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Admissify is back with another blog for IELTS aspirants to gain a thorough understanding of IELTS Speaking Task 2. Here, we solve the riddle of the Cue Card—a crucial IELTS exam component. Task 2 of the IELTS Speaking Test includes the IELTS Cue Card, commonly referred to as the Candidate Task Card. It’s a little card with a topic you have to discuss and either explicit directions or questions concerning the subject matter.

My Graduation: Describe a Time When You Received Money as a Gift


The most significant and unforgettable financial present I have ever received was, without a question, Rs. 50,000 from my grandmother on the occasion of my graduation from high school. This was a really significant and life-changing present from my grandma to me because I was raised in a loving but financially struggling home.

When did you receive it? 

Upon my graduation as the top student in my class, my family had a little celebration. My grandma wanted to talk to me alone after supper. She pulled me aside and expressed her pride in my successes while shedding a few tears. She then urged me to open the envelope she had given me later. There was a card inside, and I could feel there was also something significant.

What did you do with it? 

When the guests departed, I carefully opened the mail to discover a heartfelt message of congratulations from my grandma and a Rs. 50,000 cheque made out in my name. I was sobbing and unable to express my feelings. I raced to give my grandmother a big embrace and started crying with happiness and thanks.

I had never handled so much money in my hands as I did now. My grandma clarified that she had been holding onto this present for a long time in order to assist me have a good post-high school career. I was able to pay for my first year of college because to her generosity. I would have had a very difficult time working to pay for school without this help.

How did you feel about it? 

The unique present from my grandma inspired me and gave me hope that I might thrive in college. Financial strain was relieved, allowing me to concentrate on my academics and perform well in my classes. I will always be grateful for the affection and financial support that went into this present, which will help improve my future. Being the first person in our family to graduate from college was made possible by my grandmother’s heartfelt graduation present. For that, I will always be appreciative.

Birthday: Describe a Time When You Received Money as a Gift


A present never fails to make us smile when we receive it. It also demonstrates our significance in other people’s lives. As a symbol of blessings and affection, various presents are presented on various occasions. Additionally, I have already gotten a lot of gifts on different occasions. My older brother gave me money as a gift on my last birthday.

When did you receive it?

Since everyone in my family gets mobile after the twelfth standard, I can still clearly recall that time when I was in the twelfth standard. I decided to treat myself to a brand-new smartphone because I had to start college the next year. I thus put money aside for a few months to purchase the smartphone.

What did you do with it?

As a birthday present, my father handed me money. My father and I went to the market after the birthday celebration and I got a smartphone for myself. Getting a phone made me very delighted. Because there was a free present program where you could get free things when you bought something, the merchant handed me free headphones for my phone. I use my phone for a variety of tasks, including watching YouTube videos, completing homework, speaking with friends, and browsing Instagram.

How did you feel about it?

My father gave me this mark of his love and concern, and for that, I am incredibly appreciative. Even when I don’t express my wants to him, he always gets them. I was honored to receive this gift

Job: Describe a Time When You Received Money as a Gift


A few months after I started my first professional job, my parents surprised me with a generous financial gift that helped me establish stability and independence as a young adult. I had recently rented my apartment in a new city after college and was adjusting to adult responsibilities. Though I had some savings, making ends meet on an entry-level salary was challenging. When my parents presented me with Rs 500,000 as a gift to welcome me to adult life, I was stunned and incredibly grateful.

When did you receive it?

I received their meaningful gift in the mail in the form of a check along with a thoughtful card. In the card, my parents explained how proud they were of my progress and transition into the working world. They wanted to give me this gift to help furnish my new apartment, build my savings, and have a financial safety net in those early uncertain years of my career. Their support brought me to tears and took a huge weight off my shoulders.

What did you do with it?

With my parents’ gift, I was able to purchase essential furniture and household items to transform my empty apartment into a comfortable home. I also put a portion into building my emergency savings account, which gave me much-needed peace of mind. The rest went towards paying off some lingering student loan debt from college. Having this financial cushion from my parents enabled me to find stability and thrive on my own in those critical first years after graduation. I was able to direct my salary towards advancing my career and building new experiences. 

How did you feel about it? 

My parents’ meaningful gift gave me the foundation I needed to spread my wings into adulthood. I have immense gratitude for their generosity and faith in me at such an important life stage. This gift helped shape me into the independent, responsible adult I am today.

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Follow Up Questions to Describe a Time When You Received Money as a Gift

How did you feel when you received the gift?

I felt immense gratitude, surprise, and a sense of relief when receiving the meaningful financial gift. It was heartwarming to experience such generosity.

What did you do with the money?

I used the money to pay for college tuition/furnish my new apartment/pay off wedding expenses (depending on the example). The gift enabled me to direct my funds to other important areas.

Why was receiving this gift so meaningful?

It demonstrated the care and support of family during a major life transition. It provided a financial basis to build my independence and future.

Do you think money makes a good gift? Why or why not?

In certain situations, money can be the most thoughtful and practical gift, when the funds help the recipient achieve something important. But the gesture and intent behind it matter most.

How did this gift impact your relationship with the giver?

It strengthened our bond tremendously through their selfless generosity. I felt incredibly grateful and appreciative towards them.

Should parents give children monetary gifts?

Parental gifts can be appropriate when they help equip children for adult responsibilities and milestones. But teaching the value of money and hard work is important too.

What other memorable gifts have you received?

Aside from money, thoughtful personalized gifts like a photo album from my parents or a handwritten book of advice from a grandfather have meant a lot. The sincerity stands out.

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