Moving to Canada Soon? A Pre-Arrival Checklist to Help You Prepare

If you have decided to move to Canada then, congratulations! This is a big and exciting step. To help you feel more confident when you arrive, it’s important to be well-prepared and organized. Before you start packing, there are several things to think about and tasks to complete to ensure a smooth transition to your new life abroad.

Get Your Credentials Assessed:
If you’re planning to work in Canada, it’s a good idea to have your credentials evaluated. This will help you understand the types of jobs you’re currently qualified for in Canada and identify any additional training you might need to succeed.

Get Financially Prepared :
Moving to Canada can be costly, so it’s important to prepare for the financial impact. Make sure you understand the cost of living in Canada, including expenses for housing, transportation, and healthcare. TD offers a range of financial services for newcomers to help you plan and manage your finances before and after you arrive.

Get All Your Documents :
Make sure to collect all the necessary documents before you leave. This includes passports for each family member traveling with you. It’s best to keep these important documents with you at all times, rather than packed away in your luggage.

Choose your location:
Before you leave, make sure to collect all the necessary documents. This includes passports for each family member traveling with you. It’s best to keep these important documents with you at all times, instead of packing them in your luggage.

Get acquainted with Employment Opportunities:
Finding a job might be one of your top priorities after moving to Canada. It’s best to start your search well before you arrive. There are excellent resources to help you prepare in advance. The Government of Canada’s Job Bank provides valuable information for newcomers, including job listings, insights on the job market, and tips on writing resumes and cover letters suited to the Canadian job market.

You need to speak a good Language:
Did you know Canada is a bilingual country with both English and French as official languages? If you’re not yet fluent in either language, it’s a good idea to improve your English and French speaking, reading, and writing skills before you arrive. There are many online resources available to help you learn, including language classes and assessment tests.

Health Insurance is a must:
As a Canadian, you’ll have access to a public healthcare system. However, you might not be eligible for coverage right away. Therefore, it’s a good idea to purchase health insurance to ensure you and your family are protected in case of an emergency.

The Canadian Climate: Canada experiences four distinct seasons, each with its own unique beauty and weather:

  • Spring : This mild but sometimes rainy season brings blooming flowers in April and full blooms by May in some areas. In others, you can enjoy maple syrup festivals, spring parades, and the start of farmers’ markets.
  • Summer: Expect very warm temperatures, often above 30 degrees Celsius. It’s a perfect time to enjoy the great outdoors with activities like swimming, fishing, and boating.
  • Autumn: A popular season with generally temperate weather, autumn features crisp air and vibrant tree colors as the leaves turn red, orange, and gold.
  • Winter : Winters can be cold, especially if you’re used to a warmer climate. Be prepared to dress warmly and learn how to stay safe on snowy and icy roads.

Final Thoughts:

Moving to Canada involves various preparations to ensure a smooth transition. This includes gathering necessary documents, assessing credentials for employment, and getting financially prepared for the cost of living. It’s important to start job hunting before arrival and consider improving English and French language skills if needed. Understanding Canada’s healthcare system and obtaining health insurance is advisable. Additionally, familiarizing oneself with Canada’s four distinct seasons and their weather patterns helps newcomers adjust more comfortably to their new environment.

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