Leffe introduces first sonic identity

Leffe, a prominent part of the Anheuser-Busch InBev collection, has revealed its first sonic identity, ‘The Sound of Monastic Divinity’. This innovative identity merges an 800-year-old Abbey tradition with modern sound design techniques, demonstrating the brand’s commitment to providing unique sensory experiences beyond just taste.

The ‘Sound of Monastic Divinity’ was created by a leading sound design studio, drawing inspiration from Leffe’s rich history and intricate brewing process. It’s an immersive experience that combines the tranquility of the Abbey and the fervor of monk chants into a captivating sonic identity, transforming consumer perception in the process.

Sonic branding is gaining traction in marketing, as shown by the 81% brand recall rate achieved by Netflix’s ‘tudum’ sound. These unique audio markers significantly enhance brand recognition, standing out in a market saturated with noise. Moreover, they allow for a more immersive brand experience, leveraging sensory marketing to boost recognition and recall.

Leffe’s sonic system cleverly incorporates the sounds of its historical birthplace, the Leffe Abbey in Belgium, dating back to 1240. Lourenço Arriaga, Leffe’s marketing director, believes this auditory experience creates a deeper connection with the brand’s heritage.

Leffe debuts first ‘sonic identity’

The system includes distinctive echoes of church bells and the rhythmic lapping of the river Meuse, providing a unique and memorable auditory identity.

Implementing the sonic identity involved recording the sound produced by popping a balloon within the Abbey. The echoes were digitally processed to create a unique sound pattern for instant brand recognition. This signature sound was incorporated into all their communication channels and even the brewery’s ambiance, strengthening emotional connections with the brand.

The Sonic Logo and Sonic Palette are key features of Leffe’s sound. The Sonic Logo is a catchy tune for quick recall, while the Sonic Palette is a complete melodious piece, exclusive to Leffe, and used in different interactive platforms and promotional activities. Together, they create Leffe’s unique sound identity and strengthen its distinctive brand message.

Leffe is optimistic that their venture into sonic branding will significantly boost customer engagement in France, Belgium, Italy, and the Netherlands, potentially reaching about 95% of its consumers by 2024. The integration of the sonic identity in digital, social, and traditional media will enhance the overall user experience while reinforcing the brand’s essence. The aim is to make a strong impact with this approach and boost the multi-sensory interaction with the brand, taking the consumer experience to a new level.

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