How To Build An Effective COMLEX Level 1 Study Schedule

Recently, a friend could not move her left arm and she squirmed in pain whenever she had to use her hands, even for basic routine tasks like wearing clothes. We believed it was surprising that she developed so much pain overnight. Contrarily, her osteopath who examined her after an initial appointment with a neurologist and an orthopedic, assessed that the problem was her posture. The recommended corrective exercises not only helped her but also reduced reliance on a heavy dosage of painkillers. 

Many osteopaths are drawn to the hands-on, holistic approach to healing the body. They enjoy working directly with patients and using manual techniques to improve their health. Osteopaths believe in the body’s inherent ability to heal itself and are interested in a philosophy that emphasizes the interconnectedness of the musculoskeletal system with overall health. Some osteopaths are motivated by a desire to offer patients alternative approaches to pain management and wellness, focusing on less invasive methods compared to some traditional medical treatments. The route taken to become one is challenging and the first step after getting admission in a DO program is COMLEX Level 1 prep

Scope of Osteopathy In Modern Healthcare

People are going back to their roots and focussing on overall wellness to eliminate health-related risks. This may come as an aftermath realization when a person is setback with an ailment that was painful or a self-awareness and zeal to be fit and fine. Some people seek osteopathy proactively to maintain good health, improve mobility, or manage pain without medication. While others may resort to it as the last choice when regular treatments haven’t provided relief, they turn to osteopathy for a different approach. 

With rising demand for holistic treatment that focuses on the whole body instead of the local pain, there is an ever-increasing demand for qualified osteopaths. If you are aspiring to be one then after you get admission into a suitable DO program, you have to start preparing for your COMLEX exams. Here is roadmap to successfully clear COMLEX with a good score:

Understand The Format of The Exam

The COMLEX Level 1 is an 8-hour computer exam divided into two sessions. You’ll answer 352 multiple-choice questions, some with audio or visuals, testing your knowledge on various medical topics. Each session is 4 hours but untimed within sections. Optional breaks are provided, but they eat into your 60-minute total break time.

Conducted By

The COMLEX exam is conducted by the National Board of Osteopathic Medical Examiners or NBOME. The body doesn’t provide full practice papers for the COMLEX exams. However, they do offer resources to help you prepare, that includes the COMLEX-USA Level 1 practice exam. 

Difficulty Level

The COMLEX Level 1 exam is a challenging exam that tests the wits of the best. It’s a long exam! Clocking in at 8 hours with 352 questions, it tests your endurance alongside knowledge. While the core medical science overlaps with the USMLE Step 1, COMLEX throws in some curveballs. Expect a focus on Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine (OMM) and potentially more emphasis on microbiology. COMLEX questions can be trickier. They may be shorter and vaguer compared to USMLE, requiring a deeper understanding of concepts.

Ideal Time To Take The Level 1 Exam

You become eligible to register after your first year, but most feel better prepared after the second year’s curriculum. Your college might have specifically recommended testing windows within the April-June timeframe. Check with other students and also remember each one has a study pattern. If you feel you will be able to tackle the exam right after the first year, you are good to go with a focussed study plan. 

Early Bird Catches Plenty

There’s no one-size-fits-all answer to when to start preparing for COMLEX Level. However, it is recommended to integrate early into your first year and start studying right from day 1 of your first year. In this manner, when you are eligible to take the exam, you will be relieved to see how much ground you have covered at a relaxed pace. 

Dedicated Study Plan

Once you finish your first year and are eligible to take the exam, you have to start focusing and studying at least 3 hours a day for four months before the exam. Break down the study schedule to fit time for revisions. 

Online MedTech 

Medical education is now imparted through MedTech platforms that offer a range of videos with complete practical explanations. With gamification and simulation models, students can grasp the concepts and understand difficult scenarios that cannot be explained only through theory. 

Flashcards & Mnemonics

Flashcards are ideal for focusing on areas you find challenging. You can create dedicated decks or add more cards to specific topics you struggle with. You can also use the Anki app for flashcards that will help in spaced repetitions and easy recall techniques. Mnemonics, by their nature, require you to understand the underlying concepts to create the memory cue, which can solidify your grasp of the material.

Study Groups

Your tribe is your strength in any facet of life. When you study with other students who are facing the same challenges as you are in terms of DO program lectures, and yet preparing for their level 1 exam, your perspective is holistic. You will learn better tricks to remember long concepts from other students. 


The ability to serve mankind while holding a job and making a career out of it is possible only in a few fields. Healthcare is one such segment, where the clinical staff all along are stressed yet deliver because they want to give their best to their patients. With a few hours of regular and planned studies, you can join the regime of men and women in scrubs who will beat their sleep to resuscitate a patient and relieve them from critical conditions. In your quest to successfully clear all the levels of the COMLEX exams, remember to take good care of yourself, so that you don’t succumb to burnout. 

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