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Best Books for PTE Exam is one of the needed things by all the students and the exam is the most widely recognized English proficiency test at leading universities worldwide. Applicants to universities and learning institutions abroad would be required to provide English language scores as part of the admissions process. PTE test takers must achieve scores equal to or higher than the set PTE score to be considered for admission and any scholarships offered by the university or organization. In this article, we will primarily discuss PTE study materials, the best books for PTE preparation, the best books for PTE Academics, and PTE preparation books for the PTE Reading Section.

Top 5 PTE exam Books

Candidates will be pleased to learn that the Pearson PLC Group, which administers the PTE Exam, has launched the PTE at Home program. The PTE at Home is identical to the PTE test. However, the PTE exam at Home is held in the candidate’s home to ensure student safety. On November 16, 2021, the conducting body shortened the total duration of the PTE exam from three hours to two hours. Candidates can stay tuned to all the most recent updates on the PTE exam on our website.

Best books for PTE preparation

Here we will discuss the top five PTE exam preparation books for candidates preparing for the PTE exam. 

  1. The Official Guide to PTE Academic by Pearson PTE Academic
  2. Expert PTE Academic Coursebook B1 & B2
  3. PTE Academic Official Vocabulary 2020-2022
  4. PTE Practice Test Plus with Key, Vol 1 and 2
  5. Aspire C1 Practice Tests with Key
  6. And the PTE Academic Official Preparation App (bonus)

Best Books for PTE Preparation 2024 (section-wise)

Pearson PTE Academic has certified the following PTE reference guides and course materials as the best options for students looking to get ready for the PTE Exam. These can be purchased in India via well-known e-commerce sites like Amazon.

Pearson PTE Academic’s “The Official Guide to PTE Academic” is the best PTE book.

The Official Guide to PTE Academic offers in-depth exam material, more than 200 practice questions on CD-ROM, example answer analysis, test-taking advice, and more. Everything you need to know about the PTE Academic is included in this book, which is the first and only official guide produced by the test’s creators.

Book Highlights

  • You will be able to understand how to register. You can know what to expect in the exam
  • It helps you to learn about the different tasks each day
  • You need to practice with authentic test questions even the 200 additional questions in the CD
  • It can help to assess your performance with samples and model answers
  • It is known to Improve your test-taking strategies

Best Book for PTE – either PTE Practice Tests Plus with Key, Vol 1 and 2

Test yourself to see if you are prepared for PTE Academic. Practice Tests Plus provides authentic practice, comprehensive guidance, and strategies for dealing with each task on the test.

Book Highlights

  • Four entirely new tests, along with a detailed test format.
  • Audio CD for Listening and Speaking tasks
  • Sample answers include explanations, tips, and strategies.
  • Comprehensive Study Tips
  • Registration code for unique user access.

Best Book for PTE: Aspire C1 Practice Tests with Key

Book Highlights

  • Four complete tests
  • Answer keys
  • Tips and strategies
  • Sample answers

Best Book for PTE: Expert PTE Academic Coursebook B1 & B2

If you have more time to study, the Expert series is an excellent approach to getting ready for the PTE Academic. This walks you through lessons meant to get you ready for PTE Academic and is structured like a preparatory course. Select level B1 or B2, based on your proficiency in the language. All students get access to MyEnglishLabs, a digital practice, through PTE Academic Expert.

PTE Study Material and PTE App

PTE Study Guide: Applicants frequently have questions about whether to enroll in coaching sessions or do independent study. Whatever they rely on, though, there’s no harm in asking for further assistance. For the benefit of our readers, we have compiled a list of the top PTE preparation books and resources so they can give it their all on the test. Candidates should never lose sight of the importance of timing.

Applicants ought to begin their preparations as soon as possible. To pass the exam and receive the necessary grades on their first try, they should start early and provide ample time for revision towards the finish.

PTE Exam Preparation Course Providers (online & offline)

PTE Test Preparation Materials: Candidates can refer to the official website of Pearson PTE Academic for a list of locations offering PTE test preparation coaching classes. These coaching centres offer live classes as well as satellite classes for the benefit of the students. Pearson PTE Academic has also tied up with online partners to provide online PTE coaching classes to students. Candidates will be required to register on the website to avail the benefits of the service.

MOOC: PTE Online Coaching

Launched by PTE, MOOC or Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) is an online PTE preparation tool that is free for all users. However, candidates who want to access this online PTE test preparation tool must register for a course to be able to access the free PTE course materials.

The PTE online test preparation tool, MOOC, is designed to help candidates become familiar with the test structure and question types for PTE Academic through video tutorials and online practice. The course was developed in partnership with E2Language, a global provider of online and test preparation courses for PTE Academic and other English assessments. The course simulates each PTE Academic question type, allowing users to try out question-answering techniques before receiving instructions.

