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The GMAT or The Graduate Management Admission Test is a testing system that examines the candidate’s aptitude in analytical writing, verbal skills, and mathematics. This test is used by  Business Management Schools to evaluate candidates for MBA and other business programs. All the big international universities and colleges have one principle for MBA admission. The generic requirements of application documents and visa letters must be fulfilled by the student. Additionally, it is necessary to submit your GMAT and Language exam scores like IELTS/TOEFL (GMAC). Over 115+ countries accept GMAT scores. If you want to know about GMAT scores, here is a list of colleges in the world that accept GMAT and the average GMAT cut-off that you can expect for admission into an MBA and a few MS programs.

Note: All GMAT scores, cut-offs, averages, and minimum scores mentioned above may vary as per the intake and class profile. Please crosscheck from the university website before applying.

GMAT Cut-Off 2024 for The United States of America 

All students who dream of studying abroad, chasing the ‘American Dream’, hope to be admitted into one of these esteemed universities as a way to begin their careers. The USA ranks in the top 50 international business schools with about 15 business schools. GMAT cut-off range for US universities is among the highest. The range of Stanford’s cut-off is at the highest level among American Business Schools. Other famous Business Schools follow, with the GMAT cut-off for Harvard being 730. Columbia, Dartmouth, and MIT have scores of 720+.

The GMAT cut-off for top universities in the US is mentioned below.

S.No. University Name Avg GMAT Cut-off GMAT Score Range
1 Stanford University 736 630-790
2 Northwestern University 728 620-780
3 Yale University 724 690-760
4 University of Chicago 731 600-780
5 University of Pennsylvania 732 530-790
6 Harvard University 731 540-790
7 Columbia University 728 550-780
8 Dartmouth College 725 610-790
9 Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) 731 690-760
10 University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) 712 660-760
11 University of California, Berkeley (UCB) 731 700-760
12 University of Michigan 721 680-760
13 New York University (NYU) 731 640-800
14 University of Texas at Austin 705 660-750
15 Cornell University 711
16 Carnegie Mellon University 703 640-750
17 Georgia Institute of Technology 691 640-730
18 Boston University 684 640-730

GMAT Cut-Off 2024 for Europe

Europe is becoming a popular destination for study abroad, and many students are flocking there in search of better opportunities. Not only the UK but also other countries such as France, Germany, Denmark, Ireland Sweden, and the Netherlands are gaining fame among MS and MBA aspirants. If you want to get admitted into a top European business school, you must have at least a 610+ GMAT score along with work experience according to the university. Below is the average GMAT cut-off or minimum GMAT score required for some top universities in Europe:

S.No. University Name Avg GMAT Cut-off
1 INSEAD 700
2 London Business School 709
3 London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) 707
4 University of Navarra (IESE) 580-751
5 HEC Paris School of Management 691
6 University of Cambridge 692
7 University of Oxford 691
8 ESADE Ramon Llull 672
9 The University of Warwick 651
10 Bocconi University 650-751
11 Copenhagen Business School 651
12 Erasmus University Rotterdam 642
13 Imperial College London 601+
14 The University of Manchester 601+

GMAT Cut-Off 2024 for Canada

Alongside a fair amount of work experience, to study in a respected business school in Canada, you need to score somewhere around 600-650 on the GMAT. For admission into top colleges like McGill University (Ranked #3 by MIM Compass), it is required that applicants obtain scores ranging from 650-690 for their GMAT tests. In Canada, there are also The Sauder Business School and the Rotman Business School which fall under the top 50 international business schools worldwide according to Financial Times (MBA). The table below contains the average GMAT cut-off or minimum GMAT score demanded by some of the best universities in Canada:

S.No. University Name Avg GMAT Cut-off
1 McGill University 671
2 University of Toronto 541+
3 York University 661
4 University of British Columbia 551+
5 Queen’s University–Kingston 620
6 Université de Montréal 620
7 University of Alberta 540+
8 McMaster University 601
9 Simon Fraser University 551
10 The University of Western Ontario 530-761
11 Concordia University 579

GMAT Cut-Off 2024 for Australia

Australia, particularly because it is close to India, is also a lively choice for studying abroad. Having an average GMAT score of around 550–600 could allow you to enter a decent business school there. These five universities accept GMAT scores and are renowned for their business programs as well as ranking among the best 50 international business schools worldwide. Monash University is the only one that does not request GMAT scores. The table below shows the average GMAT cut-off or minimum GMAT score needed for a few of the best universities in Australia:

S.No. University Name Avg GMAT Cut-off
1 The University of Melbourne 561
2 The University of New South Wales (UNSW Sydney) 678
3 The Australian National University 601+
4 The University of Sydney 601+
5 RMIT University 551+

Till now we had a look at the GMAT Cut-off for international colleges. Now we will have a look at the GMAT cut-off for colleges in India.

