Get International Clients as a Freelancer

With the internet and social media introduction, anyone can go global with their career or business. This is especially true for freelancers, as many are now looking for a career path that does not include issues that a full-time job can present, such as the target clientele. Aside from getting domestic clients, freelancers can include international clients in their clientele and help them explore more opportunities to grow in the industry.

However, adding international clients as freelancers can be tricky, given their different requirements compared to domestic clients. But there are ways to get past this problem, and down below are some tips you can try out:

Do Your Research

Before you ever consider adding international clients to your clientele, you need to check if what you are offering is something they will need. Not all clients will require services that freelancers can provide or have a favourable view of what freelancers can do. Take note of these preferences and frame your offerings accordingly to match your target client.

Prepare a Proposal

Like domestic clients, international clients must see your proposal before considering working with you. It would help to have a portfolio ready to show your past work and any other skills you want to showcase to prospective clients. If you still need to get a portfolio or you want to improve its effectiveness, check your best work and arrange it to make the right impression.

Know the Language

If you want to work with a specific international client, your success rate in getting them onboard will increase if you know their language. This will allow you to communicate well with your client and ensure you can correctly fulfil their request. It will also reduce any misunderstandings you may face, especially if they need to be proficient in English. Take language courses to help you get started, and even speak to native speakers through forums or social media platforms to help you.

Know Where To Find Clients

Freelancers may find it difficult to find international clients because they need help finding them. This problem is understandable because many clients want to work with domestic freelancers to prevent any issues arising in their projects. However, for those who are ready to work with international freelancers, there are many places where freelancers can find them. You can check freelance marketplaces online to find these clients, and they can even link you to projects you want to try.

Some of these marketplaces only request a minimum fee as a commission for every successful project, and you can even get paid in your chosen currency.

Use Social Media

Your social media accounts are your best friend if you want to reach a wider audience. Whichever social media platform you use, try posting localized content that matches your target clientele. For example, post Spanish content if you want to work with Spanish-speaking clients. You can also build a global community in your chosen social media platform that caters to the target market you want to work with.

Have Suitable Payment Options

One reason international clients may be wary of working with freelancers is the fact they are still determining how they can pay for these freelancers. Fortunately, freelancers can use many payment platforms if they wish to work with international clients. Some examples of platforms you can look into are Wise, Stripe, Paypal and Xoom. You can also check what your customers may prefer and adapt if possible.


Put yourself in your client’s shoes for a minute to determine what kind of freelancer they want to work with. As a client, you would like to work with reliable freelancers who have the experience needed for the project. If you have worked with previous clients, don’t hesitate to ask them for their referrals and recommend you to other clients. Their referrals can increase your appeal to international clients as they will know you are a trustworthy worker.

Create The Right Brand

It would help if you created the right brand to show your professionalism as a freelancer. Make sure all your resume and social media is up-to-date and participate in events or discussions! Building your freelancing career with the help of international clients will require careful planning and effort to make it a successful strategy for your job. Make sure to take the time to plan before jumping into the fray. Use the tips above to help you develop your strategy and see how well you can get the right international clients whenever you need new work.

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