Best Books to Prepare for PTE Academic

Books for PTE Reading Section: Expert PTE Academic Coursebooks B1 & B2 are a great resource for those seeking the greatest PTE test material. If you have more time to study, the Expert series, which is frequently regarded as one of the top PTE preparation books, is an excellent approach to getting ready for the PTE Academic. This walks you through lessons meant to get you ready for PTE Academic and is structured like a preparatory course. Select level B1 or B2, based on your proficiency in the language. All students get access to MyEnglishLabs, a digital practice, through PTE Academic Expert.

PTE Prep: Offline Practice Test

Candidates frequently choose not to purchase books. To obtain the complete PTE Academic exam in PDF format, they might just visit the official Pearson PTE Academic website. This exam can be completed offline by candidates, giving them a greater understanding of the material.

PTE Exam Preparation: PTE Official Practice App

Now, candidates can practice for their PTE Academic exam anytime, anywhere. All they have to do is download the official PTE academic practice app. This app is available on multiple platforms, allowing students to practice for their PTE exam on the go. This app provides students with study plans, practice activities, and helpful testing information.

PTE Exam Preparation 2024

PTE Test Preparation Tips: The Pearson Academic English (PTE) Test, like other standardized tests for the English language, has different sections that assess reading, listening, speaking, and writing skills.

Candidates preparing for the PTE exam should know that there are many PTE exam preparation materials online. Therefore, candidates should only use information from reliable sources and refer to the official PTE website for the most accurate PTE information.

Normally, students begin their preparation with how to participate in the center’s training or simply by registering for a free practice test. What students forget is that like any test, even a language proficiency test must have a methodology. Here are some study tips that will help you pass the PTE Academic Exam for Beginners. However, it’s important to note that no amount of advice, tips, or tools can beat the dedication and effectiveness of practice. So, improve these skills and practice them repeatedly to succeed.

This test does not require you to be an expert on the subject. This test is required to ensure that you understand the official international language. Your results and scores in this test guarantee that you will be able to study abroad with this language as your language of study with English-speaking teachers among those of international origin.

How to choose the best books for PTE?

Candidates frequently feel overwhelmed by the abundance of PTE preparation material available online. Thus, how should applicants go about choosing the top PTE study guides and resources for themselves? To have access to the greatest PTE preparation materials, candidates must complete the simple steps listed below.

  1. Always get going early: All good preparation tactics must begin early.
  2. Utilise only reliable sources: A significant amount of time and resources are frequently spent on questionable websites. Candidates should always use legitimate PTE study guides.
  3. It is recommended that candidates use the PTE official website as their study guide when preparing for the exam.
  4. Every PTE prepares differently, therefore you should have a personalized plan. It might not be the best idea to follow PTE planners blindly when doing your study.
  5. Exercise Practice, Practice, Practice

PTE Eligibility

Therefore, there are no set standards that the Pearson PLC Group, which offers the PTE exam, has developed. However, the PTE Academic Eligibility Criteria must take the following factors into account.

PTE Exam Dates 2024

The PTE exam is offered year-round at specially designated testing locations across the country. PTE 2024 exam dates may vary from center to center. Students should visit the Pearson PTE Academic website to search for available seats. Simply click next after selecting the testing location closest to you. The website will ask you to access a calendar with available dates.

PTE Exam Centres

For those who want to retake the PTE academic exam, a list of testing locations is provided below. To perform at their best on test day, candidates are reminded to choose the PTE testing center that best suits them.

How to Book the PTE Exam?

Scheduling the PTE Test: Those wishing to register for the PTE test in 2024 must follow the guidelines outlined below to schedule the test.

  1. Go to the PTE Academic website official.
  2. Enter your information to create a Pearson account.
  3. Pearson will send you an email containing your login information 48 hours after you finish the PTE registration procedure.
  4. Finding the closest PTE test location is the next step.
  5. At this stage, candidates can also choose to take the PTE at-home version of the exam.
  6. Choose a time and date that work for you to take the PTE exam.
  7. After choosing all of your information, including the time, date, and PTE slot, you’ll be prompted to check out.
  8. After that, complete your PTE exam booking by paying the 15,900 Indian rupee PTE exam fee.


What is PTE?

    PTE stands for Pearson Test of English, a computer-based English language proficiency test.

    Why do I need a PTE book?

      A PTE book helps you prepare for the test by providing practice exercises, tips, and strategies.

      Which PTE book is the best for preparation?

        The best PTE books often include a variety of practice tests, clear explanations, and effective study strategies. Popular choices include “Official Guide to PTE Academic” and “Barron’s PTE Academic.”

        Where can I buy PTE books in India?

          You can purchase PTE books online from websites like Amazon, and Flipkart, or directly from bookstores specializing in educational materials.

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