GMAT Cut-Off 2024 for India

Indian MBA colleges accepting GMAT scores along with the average GMAT Cut-off is given in the table below:

S.No. Indian MBA College Avg GMAT Cut-off
1 GMAT cut-off for IIM Ahmedabad 721
2 GMAT cut-off for IIM Bangalore 721
3 GMAT cut-off for IIM Calcutta 698
4 GMAT cut-off for IIM Indore 651
5 GMAT cut-off for XLRI Jamshedpur 701(HRM)731 (BM)
6 GMAT cut-off for ISB Hyderabad 531 – 780
7 GMAT cut-off for IMT Ghaziabad 651
8 GMAT cut-off for MDI Gurgaon 701
9 GMAT cut-off for SP Jain 651
10 GMAT cut-off for TISS 651+

Note: GMAT cut-offs and requirements change every year, Students are advised to check the official website regularly to stay up to date with the latest information.

GMAT Cut Off 2024 for Asia

If you want to study business-related courses anywhere in Seoul, Hong Kong, Singapore, and South Korea. You will be asked for a GMAT score of more than 600. In the table given below, we have mentioned the average GGMAT Cut-off asked by major Business schools in Asia.

S.No. University Name Avg GMAT Cut-off
1 The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology 661
2 Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (NTU) 609
3 Tsinghua University 661
4 National University of Singapore (NUS) 671
5 Seoul National University 651
6 Peking University 672
7 The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) 681

The cut-off scores mentioned above will set a bar for you and motivate you to work harder. Students should keep in mind the cut-off scores of the Universities they want to get into and plan a study schedule accordingly. This will help them study efficiently and attain the desired result.


The GMAT Exam is a tough exam to crack. If you are also an aspirant we hope this article helps you as we have mentioned the major institutions’ cut-off scores. These cut-off scores will set a benchmark for you and allow you to prepare for the exam effectively. You can also touch base with our team at Admissify to seek help with your studying abroad needs. We wish you All The Best!


How important is it to score good marks in GMAT 2024 to meet the cut-off?

    Certainly, a good GMAT score is advantageous for your profile and application for MBA as well as MIM admissions. Yet, it should be known that your selection into a B-school isn’t solely based on the GMAT score. Those application documents like a statement of purpose, Letters of Recommendation, admission essays, etc., are also very important. So keep this in mind when you prepare to apply for business school. are equally as crucial and can sway your chances of getting into a B-school. Working on your profile in a well-rounded way could prove beneficial for the students.

    How can I score more than the average GMAT Cut-off?

      Here are some tips to score more than the average cut-off:

      • Know the average GMAT cut-off
      • Set a target score
      • Create a study plan
      • Utilize study resources
      • Take regular GMAT mock tests
      • Focus on weak areas

      Does retaking the GMAT exam affect my chances of getting in a good MBA college?

        Typically, there is not much change in your MBA admissions if you retake the GMAT exam. Most B-schools evaluate either your most recent GMAT score or the highest one you achieved. For example, Ivey Business School (Western University Canada) states on its webpage that it considers the highest GMAT score if a candidate has written the GMAT exam more than once. Students, who score 700 also retake the GMAT exam to improve their scores. So it is not a big issue for you to take this test again. The more significant point here is that you must plan your MBA or MIM admissions carefully so that there’s enough buffer time available if needed for retaking the GMAT exam.

        Is 640 a good GMAT score?

          Yes, 640 on the GMAT is considered a good score.

          Can I get admission to a top MBA college with just a good GMAT score?

            Along with your GMAT score, you will also be judged based on work experience, the application presented and the documents presented.

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