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GRE Cutoff 2024: It’s important for candidates to understand that ETS, the body conducting GRE test, doesn’t publish any hard-and-fast GRE Cutoff or GRE Cutoff scores for universities. Therefore, a candidate must check the GRE score requirements of every university/preferred course and aim for a GRE score higher than what has been deemed as the minimum requirement by a university. A higher than required score could improve chances of getting admission or perhaps even receiving scholarship based on academic records and other factors such as personal achievements etc. The GRE exam is one of the most renowned graduate examinations for individuals seeking to further their academic journeys abroad. 

What is GRE Cutoff?

As stated before, GRE does not have a standard cut-off. Every year, more than half million people from 160 countries take the GRE General Test in around 1,000 test centers. There are over 1,200 business schools globally that receive GRE scores for their graduate programs. The test has been created to assess the speaking, analyzing and math abilities of those who are going for GRE examination. GRE can be taken in a computer based form at a test center or from home through the GRE at Home format which is easy to use. People applying for MSc or MBA in graduate school need to take the GRE exam.

GRE Total Marks

GRE Sections Minimum GRE Scores Maximum GRE Scores
Analytical Writing 0 6
Verbal Reasoning  130 170
Quantitative Reasoning  130 170
GRE total marks 260 340

*Analytical Writing is not part of your total GRE score. 

GRE Cutoff for the Top Universities in the World

In this section, let’s explore the different GRE scores that you must achieve in order to get a successful letter of acceptance from the universities you have applied to: 

University accepting GRE Scores Verbal Quantitative Writing
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) 158 159 5.3
Stanford University 159 158 4.8
University of California, Berkeley 153 – 156 167 4.5
The University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) 155 167 5.0
University of Virginia 163 166 4.5
University of Michigan – Ann Arbor 160 167 5.0
University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill 158 160 4.5
Georgia Institute of Technology 158 167 4.3
University of California – San Diego 162 160 5.5
University of Illinois – Urbana/Champaign 155 165 4.0
University of Wisconsin – Madison 163 163 4.5
University of Washington 156 167 4.0
Pennsylvania State University 150 165 3.0
University of Florida (UFL) 154 165 3.0
The University of Texas, Austin 155 165 4.0
Ohio State University 156 165 4.0
California Institute of Technology 160 157 5.0
Duke University 160 160 4.5
The University of Chicago 158 167 4.0
Northwestern University 160 160 5.0
Washington University in St. Louis 161 160 5.0
Johns Hopkins University 163 164 4.8
Rice University 160 167 5.0
Emory University 153 163 4.0-6.0
University of Notre Dame 165 165 5.3
Vanderbilt University 157 166 4.8
College of William and Mary 158 160 4.5
Johns Hopkins University 159 162 4.2

What is a Good GRE Score?

A GRE score that is considered good heavily relies on the university/college that students wish to apply to. After knowing the GRE score requirement, candidates should make a mental note that they need to aim higher. High scores are what really make an application stand out and speak for themselves – this is the essence of what a good GRE score means.

The table below is for the candidates’ reference only. It shows an approximate range of scores and does not represent any specific college. Its purpose is to give a GRE test taker a general idea of what could be considered a good GRE score. 

Best GRE Score Range 2024

The following GRE scores will put you in the top 10% of all GRE test-takers:

GRE Verbal Section: 163 – 170 GRE Quantitative Section: 165 – 170 GRE Analytical Writing: 5.0 – 6.0

Competitive GRE Score Range 2024

These GRE scores will put you in a competitive position amongst all test takers:

GRE Verbal Section: 158 – 162 GRE Quantitative Section: 159 – 164 GRE Analytical Writing: 4.5

Good GRE Score Range 2024

While these scores will definitely prove to be advantageous, the following scores are not as competitive:

GRE Verbal Section: 152 – 158 GRE Quantitative Section: 153  -158 GRE Analytical Writing: 4.0

Average GRE Score for Universities 2024

GRE Section Average GRE Score
GRE Verbal Reasoning Section 149.97
GRE Quantitative Reasoning Section 152.57
GRE Analytical Writing Section 3.48

Effective GRE Preparation Strategies

Before learning about effective GRE preparation tips in order to qualify the GRE cutoff, understand the pattern of the GRE. Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA) is always the first section on the GRE. Two analytical writing tasks are covered in this section: an analysis of an issue task and an analysis of an argument assignment. You have two separate time slots for these assignments, each of which has a 30-minute deadline. Two sections of Verbal Reasoning, two sections of Quantitative Reasoning, and an undetermined unscored section—possibly a Verbal Reasoning or Quantitative Reasoning section—come after this section.


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