have their own eligibility and terms. Therefore, you need to gather more details about each one before applying through their specific procedure.

Visa Requirements

The chance of studying in USA post completing Class 12th is very interesting and full of possibilities. It provides you with a worldwide level of education and many job chances are available to explore.

So as you ponder about studying in the USA, it’s important to comprehend the visa requirements that are necessary for establishing a career there. This understanding will assist you in gathering all the needed papers and finances to apply without hindrance.

Visa Type –F1 Visa (full time courses)
-M Visa (vocational/non-academic courses)
-J Visa (student/cultural exchange program)
Fees INR 40 – 45 T
Eligibility Criteria -Valid passport
-Acceptance of the approved education
-Specific language test scores (IELTS, TOEFL)
-Visa Interview Pass
Duration of Stay Depending on the program length, it can’t be more than 5 years 
Documents Required -Valid Passport 
-Visa Application-Document issued by your university confirming your admission
-Financial proofs
-Passport size photo


In the end, studying in USA after 12th grade gives a path to exceptional academic success and many job possibilities. As you think about moving into this thrilling part of your life, keep in mind that it is very important to choose the correct university and course. At Admissify, we promise to help you all along – from knowing what makes someone eligible for admission up until making wise choices about your upcoming life path. Step forward, welcome the challenge and transform your dreams into reality as we guide and support you. Begin studying in the USA with confidence, knowing that we are providing you the best tools and knowledge to thrive in a global setting. Let us make your American dream come true!


Can I go to USA after 12th from India?

A1. Yes, you can pursue further studies in the USA if you have completed 12th grade in India. You have to accomplish certain things first, such as having good grades, showing your skill in English (which could be proven by IELTS or TOEFL), and maybe taking some standardized tests like SAT. Then, you must apply for universities and get accepted before applying for the Visa.

How much money is required to study in USA after 12th?

The expenditure for studying in USA after 12th grade can be around 24 lakh to 48 lakh INR per year, covering tuition, stay, food and other costs. These expenses may fluctuate depending on aspects such as university selection, location and way of living style. You must look into scholarships and strategize your money matters to handle the costs successfully.

What is the best course to study in USA after 12th?

A3. The finest course for studying in the USA after Grade 12 is one that aligns with your passion and abilities. Commonly chosen options include engineering, computer science, business studies, economics as well as health sciences. Explore the various offerings of university programs in the United States to discover a suitable match for your objectives and passions.

What is the minimum percentage required to study in USA after 12th?

A lot of universities require a minimum GPA of 3.0 – 4.0 in high school to get admission to their campus. They might also have certain language criteria, such as needing a band score of 6.0 or above in IELTS or TOEFL score ranging from around 80-100 points for entry acceptance (Grade Point Average). The scores may differ, so we ask you to check the official website of the university for precise information.

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