Experian enters data onboarding with new product

Global consumer credit reporting company, Experian, has expanded into the third-party data onboarding sector with its new product, ‘Experian Third-Party Onboarding.’ This development comes as a result of Experian’s acquisition of Tapad, a leading provider of privacy-safe, cross-device identity resolution services.

The ‘Experian Third-Party Onboarding’ tool is designed to help businesses gain a deeper understanding of their consumers and make effective cross-device connections. In essence, it eliminates the need for mediators when merging offline consumer information with internet marketing strategies. This innovative approach intends to bridge the gap between offline and online customer data, providing a potential overhaul in the understanding and use of client information for marketing efforts.

In line with its launch, Experian forged a strategic alliance with The Trade Desk. This clever move is set to be advantageous for companies like Samsung, DirecTV, and NBCUniversal, as it negates the need for an extra third-party onboarding service. Through this move, Experian aims not only to simplify the process but also to minimize costs and enhance overall productivity. The collaboration also cements Experian’s commitment to creativity and establishes them as a key player in data onboarding solutions.

The inspiring element about Experian’s service is the ability to directly connect digital ID graph connections to its solid offline data, greatly enhancing its value proposition.

Experian’s foray into data onboarding

This move gives advertisers the potential to seamlessly incorporate offline and online data for comprehensive marketing maneuvers. As a result, it simplifies processes, boosts proficiency, and assures better data visibility for improved marketing performance.

Scott Kozub, Experian Marketing Services’ Vice President of Product, notes that Experian’s in-house data onboarding initiative enhances speed, addressability, and pricing. He posits that the improvements will better consumer engagement, conversion rates, and lead to increased data security and privacy compliance.

Excitingly, Experian has also fostered a partnership with political data vendor, L2. This alliance enables Experian to swiftly integrate complex voter information, paving the way for profoundly targeted and personalized marketing options, setting a new standard in data management and consumer understanding.

Challenging the conventional data marketplaces, Experian’s onboarding service is creating a smoother, more transparent way for data exchange amidst the fast-growing demand from informed industry purchasers. It’s transforming the way data is traded, aligning with the expectations of today’s well-informed industry buyers. This unique approach by Experian seems poised to provide a forward-thinking solution for data transactions.

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